Official: Alisson Wins 2019 Yassin Award

Alisson Ronaldo

hupuzuqiu· 2019-12-03 07:48:40

Tiger December 3 The French Football Magazine announced the 2019 Winner of the Yassin Award of the Year, Alisson won the Yassin Award 2019.

At the same time, "Football France" announced the top three rankings of this award: 1. Alisson (Liverpool), 2. Ter Stegen (Barcelona), 3. Edson (Manchester City) < / p>

Award Introduction

This award was newly established this year to recognize the best goalkeeper of the year. The award was named after the legendary goalkeeper Yassin, who was the only goalkeeper to have won the Golden Globe. This year's Yassin Prize will be awarded on December 2. (This also means that Alisson is the first player to win the award.)

Jasing Award judges:

The awards are judged by previous Golden Globe Winner composition. Among them are Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, Beckenbauer, Platini, Van Basten, Zidane, Ronaldinho, Rumenig, Kaka, Modric, Cannavaro , Ronaldo, Shevchenko, Figo, Ronaldo, Nedved and other famous football players.

Previous winners:

2019: Alisson (Liverpool / Brazil)

(Edit: Yao Fan)

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