Wenzhou wanted to eat mixed drink mixed fled to Burma penniless in the casino

Chen mixed eat wanted casino such as the pass

xiandaijinbao· 2016-05-20 08:51:40

< p > Golden newspaper news (reporter Lan Ying) May 12 at 7 am, fled Burma illegally absorbing public deposits the suspect Chen is Wenzhou City Police escorted back to temperature. It is reported that this is the Wenzhou public security organs to carry out 2016 "fox hunting action" since, for the first time through the Sino Burmese border police cooperation mechanism captured fled overseas criminal suspects. < p < p > < strong > to start a company, Wenzhou Pingyang County Bureau of civil servants system of illegal fund-raising more than 17 million yuan

< p > Chen, 2005 due to the resignation of the sea became the actual controller of the financial service outsourcing Co., Ltd. Zhejiang such as through the. < p > police identified, October October 2013 to 2014, Zhejiang such as financial service outsourcing Co., Ltd. establish P2P network financing platform, with a 20% annual return rate as bait, has to Cai certain high, a more than 200 people illegal fund-raising more than 17 million yuan, has not yet.

"in the use of such as the company before the illegal fund-raising, Chen also went to Shanxi to invest in coal mining business, but the loss of the." Police said that Chen through such as company to absorb the funds, in addition to fill the pre investment deficit outside, there are some for firing coal. According to the survey, in addition to such as the company involved in the 17 million yuan, the individual also has a debt of up to tens of millions of dollars.

, according to the Pingyang County IRS relevant sources said, Chen's fund-raising target also includes a number of former units of old colleagues, after the incident has not been able to repay. < p > < strong > fled Myanmar in casino mixed with food mixed drink

< p > 2014 October 16, Lucheng, Wenzhou City Public Security Bureau, according to a report from the masses of financial service outsourcing Co., Ltd. Zhejiang such as through the suspected case of illegal absorbing public deposits investigation. In December 5th of the same year, Chen approved criminal detention and online criminals according to law.

Chen has been smuggled to Burma after the incident, there is no money around, only by relatives and friends do not understand the situation to borrow money to live." Police reports, due to the Myanmar many casinos offer free accommodation and food services, Chen fled during the main blend into the local casino.

in May 2nd of this year, Burma police successfully arrested chen. In May 10th, Myanmar will be handed over to the police escorted back to China Chen wen. "When arrested, Chen looks very poor." According to police reports, Chen reported every day after being arrested, but always on tenterhooks, calm heart. < p > since 2014 launch fox hunting action, Wenzhou City police have been from overseas captured, advised back more than 50 people, Chen is 2016 fox hunting action of the 10 appearing in court object. At present, Chen's case by the Lucheng police for further investigation.

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