"Li" in startling step by step: determine the SBS broadcast set file 8.29

Startling step by step

hanguoyule· 2016-05-20 10:35:58

5 June 5, according to the relevant sources of SBS and by actor Lee Jun Ki, IU starring drama "< span style =" color RGB (242, 156, 177); box-sizing: border box; "> startling step by step: Li " to determine the broadcast on the station, will be on August 29, with the audience meet.
on the same day, the drama producers also to the message to be sure and said: "after SBS and aspects in many times after contact, the final decision" startling step by step: Li "will be in the SBS broadcast and will be on the < span style =" color RGB (242, 156, 177); box-sizing: border box; "8 month 29 premiere.
official also added together, along with the television broadcast date to determine, actors and production crew after listen to very pleased currently are working overtime for the filming of the drama, hoping to better TV works dedicated to the audience. "directed by the director Jin kuitai, jisoo, column,,, TV of China"; box-sizing: "
in addition, "startling step by step: Li" is the first < span style = color RGB (242, 156, 177); box-sizing: border box "> adapted from the novel costume drama Lee Joon radicals, IU, Jiang River, Hong Zongxuan baekhyun South Hector Hanna, Seohyun, super cast starred in the Universal Pictures Company investment of about 50%, and the" no relationship is love "," in the winter, the wind blowing "to determine on the < span style = color RGB (242, 156, 177); box-sizing: border box; 8 month 29 broadcast.
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