Fan Bingbing is pregnant again? !

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It has been more than a year since Fan Bingbing's tax evasion storm.

For more than a year, the factory director was surprised and sighed by Fan Bingbing and his team's marketing.

I was amazed that although Fan Bingbing was no longer in the rivers and lakes, the hot search floated on the rivers and lakes at a high frequency.

Sigh, she does n’t have a masterpiece, she can only carry out marketing on various topics.

No, a few days ago, Fan Bingbing became hot again searched.

The reason is that Fan Bingbing appeared in a photo of the airport, and his belly was slightly raised.

Then a marketing number was posted:

Following, Fan Bingbing's studio responded:

Then I was beaten up:

em Fan Bingbing was super thin when he participated in the activity the day before. Why is there suddenly fat on the stomach?

This is not the first time that Fan Bingbing is pregnant.

Since the 2018 tax evasion storm, Fan Bingbing has been overheated for pregnancy.

Many netizens have already seen it.

Many netizens believe that the hot search is Fan Bingbing's comeback One of the steps of the road.

In addition, Fan Bingbing also made the following attempts.

First, do crazy public welfare.

I don't know if you have discovered that Fan Bingbing's Weibo certification has the following words:

Aili's heart, the project's public welfare sponsor.

Don't forget to take some photos and tell everyone: I made a mistake. While introspecting at home, I was busy doing public welfare.

After that, my friend sent another photo of Fan Bingbing lying in bed due to complications.

I also use an image word:

Sprayed nosebleeds!

In addition, Fan Bingbing has recently been awarded" Girls The Guardian is the title of Ambassador.

After the accident, Fan Bingbing did charity again and again Motivation will inevitably be doubted by netizens.

And the director wants to say-

Heart is good, although good is not appreciated.

Thank you very much for her enthusiasm for public welfare.

However, doing public welfare & ne; can wash away the tax evasion.

Second, fancy search.

Remove the hot search for pregnancy mentioned at the beginning.

Fan Bingbing got a hot search every three minutes.

Clothing is hot search.

Take an e-zine and search.

People who do n’t know think Fan Bingbing is on the hot search list Annual card.

Third, the relationship is white.

After tax evasion, Fan Bingbing has the hottest part and broke up with Li Chen.

During the tax evasion storm, many people criticized Li Chen for failing to take responsibility and failing to stand up to protect Fan Bingbing.

After this break up, Fan Bingbing has also become the object of distress for many people.

But then I was photographed shopping with Li Chen again.

Turned over, the ultimate beneficiary Fan Bingbing.

Leave a distressing person to earn a wave of heat.

The director has to sigh:

Although Fan Bingbing disappeared from the big screen for more than a year, she never disappeared on Hot Search.

What is Fan Bingbing and his team doing?

It's simple. Increase exposure through various fancy topics.

Also, test the tone of the audience to determine if it is suitable for a full comeback. (Beep a whisper: Fan Bingbing's team would also like to search hot topics too.)

< / p>

Actually, for Fan Bingbing, Light traffic.

Oh no, to be precise, Fan Bingbing succeeded by speculation.

The history of her hype can be said from the beginning of "Returning Pearls".

Build the announcement team.

A long time ago, the entertainment industry did not have the concept of "unreasonable publicity."

The so-called unprovoked promotion, that is, if a star does not have a TV series or movie to broadcast, he generally does not promote it.

At that time, the style of entertainment was very rustic.

There are works, official promotion.

No work, play with peace of mind.

But after Fan Bingbing played the golden lock, she did n’t have any good roles. She thought at home: Who said that there must be a work to be exposed, can it not be other publicity?

So Fan Bingbing continued to think:

There is no work, so how should I increase the exposure.

Anyway, there must be a notice.

So Fan Bingbing came up with a solution:

Specially find a few people and find a way to write an entertainment draft for her. The content is just a fancy boast of her photo.

So in 2008, there were a lot of titles such as XX Fan Bingbing's sexy photos.

Don't underestimate this promotion, although there is no work Publicity, but several times a month, always familiar.

Maybe Fan Bingbing didn't expect it. Not only was he familiar with the audience, but he also received a lot of advertisements accidentally.

Fan Bingbing, the originator of Kaishan, has also become a model for later generations to learn.

Now the heat shrink often hangs, "Who is who can make pictures, who has good clothes, who is who's photo is beautiful."

Thanks to Fan Bingbing for all these.

The 2nd node, reply to bad reviews.

Fan Bingbing has no works but relies on various portraits to be red.

The disadvantage of this kind of hype is that more and more false gossip appears.

Some say Fan Bingbing has a facelift,

some say Fan Bingbing and XX gossip, there are passionate shows.

At that time, many celebrities upheld:

The clear one clears himself.

The rumor ends with the wise.

Fan Bingbing, in the face of rumors, unconventionally, made a textbook-like response.

Choose one of the rumors that says she's plastic surgery.

Go to the hospital for verification in person.

Later, Angelababy went to the hospital to verify that he didn't have a facelift. The same way.

The third node, Yang Tianzhen becomes The woman behind Fan Bingbing.

This Yang Tianzhen once helped his artist to hype and steal Fan Bingbing's limelight.

After that, Fan Bingbing felt that Yang Tian was very talented, so she set up a cooperation with her and became Fan Bingbing's director of publicity.

After working with Fan Bingbing, Yang Tianzhen fought several beautiful public opinion battles.

First, help Fan Bingbing to strengthen the Queen's design.

"I don't need to marry a giant, I'm a giant" This domineering quotation comes from Yang Tianzheng's hands.

Independent women, the great hostess is set on paper.

Second, crush the scandal.

Yang Tianzhen ’s other response was called a textbook-style rumor by the public relations circle.

For a certain period of time, Fan Bingbing and Wang Xueying were photographed holding a gossip missing.

At this time, Yang Tianzhen did three things under pressure.


The whole Weibo should be avoided, and the contradictions will be shifted.

You can't see the hard work and kindness of Fan Bingbing, but if you don't let even predecessors like Teacher Wang Xuezheng let us go, then we will definitely follow up.

In this world, there is a type called a star, you can use it to laugh and scold, and some people are called actors or artists, and they have been simple and dedicated to themselves for decades. ", And then emphasized the phrase" If you do n’t even let a person like Teacher Wang Xuezheng, I ’m sorry, we wo n’t let you go.

If you say such things again, then It means that you are disrespectful to the artist.

Hat your cap directly.

You said that our family Fan Bingbing can, but you can't say these old artists, you are blasphemy. .

Transfer contradictions instantly.

2. Have Fan Bingbing accept an exclusive interview with the media and respond to this.

3 . Legal process.

Here Under the layer-by-layer packaging treatment, Fan Bingbingcheng The image of the victim.

Under this round of hype, Fan Bingbing has become a super front-line star, and this unique publicity route has also damaged the atmosphere of the entertainment industry.

Later Angelbaby , The same way, relying on hype, but also turned into a big star.

Zhang Yuqi, often hanging in search, the same way.

Fan Bingbing, Angelababy, Zhang Yuqi, just Replicas produced from the same pipeline.

When it comes to Zhang Yuqi, just like Fan Bingbing at the time, what popped out of her head was not one of her works, or a classic character. The first thing we thought of was her personal design, glamorous, dare to love and hate.

This is the person set up using the topic.

Fan Bingbing told us with her history of struggle:

There are no masterpieces, they can also be red, and they can also become super top-tier stars.

You do n’t need to improve your acting skills, you do n’t need to work hard.

This is why Fan Bingbing is so anxious , Another reason to get hot search on the topic again and again.

Because Fan Bingbing has no masterpieces, he needs to rely on marketing again and again to maintain his popularity.

Some people will say, isn't golden lock?

But there is something special about "Returning Pearls".

It is the mouthpiece of the era, red, is a classic of the play, not Fan Bingbing's acting burst, the role is brilliant.

I have to say that "Returning Pearls" is Fan Bingbing's masterpiece. It is difficult to see the works in Fan Bingbing's other works except for "Returning Pearls".

Now, Fan Bingbing is at the cusp of the wind, and his work cannot be broadcast. Even if it is broadcast, Fan Bingbing does not have the cracking acting skills to convince the audience.

hype , is the only fast, safe, and effortless the way.

Compared with the same period, it also caught up with the air vent period, also because Zhao Wei, who became a hit and made a mistake in the same work, had a completely different situation.

Let's review what happened to Zhao Wei.

Simply speaking, Zhao Wei entered the financial industry and wanted 60 million sets to take 3 billion, but the result was not set. She also pitted ordinary people's money, and was fined 600,000, and was banned from entering the market for 5 years. .

So word of mouth collapses.

But strangely, it is still active on the big screen.

Let's take the recent situation.

Participate in "Actor Please Get In Place" and become side by side with Li Shaohong and Chen Kaige.

Starring in the ten supervisors" Two Tigers "and Ge You .

Both of them have done something wrong, but Zhao Wei is still very important now:

At least a real actor.

Note that the real actor here is not that Weibo actively certifies that he is an actor, not that he is an actor.

Instead, there are real high-scoring works.

Look at Zhao Wei ——

Douban's 8.4 points "Dear" face the social theme.

Shaolin Football in collaboration with Stephen Chow tried comedy style.

Cooperated with Liang Chaowei and Faye Wong's "World Warriors" and was nominated by the Golden Horse Awards.

Representative works, Zhao Wei is still trying to transform, there are other works that can be mastered.

This is Zhao Wei's confidence, speak with works.

Except as an actor, Zhao Wei is still a director.

First, I was admitted to the Graduate School of Beijing Film Academy.

Then, "To the Youth We Will Pass", which was sold at 700 million box office, even once led the Chinese youth film boom.

Fortunately, the results are good .

< / p>

< img class = "lazy opacity_0" id = "img_36" src = " uploadfile / news / big / 2019/1207 / 1575663251_99818.jpg" data-height = '108' data-width = '1080' />

< img class = "lazy opacity_0" id = "img_41" src = " uploadfile / news / big / 2019/1207 / 1575663251_35671.jpg" data-height = '108' data-width = '1080' /> This is Zhao Wei's Gas, a stepping stone to do with effort.

Finally, Remove face value Fan Bingbing is worse than Zhao Wei A way to stay close

This approach is not magical.

Just be a good actor and make a masterpiece.

Just being in peace, he understands transformation, and holds opportunities in his own hands.

Considering Fan Bingbing's approach, hype.

Can't scrub black spots, don't send charcoal in the snow.

To put it plainly, from the beginning to the end, Fan Bingbing did not realize his self-knowledge as an actor.

Actors should first have a transcript that satisfies the audience on the acting masterpiece, and then the transcript on the heat and public welfare.

Being in front of various topics and public welfare ambassadors is always my job as an actor.

I didn't even do my job well, but tried to consolidate by other so-called methods.

This is like a car, not even the four wheels are fixed. Even if the brand logo is as great as it is, the interior decoration is as luxurious as it is. Practicality, after all, is worthless.


It's almost 2020. Why don't anyone understand?

The traffic from hype is ultimately illusory. Only the classic characters brought by the work are the most indestructible armor.

When do you really sink your heart to understand this, maybe the audience will be more forgiving.

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