Zhang Yimou defaulted on box office share Zhang Weiping was restricted from high consumption

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The Taos are not the same. Zhang Yimou and Zhang Weiping, who had cooperated for 16 years, were "golden partners", but eventually they went their separate ways, but they were emotionally separated and their money was not clear. Because Zhang Weiping failed to fulfill the payment obligations established by the effective legal documents during the specified period—a box office share payment of RMB 2.463,600 was paid to Zhang Yimou, the court took measures to restrict consumption. Zhang Weiping must not implement high consumption and consumption behaviors that are not necessary for life and work.

Zhang Yimou and Zhang Weiping have collaborated on many films such as "My Father and Mother", "Heroes" and "Jinling Thirteen Men". The two of them were later confronted with the distribution of box office money for "Three Shots Surprise". . Zhang Yimou believes that New Screen Films violated the agreement and did not pay himself a 15 million yuan share, while Zhang Weiping stated that he did not owe Zhang Yimou film rewards and shares. In September 2015, the Chaoyang Court made a first-instance judgment in support of Zhang Yimou's lawsuit and demanded that New Screen Films pay Zhang Yimou's "Three Guns" share of 15 million yuan. In April 2016, there was a "reversal" in the second trial of the Third Intermediate Court of Beijing. The Third Intermediate Court abolished the judgment of the first trial and sentenced Zhang Yimou's "Three Guns" to a new section of 2.46 million yuan.

After the second trial, Zhang Yimou applied to the Beijing High Court for retrial. After the retrial, the high court withdrew the original second trial judgment and sent the case back to Chaoyang Court for retrial.

After the trial in Chaoyang Court, a first instance verdict was issued in March 2019, which fully supported Zhang Yimou's claim of RMB 15 million; the new picture appealed again, and the Third Intermediate Court appealed in September 2019. The decision of the second instance was in line with the 2016 results of the court.

Zhang Yimou applied to Chaoyang Court for enforcement in October 2019, but Zhang Weiping failed to fulfill his payment obligations and was restricted by the court from high consumption.

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