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is located in Wangfujing arts and crafts building a layer of McDonald's restaurants, McDonald's is to years opened in Beijing of the first restaurant. Recently, this is recorded in the historical evolution of McDonald's restaurants, ground of bold and resolute were digital transformation, evolved into a future smart restaurant concept store.

Digital restaurant

to open a restaurant, touch the face of self ordering, diners do not line up, can be a buffet meal in ordering, payment and use Alipay, WeChat and Apple Pay and other convenient payment. Is interesting

, diners also can create Hamburg by oneself in the meal, choose their favorite bread, meat, vegetables and sauce, customize their own favorite Hamburg. In the payment process, diners will enter a number of electronic menu on the touch screen, the menu can be positioned after completion of payment after holding it for 10 to 15 minutes, the service personnel will be the customized burgers hands to the patrons. />

table with wireless charging device, they are conform to the QI standard wireless charging device oh. />

in such a situation, how to provide convenient, concessions, interesting dining experience, how will these new experience further into traditional McDonald's brand, McDonald's and other large enterprises have become in recent years and try to think about things.

in addition to the enterprise itself, the consumer is also changing. , market research firm in global developed countries the survey, nearly the consumer to a certain extent has become "digital consumer".

PwC analysis shows that China's digital diners are the world's most willing to embrace digital technology group. wherever they first find the Wi-Fi signal, they have been accustomed to using WeChat, Alipay and other mobile payment instruments, they also love personalized experience. More important is that they understand and buy products through a wide range of channels. & nbsp;

under this kind of condition, the McDonald's hope by means of digital technology, to meet the needs of a new generation of diners. At the same time, to establish a channel of communication and interaction with the patrons. These attempts will undoubtedly promote the business of new growth.


three look

now, McDonald's started cross-border cooperation with partners in many fields of science and technology, to create a different digital McDonald. Cooperation with Intel, for example, the digital revolution covers "from the end to the entire chain of cloud", namely from McDonald's restaurants and consumers in the hands of the terminal, such as ordering machines, cameras, mobile phones, has been extended to the consumer to see the background cloud. />


there is a such a cover before and after the chain, every day the front-end data and information can be from all the terminal automatically upload the cloud. />

traditionally, they choose the location of the new restaurant through the population data of each place and the competitor's data. Now, McDonald's can be integrated into the external mobile population data, more accurate analysis in which the location of the shop is the highest potential.

another example, McDonald's is < span style = "color RGB (0, 128 and 255);" > of the weather data and their sales system through , traditional data plus the next 30 days, the weather data can be more accurate sales forecast data. Also, before McDonald's did not know who came to the restaurant. Now, McDonald's can put online different mobile phone ordering payment data with the restaurant's purchase history stack up analysis, which makes them can better understand the customer, eventually to customers provide more personalized service, such as from the menu display customized content to the package.


this is the three example of the use of McDonald's big data can be used to test the water.

in foreign countries, McDonald's can according to weather conditions, triggering a category of advertising, promotional activities, in order to increase the shop rate. Liu Weixia also and Intel China industry cooperation and solving scheme of general manager of Department of Ke Daoyuan study, perhaps soon after, in Beijing summer very hot day, when diners enter McDonald's, center location of the electronic menu show cool ice cream and cold animation and video, all of a sudden stir up diners better dining experience. />

Ke Daoyuan said in this process, Intel hopes to help McDonald's provides focus on future data center architecture, to adapt to the future high data required for the analysis of agility, and is committed to providing data security scheme.

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