A dream river and lake cloak asked how to obtain shadow

Baiyu Donghai

52PKyouxiwang· 2019-12-07 19:22:29

This article brings you an introduction to Yimenghu cloak and asks how to get Shuying. How does Yimenghu ask about how Shuying looks? How to get it? Let ’s take a look.

A dream river cloak asks Shuying to get the strategy

A cloak asks how to get Shuying

You can use Yuehanying to exchange precious cloak "Ask Shuying"

How to get Yuehan Ying

Yaochi New Wine will be put on a rare treasure box: cloud water box, and you will get Yuehan Ying after opening.

Yuehanying redemption items list

"Ask Shuying"

Rare furniture "Jade Hibiscus · Miscellaneous"

"Landscapes and Miscellaneous"

Rare array fragments < p> Four Elephant Pictures

Special Effects

Millennium Cold Iron

East Sea Black Iron

Rare corals and other rare items.

Time to get Yunshui Gift Box

December 6, 2019-December 20, 2019 5:00

Content of Yunshui Gift Box

Probably get Bai Yusha and Yue Hanying after opening (Bai Yusha and Yue Hanying can be exchanged for many rare props in Yaochi Banxue)

Qingxue · Jinyi silk (convertible fashion · Meimei suite or A large amount of white jade sand)

Rare Lizhai voucher (can be exchanged for purple or gold book, purple or golden secrets, purple stunts, etc.)

Millennium Cold Iron, Donghaixuan Iron, open objects, diamond guards, etc.

At the same time, a discount package for cloud water tanks will be available in the mall for you to choose.

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