Former gymnastics champion pickpocketed again? Once sold 150 yuan for gold medal and subway show

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Recently, some netizens revealed the end of July this year

Former gymnast champion Zhang Shangwu

Because of pickpocketing

Sentenced again

This Weibo netizen named @ 轻 资 中年 wrote: "The day before yesterday, the bag was lying (snapped), and now people have caught it. Maybe all the accidents in the old age can become stories @ 警民Through train-Shanghai to force! "

in @ 轻 资 中In the screenshot of the progress of the inquiry of the criminal case released in 2009, the words has "filed a case of Zhang Shangwu's suspected theft" .

And the netizen @ 轻 资 中年 was caught Packer. He also stated that Zhang Shangwu "stolen my bag and lost more than 30,000 in pursuit of the stolen goods but did not recover them. It is estimated that in recent years, no one will be seen."

@ 轻 资 中年 In reply to netizens, they claim that they have lost mobile hard disks, notebooks, manuscripts, fountain pens, etc. @ 轻 资 中年 also wrote: Do you know that this person will not have any changes since the 26th? He was arrested for stealing a package.

Look at Zhang Shangwu ’s Weibo
After July 26,
there is really no activity

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Zhang Shangwu, 36 years old this year, was elected to the National Gymnastics Team at the age of 12 in June 1995. With Li Xiaopeng, Yang Wei, Xing Aowei, etc. The star has become a teammate, he has outstanding strength, and his rings are his strengths, and once became the focus of the national team's training.

Retired due to injury With a savings of only 38,000 at the time of retirement

In the 2001 University Games, Zhang Shangwu won two gold medals. Unfortunately, this Universiade has become the pinnacle of Zhang Shangwu's gymnastics career. In January 2002, he broke his left Achilles tendon during a training session, which was a serious injury for gymnasts. Zhang Shangwu, who was affected by this, also missed the 2004 Athens Olympics.

▲ Zhang Shangwu has won two gold medals in the Universiade. p>

Since then, Zhang Shangwu has returned to the Hebei Provincial Team. At that time, he was regarded as the number one star in the team, but Due to the deterioration of the relationship with the leader and coach, coupled with injuries, he was disheartened. Zhang Shangwu finally chose to retire in 2005 .

According to reports, Zhang Shangwu chose to choose his own career when he retired, but when he retired from the provincial team, he only received compensation and pension insurance totaling more than 30,000 yuan. "Basics earned in sports career have basically been spent, and the total savings when retired are only 38,000 yuan."

150 yuan for selling gold medals, the first theft and imprisonment

After entering the society after retirement in 2005 Zhang Shangwu "disconnected from society". The gold medal of the Universiade, which brought him the highest honor, was also sold by him in the antique market for 150 yuan.

Until 2007, Zhang Shangwu heard again that he was sentenced to prison for theft at Beijing Xiannongtan Sports School .

Zhang Shangwu was released after his sentence ended in April 2011. In an interview with the media after he was released from prison, he explained his criminal reasons. "There are many reasons intertwined." There are both the shock to his spirit from retirement and the lack of concern for him by parents and relatives. There is another reason. The grandma who loved him died in 2006.

Handstand in the street to live on after the release

Zhang Shangwu, who was released from prison, started his own street art journey, from Shijiazhuang to Beijing, and then In Shanghai, he made a living by performing a gymnastic handstand at a subway station.

Zhang Shangwu said in an interview with that His many years of training left him with an injury and no conditions to do some physical work; Plus himself He has a short height and a low education level, and it is difficult to find some demanding jobs. He has to choose a show to support himself. "I earn 40 or 50 yuan a day to maintain a meal. Find some places In the hospital, I laid some cardboard and went to sleep. Later, I could not stay in the hospital for a long time. I spent ten dollars in the Internet cafe. "

The "retired gymnastics champion" retired from street performers once sparked heated debate.

In 2011, people found that they are still on the subway Zhang Shangwu, who is performing, is in front of the plastic bowl that holds the change, a sign that reads "Zhang Shangwu gymnastics," and a photo of himself.

Since then, well-known entrepreneur Chen cursor has earned over 10,000 yuan per month The favourable treatment provided Zhang Shangwu with a job in his own company. But he resigned and left after only 3 months of work. During this period, he successively accepted the 80,000 yuan meeting gift from the company and received 2 monthly salaries of 11,000 yuan. Zhang Shangwu was not left with a high salary, but he did not disclose the reason for leaving.

After giving up the monthly salary of 10,000 yuan, Zhang Shangwu resumed his business In his career, in July 2012, he appeared again on the streets of Beijing, and many people saw Zhang Shangwu's "coming back" in the underground passage.

July 2012 to date

It's been a few more years.

The situation of Zhang Shangwu

Not only did not improve

< strong> Now being sentenced to prison again for theft

What happened to a gymnastic champion after retirement

Sorry & hellip ;

Netizens have commented on this

Sympathy with him

< p class = "content_img_p perview_img_p"> Some people are annoyed about the future of self-destruction < / strong>

< img class = "lazy opacity_0" id = "img_15" src = " uploadfile / news / big / 2019/1209 / 1575824481_68290.jpg" data-height = '370' data-width = '1080' /> Some people have suggested that retired athletes

Deserve better placement and career guidance

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