I want to be famous I want to be crazy! To get on TV, he pushed the innocent boy down the 10th floor!

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yingguoyingniao· 2019-12-09 03:02:28

The Sun reported on December 6 that a teenager in London, England, threw a 6-year-old boy off the tenth floor because he wanted to go to the news. He is currently convicted of attempted murder.

August 4, Jodie, 18 Jonty Bravery threw a 6-year-old boy off the tenth floor of the Tate Modern, 100 feet (about 30 meters) high.

Bravay then found a staff member and explained, "I think I killed someone. I just dropped a person off the balcony."

It is reported The victim was from France and was traveling in the UK. After the accident, he was rushed to the hospital. He suffered a fracture in his back, limbs, and brain hemorrhage.

Later, he stayed in the intensive care unit for two Moon, unable to eat or speak. But his health has improved recently and he can go out in a wheelchair.

After being arrested, Bravi told the police that he went to the gallery to hurt others because he wanted to go to TV.

He also claims that he heard a voice telling him that he must hurt or kill others, and wanted to prove to every idiot that he had no mental health problems.

Royal Legal Adviser Philippa McCantas Philippa McAntasney defended Bravi that Bravi had autism and was also likely to have a personality disorder.

Since Bravey's mental assessment has not yet been completed, the judge only sentenced him to attempted murder and will sentence him on February 17 next year.

The Prosecutor of the Royal Crown Prosecutor, Emma Jones, said: "This devastating and shocking incident on August 4 this year at the Tate Modern Art Museum has changed this bravery forever. Of the young victim and his family. "

" According to eyewitness descriptions and CCTV evidence, plus Bravi ’s admission that his actions were planned in advance, it means he did not No choice but to take responsibility for your actions. "

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