Windows10 anniversary update to determine the arrival of the end of 7!


xinfengwangWPWin8men· 2016-05-20 10:50:20

held in San Francisco, //Build 2016 conference, Microsoft announced that it will release the Windows 10 anniversary update this summer, free of charge to all   Windows 10 customers. Now everyone is looking forward to Microsoft in July released the 10 anniversary of the Windows update, today's report confirmed the expectations of everyone. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; < br />

, according to a report in, Microsoft plans in late July release windows of the 10th anniversary of the update. Since the previous Windows 10 is released in July 29th, so the 10 anniversary of the Windows update may also be released in July 29th.

Windows insider already enjoy to the upcoming anniversary Win10 update function, such as windows ink, improved Cortana, start menu, the operation center improvement and so on. Distance Windows 10 anniversary of the release date and two months to update, then will bring you more new features. What new features do you expect Windows 10 years to bring?      

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