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in the Internet as the main carrier of information for the moment, ordinary consumers for electricity suppliers, mobile payment and other convenient and quick information and transaction needs, is still increasing. However the application of Internet and mobile Internet technology popularization, for those provision of basic public services in the large traditional industries, but may mean that also need to face the challenge of other new technologies, for example, in the rapid development of business enterprises, data processing volume surge brought it based agile architecture demand promotion and so on.

so, for more in-depth understanding of the solutions to the challenges facing and help traditional industry more quickly adapt to the market environment, InfoQ on IBM Sr. system architect Chen Jianhui for the interview.

IBM Sr. system architect, Chen Jian Hui

InfoQ: mobile Internet development drives the business model change, and how from the massive data mining more commercial value, also is the traditional enterprise facing the key issues. So from the core technology, the design of a large data platform suitable for enterprise business needs to consider what technical issues?

Chen Jianhui: at present at home and abroad to establish large enterprise data platform by the use of distributed systems more for Hadoop series of open source systems and spark and other components in establish the platform is usually required before considering Hadoop/Spark issued version of the function and the update speed, hardware platform support and performance and scalability, and which of the new technologies can help open source Hadoop/Spark platform to improve the performance or efficiency (such as capi of erasure code support), and so on. < br />

InfoQ: traditional industries in the new adopted new technology in general are is very cautious, such as financial industry usually are more focused on the promotion of stability and security. But when these traditional enterprise in a business hot period or periods, the processing of data and the corresponding computational resources are much higher than usual, the traditional IT infrastructure may is difficult to cope with such a wave shape change of computing resources on demand to the. So what is the existing IT infrastructure to adapt to change, to achieve flexibility to expand and shrink it?

Chen Jianhui: Bank infrastructure tradition of the, especially relates to core business infrastructure after years of trials, processing ability and high availability architecture itself is very mature and stable. At present, the bank is facing the high flexibility of processing demand, mainly from the channel class business. This part of the business can be similar to the container and rapid deployment of technology to deal with, and will not impact on the core infrastructure, but also greatly enhance the flexibility of the system. Giving a user more rapid and flexible means of dealing with

for banking peak point and the volume of business scale is more and more difficult to predict the characteristics and docker class container application. Hand. It contains application and application environment, can be directly run, open at the same time hundreds of docker container, the cost of time only in minutes, this will be more conducive to help operators to capture fleeting fleeting business peak point; on the other hand, operation and maintenance personnel can without changing the physical platform is arranged under the premise, between the rapid application in different load, scene switch selection of load application running on a different number of containers, officially running version or version of the test, thereby enhancing the efficiency of resource utilization.

InfoQ: traditional enterprise application system architecture is becoming more and more, and in order to meet the changing needs of the business, enterprise application development deployment cycle is must to further reduce. To be tested in the development, operation and maintenance of the multi sectoral, can finally in the production line, process is very cumbersome and complex, which to development and operation and maintenance personnel were added to the lot of trouble internal application system from development to deployment, though. So how does this contradiction need to be resolved?

Chen Jianhui: this problem can be through the infrastructure, standardization of hardware resources, software environment to achieve, with automatic deployment and cloud management means to improve the efficiency of operation and maintenance management. Its core is to achieve the standardization of software and hardware environment, based on standardization to achieve the operation and maintenance of the simplified. < br />

to banks, for example, ERP, CRM, credit card into pieces, such as loan approval process and integration application process running time is long, the information on the stability of requirements is difficult to guarantee. To solve this problem, openstack is representative of the cloud infrastructure can will "apply resources am; resource allocation am; virtual machine am deployment; installation and application of AM; debugging such a complete application deployment process automation, so as to realize the application of rapid deployment and on-line, shorten the application deployment time. < br />

at the same time, in order to further reduce the operation and maintenance personnel in the development and testing environment and installation and commissioning work to spend time, many banks also based on cloud infrastructure constructed unified development and testing cloud platform, and with flow, project management combined, realize the development and testing personnel to apply on their own, automatic deployment and the automatic recycling of resources, greatly enhance the speed of deployment environment testing. < br />

InfoQ: to banks, for example, traditional HA/DR High Availability Disaster in difficult to restore the size structure of the larger, each disaster recovery exercise not only involve wide, but also spend a lot of manpower and material resources. In addition the operator's actual operating opportunities are actually very small, and can not really do without slack. How do they need to be improved at this point?

Chen Jianhui: in this regard, already have some banks began to explore the use of cloud computing and virtualization technology in disaster recovery center to build lightweight disaster recovery drill platform. In disaster recovery design drill program, complex whole the whole exercise is scattered, single system of regular exercises, to operation and maintenance personnel can be regular exercise, each one to two sets of application of the disaster recovery switching exercises, regular rotation, system administrators by often of disaster recovery switching process of practice, the accumulation of practical experience. In addition to the overall disaster recovery drills, verify the overall accuracy of operation is also very important. < br />

lightweight disaster recovery system, different from traditional HA/DR highly used / disaster tolerant architecture, there is no large-scale, involving a wide range, consuming huge manpower and material defects. Such as IBM in the field to provide the city double live program, you can make between city two data centers and running the same application with the same data, between the two centers can intelligently scheduling financial transactions, when any a site plan of the system or plan to stop running, financial transactions can be minutes all routed to another center and providing services to the outside. In this way, the bank from the existing recovery time is not controllable local failure recovery model, the transition to a cross center minutes of continuous operation mode of transaction switching. < br />

InfoQ: with increasing amount of business data, a lot of enterprises application tend from within the community and sharing of, many open-source projects started is well known. So for the traditional enterprise, how should look at the open source program?

Chen Jianhui: traditional enterprises generally use commercial software, to gauge support and update services have a strong dependence. But the traditional enterprises usually without too much effort to open source software testing, test and improve learning. So if you use open source software, it will be much easier to support. In addition to open source software, the market also has a lot of vendors to provide commercial release version of the open source software, to further facilitate the traditional enterprise. < br />

in view of this, lightweight based architecture technology to solve the traditional enterprise based agile architecture issues will be of great use of space. In the field of traditional industries and other areas, I believe there will be more new applications are waiting to be discovered.

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