Bear children throwing knife throwing girls head knife engraved on the "Li flying"

Xiaolifeidao bear children girls head patient

guangmingwangzonghe· 2016-05-20 11:15:43

< p align = "center" >熊孩子甩飞刀扎女童脑袋 刀上刻 < p < p > to a length of about 15 cm silver knife, insert a 12-year-old girl in the back of the head, nose "Xiao Li heaveho" four word shocking. In the evening of May 16th, the third people's Hospital of Dongguan city came to a special patient. < p < p align = "center" >熊孩子甩飞刀扎女童脑袋 刀上刻 < p < p > in the night of surgery, anesthesia department director keep wave knelt down with both hands holding the girl's head, tremor about are not; neurosurgeon physician Chih Ming Tseng use the tools, will tie between the parietal and occipital slot knife forced to pull out.

熊孩子甩飞刀扎女童脑袋 刀上刻

reporter in the ward to see, the girl in addition to the back of the back of the head a little pain, has been basically no matter, and soon can be discharged from the hospital. And speaking of "Xiao Li heaveho", girls, said that night she and friends play in the small park and another 13 year old boys left fly firm in her.

in the evening of May 16th, the third people's Hospital of Dongguan city to a special patient. A length of about 15 cm of the silver dagger inserted into the 12 year old girl's head, the tip of "Li flying" 4 words shocking.

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