April 2016 mobile phone chip performance rankings: Xiaolong 820 is still dominant

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4 month released the phone a lot, such as Huawei P9, Meizu Pro 6, music 2. This also means a mobile phone chip performance list, and joined the fresh blood. Hass Unicorn 955, MediaTek Helio X25, Helio X20, the addition of these chips, which changes the ranking performance of chip of mobile phone? Next with the author to look at the performance of mobile phone chip in April 2016, TOP10 bar. Style= margin-bottom: "15px

PS: the results of the data are average, not the highest score. Actual running test results will be high and low volatility, which is a normal phenomenon.

< strong > comprehensive performance ranking

from 2016 April mobile phone chip performance ranking TOP10 can be seen, the mobile phone chip performance ranking of the top three are still Qualcomm snapdragon 820, A9 apple and Samsung exynos 8890 swept.

4 month listing to Lianfa science Helio X20 and MediaTek Helio X25 in terms of performance, performance is also very eye-catching. MediaTek X25 and MediaTek X20 adopts three cluster architecture design, core, have two core Cortex-A72, four A53 high-frequency core and four A53 low-frequency core. But more MediaTek Helio X25 A72 core frequency, up to 2.5GHz, and MediaTek Helio X20 A72 core frequency of 2.3ghz, therefore in the chip performance, MediaTek HelioX25 fraction to higher than MediaTek Helio X20.

and Huawei P9 appeared together Hass Unicorn 955 although in architecture and Hass Unicorn 950, all have eight (four cortex-a A72 core + A53 core) core, but because Hass Unicorn 955 A72 core frequencies of stronger, up to 2.5GHz. Therefore, the comprehensive performance of the chip are also stronger, Hass Unicorn 955 chip performance run of results for 9.6 million. Style= margin-bottom: "15px

performance ranking style= margin-bottom: "15px

although Lianfa science Helio X20 and MediaTek Helio X25 on the performance of the mobile phone chip has a good performance, but GPU performance is mediocre, both the number of all below 1.7 million, missed the 2016 April mobile phone chip GPU performance TOP10 ranking list. And Hass Unicorn 955 although large core frequency slightly upgraded, but in order to balance the power consumption of mobile phones, so although Hass Unicorn 955 GPU and Hass Unicorn 950 uses the same is Mali-T880 MP4, but actual performance but to Hass Unicorn below 950 and, therefore, absent.

single core performance ranking

in the single core CPU performance, apple A9 with the apple from the research framework of the advantages, ahead of competitors. Qualcomm 820 and Samsung exynos 8890 in CPU single core performance does not, and Hass Unicorn 955 although MediaTek Helio X25 are the same as using A72 core, but Hass Unicorn 955 the A72 have higher frequency, so the CPU single nuclear run on MediaTek Helio X25 leading.

comprehensive performance ranking

in the comprehensive performance of CPU. Apple A9 is still in the leading position, but with second Samsung's exynos 8890 have not opened too big difference distance. Domestic chip Hass 955 and 950 in kylin kylin Hass CPU comprehensive performance brisk performance.

Qualcomm snapdragon 820 due to using independent 4 core design, in the comprehensive performance of the CPU, as 8 nuclear belongs to the normal phenomenon. X25 Helio, X20 Helio, although the 10 core design, but in the big core, only two A72, so poor performance.

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