Xiamen Overseas Chinese electronics for transformation of big data: big premium valuation of 13 times real estate restructuring of the underlying latent

Real estate Xiamen Overseas Chinese Electronics

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, just "Zhaimao" color TV manufacturers Xoceco electronic ready to hit 18 billion yuan heavily transformation data industry. An established less than 3 years, last year net profit 1169.35 million yuan large data services company, thereby obtaining the Xiamen Overseas Chinese electronics are up to 13 times the premium, attracted attention from investors.

4 June 30, Xiamen Overseas Chinese electronic publishing the Xiamen Overseas Chinese Electronic Co., Ltd. issued shares and the payment of cash to buy assets and raise matching funds and related party transaction report (Draft) "(hereinafter referred to as the" report ") said, intends to purchase price of 18 million yuan are number of items associated Ming Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the number of items associated Ming) 100% equity, the latter mainly for commercial and financial institutions to provide data services.

according to the disclosure of the report, from February 2014 was first introduced outside investors began, the number of items associated Ming valuation in nearly 10 rounds of equity trading continuously rising, Xoceco electronics, the intention, the valuation has been from the initial 24 million yuan increased to 18 billion yuan. />

1 year increased 17 times

recently, recombinant defeated Xoceco to throw out a takeover scheme. According to the plan, Xiamen Overseas Chinese electronics intends to buy the number of joint products 100% stake in the Ming, at a price of 1.8 billion yuan, including the issuance of shares pay 50%, in cash payment transactions on the price of 50%. />


2015, number of associated mingpin usher in the fourth capital, company is currently the second largest shareholder of Shenzhen Da Chen, to 19 million yuan in cash funded, to obtain a 19% stake, which means tens of contact Ming product then the valuation 1 billion yuan. Since then, the number of joint inscription of the valuation of all the way higher, with a year's time increased by 17 times, reaching 1 billion 800 million yuan.

2015 years and 8 months, "21st century economic reports," much home media published reports, the year August B round of financing market valuation for 10 billion yuan, according to the number of items associated ming to provide a copy of the typescript. But the media also said that the number of joint B round of financing the amount of financing and market valuation of the authenticity of the current can not be confirmed".

however, the "daily economic news" reporter according to the "report" Statistics found, 2015 years 8 months linked mingpin indeed to increase their investment, the introduction of 40 million yuan in cash, the corresponding 7.71% stake, based on projections and wound up the market valuation is 5.19 billion yuan. />


this enough, after half a month, Xoceco according to as of December 2015 number 31, Lian Ming product net assets 12489.90 million yuan, financial data, gives the valuation of 18 million yuan, value-added rate of 1308.17%. />

big data industry alliance Dong Liming this analysis, because of the number of items associated Ming gives the 2019 3 million yuan net profit performance commitments, "then 18 billion valuation of the PE is 6 times, in fact is not particularly high", but "if according to 2015 more than 1100 million yuan net profit, the valuation is a little high". />

Xoceco in the announcement said that with the help of the transaction, the company will transition to engage in strong profitability, development prospect is broad big data solutions business. Xoceco also warned: "listed companies mainly engaged in the purchase and sale of electronic products, and the target company engaged in the business data business differences larger, there is no significant quantitative synergies". />


its profitable way is Kaoxiang customers receive platform account or platform terminal costs, charged to customers all expense reports, and to the customer charge cost platform, mainly to line direct sales. />

Xoceco in the announcement this explanation says, "number of items associated Ming business is in start-up phase of the transition to a period of rapid development, total income is relatively small, less the number of clients, which may influence the bargaining power, the solution is" with the scale continues to expand, the various product lines of business continued to expand and new customer development ", so as to reduce customer high concentration. />

insiders said, the professional database as the number of items associated Ming "core competition advantage", facing the eye check, Qi Xinbao etc. multiple products competition. Although the big data industry in the air, but into the capital, more and more enterprises. />

in competition is more and more intense, number of items associated Ming gives relative to the current profitability, high performance commitments: 2016 and 2017 year, the year 2018, 2019 year should be the realization of the annual audited after deducting non often loss of belonging to shareholders of the parent company's actual net profit of not less than 50 million yuan, 100 million yuan, 1.8 billion yuan, 3 billion yuan.

real estate heavyweights quietly admission

in Xoceco electronic log Lian Ming assets assessment before the reference date for half a month, the number of Lian Ming last signed capital increase agreement, introduced a engaged in equity investment management with the new shareholders "Beijing million bridge". According to the disclosure, Beijing million bridge cash invested 50 million yuan to obtain a 4% stake, if Xoceco smoothly to 18 billion yuan to buy a number of items associated Ming, Beijing million bridge holds the number of linked Ming product 4% stake in the valuation of $72 million.

new shareholders although only 4% stake, which is behind the great background". />

by combing the relationship between equity, the reporter found that "Knowledge Capital Management Co., Ltd." behind the actual control is "the king of literature", the "knowledge Holding Co., Ltd." and "Langfang happiness foundation Investment Co., Ltd. indirectly holds" Knowledge Capital Management Co., Ltd. equity. />

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