Innovative path of big data applications


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with the popularity of cloud computing, mobile Internet and the Internet of things is a new generation of information technology innovation and Application, huge amounts of data are generated. 2015, the size of China's big data market reached 11 billion 590 million yuan, the growth rate of 2016, is expected from 38% to 2018, China's big data market size will maintain a high growth rate of about 40%. Big data is transferred from the concept to the actual application, more and more successful cases have emerged in different areas. />


in China, "Taobao CPI (consumer price index)" the index through the collection, preparation of Taobao turnover amounted to 57.4% of 390 categories hot commodity price movements, reflecting the overall situation of network shopping market and urban mainstream population consumption status; Ali, according to Taobao small and medium-sized enterprise transaction status screened financial health and integrity of the enterprise, thus no guarantee to lend. At present has been lending more than 300 billion yuan, default rate of only 0.3%, significantly lower than commercial banks; in addition, the use of detection for mobile phone user identity and location dynamic real-time grasp the source and distribution of floating population, but also master the real-time traffic flow situation, understand the aggregation of unexpected events. />

this, Wu Hequan, academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering pointed out, the properties of the large data services than big data software and hardware manufacturing industry; the influence of big data to other industries is greater than the impact of information industry; the social effects of the big data is greater than the direct economic benefits. Therefore, the impact of big data and the extensive attention to the spillover effect is obvious. Currently, most companies are the big data analysis for customer analysis, and then the operation analysis, integrity analysis; in addition to the application of new products and business innovation, enterprise data warehouse optimization. Big data spending most of the industry, one is discrete manufacturing, two is the bank, the three is the process of manufacturing.

in March this year by the "45" planning, specialized mentioned in Chapter 2 to promote the healthy development of the information industry, and put forward to deepen the big data innovative applications in various industries, explore and traditional industry coordinated development of new formats, new mode, accelerate the improvement of the industrial chain of big data.

"we need to strengthen the research, increase investment, comprehensive use of various aspects of the technology control data resource, strengthen the analysis of the data mining and realize innovative applications in various industries, mining the deep value of big data." To say in the. />

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Innovative path of big data applications

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