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three years ago, when music released super TV, almost all people think impossible." a video website, how may do a good job in television? ". Time is the best judge of everything is self-evident, music as a super TV reached the top three in the field of television. This is sufficient to proud achievements, from the point of view of "super love + conference. The music does not insolent of that year, seems to be more of a rare restrained, which is difficult for outsiders to peep at the very subtle changes.


eschew "subversion" subversive


Music induced new vice president Ren champion in the "simultaneous cinema", in deliberate avoidance "subversion" of the word, even slightly self deprecating said: "subversion is the need to pay a heavy price."


this is a casual moment can capture the two meanings, the first layer of meaning: the subversion of the road is too difficult to go; the second layer of meaning: music has upset.


time back to three years ago, the super TV in the name of the subversion of reached the TV industry, the outsiders is very exaggerated, "99% at the dream". A fledgling "cherries", prone to subvert the industry's "old gun", there is no people that this is not a bite off more than you can chew.


music show the proud and confident, quite willing to whole body Gua dares to topple the emperor strength, complete by "subversion" show. Despite being 99% at the dream, but the music still gained enough attention, become the number one enemy siege industry. Almost breaking a finger to count the large manufacturers, have publicly "suspended" as the case.


if the music this year is "stole into the village, do not fire a gun, will not usher in so many of the saliva and criticism, not premature exposure in the face of the enemy, may be able to obtain better development space. One observer thought so. However, this does not seem to be the music style, bold vision and courage to say, "may be behind a heavy price".


side to make good products to meet user, side to the siege of dealing with industry rival, for the old firms is a difficult task, not to mention the music this kind of a novice? Over the past three years music suffered criticism, crowding out means of various overtly or covertly, far more than the industry as a whole brand of criticism, in all the gossip even dead many times.


can go to today's super TV, "escape" to describe is not excessive. In the face of the whole industry to encircle, music as a super TV reached the top three, has become the true sense of the subversion. For today's music, as it is, it does not need to talk about subversion, the fact is the best proof of the.


 . Winners do not to talk about the pursuit of success, subversion naturally no longer talk about subversion, perhaps this is another layer of meaning of any champion did not express. However, he is still confident that the music as super TV in 2017 to do the industry's first. With the point of view, LETV wants peace with the friends, no trouble, not afraid of things ", showing a king of the wind.


price butcher human feelings

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Super TV this year to give the impression of relatively simple and crude, as described by the outside world "price butcher". Despite the music as a lot of innovation in the hardware, UI, but the price is still the focus of attention of consumers, but also as one of the core of music as the core of the ecological stresses.


for a new brand, this strategy is understandable, the price is arrived at the users the most simple, the most direct and most effective way. A higher configuration, more content, lower prices, music as super TV to enter the market at the beginning, to take the hardware negative profit of the radical strategy, the industry does have a lot of damage. Style= font-size: "14px

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despite the low price is not a music as the fundamental, in addition to product innovation, it is music, as the ecological model of innovation. Music as the hope that the price of the negative to the interpretation of the music, as you can profit through the ecological, which gives the user a hardware subsidy, which is the ultimate goal of music as. However, consumers do not understand to this level, and friends of the business may not let the music as to succeed, the image of the "price butcher" is mixed.


change occurred in 414 hardware free day, users to buy music, as the membership can be free access to hardware, this is the best interpretation of the music, as the ecological. Music, as in a more radical approach, interpretation of the concept of the ecological model, let the genuineness of the consumers understand that music can not only do "hardware negative profit", also can achieve the "hardware free", the music is not truly rely on price to win the butcher ecological. Style= font-size: "14px

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now, music, as can be to talk about the humanities and feelings. Ren champion at the press conference referred to the children's desktop, on the one hand reflects the Polish music as a product details, even the child lock such details can think of; on the other hand reflects the this is a company have feelings, pay attention to the special protection on the psychological development of children and the user.


children of users is almost forgotten groups, on television, the network has content, violence, pornography on children's great harm. Not simply to do a product, the children of the content of the presentation, more emphasis on human care. When introducing this product, the title of the excitement of the performance in the face, I believe that as a child's father, he was also touched by such products. Style= font-size: "14px

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. Another detail is whether it is the scene of the VCR or outdoor bus advertising, music, as the focus on the human body. Music as the boot advertising is because of you, I grew up every day, the core emphasis is that you, that is, the super TV users, is to the user as the core, thanks to the support of users. It may be the best footnote to


now, depending on the although the "price butcher", but the pure price is impossible to win, we must to have a unique value.


family as the core of large screen ecological


music as ecological ecology of seven, a "big screen ecology", has been a puzzled. In a simple understanding of the point of view, is through the big screen advertising, music, as can be hardware welfare, by selling ads to subsidize.


in the past few years. Music does not explanation to the outside, and on the "super love + conference. This is perhaps the first appearance", which appeared the still secret. When the music as the ecological marketing of the national screen business operations Jiao Zhenjie, general manager of the "shopping", giving people a sense of the moment, the scene also broke out a burst of applause.


in the Post Title Introduction part, revealed an important message, super TV daily with flow of more than one hundred million, occupy the music as five traffic terminal for the first time. This is a very critical information, super TV become music as the flow of the main entrance and is currently retains the quantity based on, if the super TV ownership doubled, become an Internet traffic super entrance.


according to the current super TV more than 100% increase in volume, the future will certainly achieve explosive growth, in such a super flow inlet, in accordance with the ecological screen of logic. Then, the "shopping" thrown out at this point in time, everything seems logical.


currently published information from the point of view, the music has been ready for a long time, but it has not been released, inadvertently so put out. In fact, it is difficult to obtain enough attention. However, the platform has been able to look into the ambitions of the. Music is not satisfied with the traditional electricity supplier to provide an entrance, but to build a new large family centered ecological platform. Style= font-size: "14px > "


music as big screen ecological has come out, to the family as the core, no matter is the drama of movie and TV, sports, games, or shopping are in order to meet the needs of family users. Home is the largest organization outside the individual, is an important part of society, to seize the core of the family entrance, almost caught the whole world. Style= font-size: "14px > "

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