Zhang Yuqi's "androgyny" endorsement "The Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber" Mobile Games today strong landing iOS

Zhang Yuqi The Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber

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today, perfect world and win the game at the Pacific Hotel Beijing held "sword, victory over all corners of the country" the Dragon Sword Ji hand travel conference listed. Zhang Yuqi, Jin Yong endorsement of genuine MMO martial arts Mobile Games "The Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber" iOS landing today, 18 full line on the platform. This is perfect world and victory in game two manufacturers for the first time the depth of cooperation, and Zhang Yuqi first endorsement of hand travel.

the conference organizers, in addition to Mr. Zhang Yunfan, President of the world and the perfect victory game CEO Xiao Jian, also invited the Baidu game CEO Faye Wong Cheng Jun, vice president of millet mutual entertainment, Yuan Jiajun, vice president of fashion group strategic operation 360 senior business director Feng Ran, founder of palm reading technology and reading Alliance launched Wang Liang, China Telecom love game CEO Zhang Peng, Lynn, vice president of millet mutual Entertainment Music Video game division general manager Li Ying UC, commercial director Li Ren. And from perfect world star amusement media CEO Cui Ya, senior vice president Wei Cheng perfect world, perfect world senior research and development director Zhang Zhiheng, perfect world Nebula studio ("Dragon Saber Yitian" tour) producer and game victory coo Levi, etc., more than 200 from channels and media guests. In addition, there are currently the chiefs of all domestic first-line channels are recorded video, personally about their understanding of and feelings of Jinyong knight, and on the Dragon Sword Ji hand tour of the support and blessing. It is understood, the conference by Sina, teeth, black millet, 360 Wukong, Tencent strategic partner reflect off, Betta, panda TV and other seven broadcast platform broadcast in real time.

it is understood, the Dragon Sword Ji tour today on the IOS platform starting, 18 officially the whole platform on-line. Game with perfect world independently developed by the third generation engine era, into the floating, dizziness, batter, catch investment and other combat elements, combined with the scene of destruction, game to enhance the sense of combat. At the optimization of the server, "Dragon Saber Yitian" tour producer said, game engine specialized for the game were optimization design, the end of the tour level distributed server, effectively improve the load capacity of the server. Games can support 1V1 real-time competitive, 80 people at the same time, 200VS200 camp battle, to encourage more players to interact.

during the conference, Zhang Yuqi as the Dragon Sword Ji tour games spokesman debut, she points decorated Liangjiao, were played Zhou Zhiruo and Zhang Wu bogey. In this regard, ZhangYuQi at the scene said: "rivers and lakes in my heart is yearning for freedom of a person, not what the constraints, this is a can walk freely in the world, I think a person's rivers and lakes more exciting. A person plays two roles: Zhang Wuji and Zhou Zhiruo more interesting, and I also want to try two different roles of feeling, to bring some of novelty and challenge to the player and his. "

for Zhang Yuqi, the Dragon Sword Ji "tour was the endorsement of the first game, and the starring the Dragon Sword Ji tour micro film will also on the 18th in the major video website officially released.

it is reported that Zhang Yuqi is responsible for the endorsement of the poster shoot is by the famous fashion magazine bazaar "to join the famous photographer sun County teacher shooting and. Sun Jun's works into the painting of the performance of the painting techniques, focusing on the combination of the picture and the story, the media as a photographic poet". His work has a deep oriental charm, and is one of the representative figures of the revival of oriental aesthetics. The "bazaar" cooperation, cross-border cooperation is another victory in the field of the game game.

at the scene also a little surprise, as mystery man, 94 version of the Dragon Sword Ji Zhou Zhiruo drama played Kathy Chow also sent video greetings, said optimistic about the "dragon sword" tour. The two generation of "music" and "The Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber" about Mobile Games, also for "The Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber" Mobile Games launched to increase weight.

at the same time, reading League at the press conference debut, reading alliance is by joint palm reading ireader, literature Baidu, the Himalayas, chasing Book artifact, book has benefits and 100 think can not sister many domestic reading app composition, so far, reading union general, active super 3000 million, Mau over 1 billion, occupy the mobile app reading more than 60% of the share. Launched its palm reading combined with Founder Wang said, after reading union initiated the establishment, the collection of the platform on the advantages of resources, focus on pushing the first game is the Dragon Sword records ".

in fact, Jin Yong's novels in China have a huge user base, market awareness is very high. Perfect world has more than 10 years of experience in game development, "Dragon Saber Yitian" tour was perfect lasted two years to build the tour, is perfect in the world this year, the most important of Jin Yong knight errant game products. In 2016 MMORPG outbreak of the time, I believe the Dragon Sword Ji tour will become this year the gaming market's flagship product.

the domestic game makers multi joint become the mainstream of the gaming industry this year, the perfect world and the game jointly issued the "Dragon Saber Yitian" tour, will also become the giant among depth jointly issued by the benchmark case.

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