14 year old British girl was fired from school when pregnant, struggling to finish college in 6 years

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21 Rachel, 6, and her 6-year-old daughter attend a college graduation ceremony (Facebook).

Overseas. 12 December. A British woman, Rachel, accidentally conceived at 14 and was forced to leave school. The following year, she gave birth to her daughter and has continued to study through educational institutions while working. Recently, she was moved by her 21-year-old university graduate and attended the graduation ceremony accompanied by her 6-year-old daughter Lily.

Rachel led her daughter to the graduation ceremony (Facebook )

Rachel, from Leeds, West Yorkshire, reported that she was pregnant at the age of 14 and was forced to leave school on campus.

Since then, Rachel ’s desire is to be a graduate, and after giving birth to a child, she reads through seven or eight educational institutions and has worked countless jobs concurrently.

Rachel was pregnant at the age of 14 and was forced to drop out of school ( Facebook)

She is 21 years old and said that she was told to leave school during her pregnancy, and then encountered many difficulties in her enrollment until she was admitted to college, and she did it for herself. Set a goal to get a college degree.

She said that she experienced mental health problems as a teenager, suffered bullying, and even attempted suicide. When she found out she was pregnant, she changed her mind and found the light from the "very dark" path.

When she was pregnant with her daughter Lili, she decided to do her best to give the child the best childhood.

Today, Rachel graduated with a 6-year-old daughter and received a degree in counseling psychology, which is really incredible.

Rachel works while studying and raises her daughter (Facebook)

She has maintained years of pressure between balancing class, working, and being a single mother. Now finishing college, she said, "When I was preparing for the graduation ceremony, when I put on my gown and hat, I saw my daughter's face, and it all made me feel very worthwhile.

It is reported that the woman's serious work and motivated status also made her nominated as an inspiring candidate. In the future, she wants to be a consultant or a full-time speaker.

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