Ping good doctors received $500 million A round of financing, valued at $3 billion

Valuation financing dollar doctor

21shijijingjibaodao· 2016-05-20 13:03:20

after Lu Jin valued at $18 billion 500 million, Ping An's other Internet sector is also among the ranks of the Unicorn (ie, the valuation of more than 1 billion U.S. dollars).

5 July 19, China Ping An's o2o health care platform -- Ping doctor announced the $5 million in a round of financing, valued at $30 billion, to invest in capital, including overseas equity investment fund, 500 large central enterprises, state-owned financial enterprises and Internet companies.

but did not disclose the details of the specific name of the investment institution.

Ping An Internet Limited by Share Ltd, chairman and CEO, Ping an good doctor founder Wang Tao said, in the A round of investment, there are many domestic insurance institutions.

"they are optimistic about the development prospects of the field of domestic Internet plus health management, peace and good doctors and their own business fit effect. Wang Tao said.

Ping good doctor in April 2015 formally launched, mainly responsible for the peace group, medicine, food, housing, travel, play five strategic planning in the medical sector. Peace is good doctors mainly to doctor resources as the core, using mobile Internet platform and the user anywhere between doctors and patients communicate in real time, and through cooperation clinics to achieve line service landing, from the prevention and health care, medical diagnosis, make an appointment and pre referral service to follow-up, Kang complex guidance, chronic disease management and medication reminder after service for sub-health and diseases of the population to provide a one-stop solution. < p > at present, Ping doctor has since hired 1000 full-time team of doctors as a core service layer, through 7 * 24 hours all-weather graphic and video online consulting, for users provide auxiliary diagnosis, rehabilitation medication guidance and advice; at the same time, safe good doctor also signed a 5 million doctors as the outer ring of the service, online 3000 hospitals distribution, complete follow-up referral diagnosis, the line first diagnosis and referral follow-up service; in the doctor appointment is due, Ping doctor also brings together the 5000 three doctors.

up to now, the number of good doctors registered users reached 77 million, the daily consultation peak nearly 250 thousand times. Become one of the highest coverage of mobile medical applications.

reporter Wang Tao to the twenty-first Century economic report detailed Ping doctor after A round of financing new development strategy at the operational level, peace good doctor will continue to improve medical supplies, integration of online and offline resources, to promote the health of large data applications, open insurance payment closed loop; in the capital level, peace good doctor will hatch the big health industry, led the reconstruction of internet medical and health ecosystem 2 times, in particular, good doctor online safe port, through rapid consultation, health plans, health, health and community mall drug delivery site and other five products, to achieve line network, medical drug network, information net, build traffic entrance platform area the Internet's largest medical field; port access assisted diagnosis and treatment, medical equipment, health care management and line vertical partners, To build a good doctor O2O industry chain, to achieve service landing, the depth of the user's health to meet the health needs.

analysts pointed out that the good doctor's A round of financing to improve the Internet access to medical investment barriers and barriers to competition, it means that the Internet has begun to enter the era of health care".

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