Zuo Hui chain home speech: the dignity of the industry too far away

Industry too far dignity chairman of the board

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chain home real estate chairman Zuo Hui. On 12 month data

5, the previous stage in cusp chain of home real estate chairman left Fai came to Shanghai, for up to three hours of speech of Shanghai chain of regional governors, analyze their business since the course. < p > left Fai said, he graduated from the University in 1992 after a stay in the Beijing, has been regarded as a veteran of the "North drift", before have been renters, in 2005 she bought the first set of houses, "also be intermediary cheated many times, so when I started to do intermediary, positive energy is enough. "< left Fai recalled, a chain of home started from 2001, when the investment is not large, a total of less than 300 million yuan, with 3 years time to do to settle down and from the beginning of 2005 have a quickly development, from 30 stores do 300 stores. At that time, it was hard to think of something far away. The current real estate intermediary industry in the past 15 years happened great changes, industry scale becomes larger, when he had done, still worried about the market is not so big, but today, the breadth and depth of the intermediary industry are more than the imagination of their year, China real estate a year, total trade in 12 trillion yuan. This is a very large scale. < p > in speech, left Fai first responded to the Shanghai chain home some time ago violations: "last you are under the big pressure, a lot of things should is I did not do a good job, so I'm very sorry... over the past two years, each brand intermediary in the analysis of the chain, I never respond to, because their evaluation is not important to me, I am not a crazy person, but they do not understand us. "< / strong > left Fai said, enterprise culture final implementation in the enterprise values," behind the choice is what you believe, recent Baidu, drops and the chains of 223 events, produced great influence in the society, no matter what kind of crisis and problems we encounter, there is a move to resolve, that is to customers stand up saying we are good. "< left Hui stressed that currently home chain has entered the 24 cities, covering a population of 2.5 million, 100 million residential units need to serve them. "What do we mean by every new city? What does it mean for a local intermediary? "< left Fai said, such as the United States does in the transaction security doing very good, in the United States, any individuals who can check each set of house on the basis of the data, and in China, intermediary companies take the things beyond the edge of the enterprise, but business is benefit from this," otherwise we won't be so arrogant and imaginative. "< left Fai said that he recently on three things, one is transaction security, second is the quality of the information, three is the professionalization of the agent. < under the existing conditions, "if we publish real houses, our houses will less than others, our price will higher than others, our guests will be less than the others. We also have no way, as long as we send real listings, consumers will leave you, but 3 months later he will come back. "Left Fai said, at present Shanghai second-hand housing and Yishoufang transactions accounted for more than 2:1, the United States to achieve 6:1, China's secondary housing market turnover rate is not high, an average of less than 2%, America reached 6% - 10%. < p > for brokers professional, left Fai said, has been, engaged in real estate brokerage industry are in his early 20s, so dial, threshold is too low, the broker to the industry as what the, is a professional or just a work?

"in this industry is in great need of dignity, my children must go to school, the teacher may let her write a thing called" my dad ", I think she would say that my dad is stem intermediary, is the leader of the largest Beijing intermediary. How many children are willing to say that their parents are doing intermediary? So I don't think it's easy. Dignity is too far from our industry. " left. < p > the chain is currently operating conditions, the left Hui in his speech revealed that "we did it last year 700 billion yuan (Sales), more than Jingdong 4000 billion yuan and beauty group of 200 billion yuan. Zuo Hui said that the Internet is very far-reaching impact on the intermediary industry, the industry is in the update, the industry leader is also changing, the chain home is from the port intermediary there took over the banner of the intermediary. < p > left Fai said, chain home at present in 24 cities with 1 million house, built 7000 million units of the dictionary, have entered the city every house of the profile. "I found that we do not worry about things, have become the core competitiveness. All good organizations are like this, to give up the short-term look good, long look very troublesome thing. Zuo Hui said.

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