DMO team personnel change announcement: Former WE mid single xiye joins

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tuwanwang· 2019-12-15 10:24:14

We are pleased to announce to you that xiye (Su Hanwei) joined the DMO E-sports Club League of Legends Division as a free agent, as a team single player and teammates to fight for the upcoming game!

xiye (Su Hanwei), a domestically-made mid-single player with delicate operation and extreme offense, once played for the WE e-sports club. During his role, xiye has repeatedly helped the team win key matches with his outstanding personal play. The xiye player has also been selected as the Chinese team in the 2018 Jakarta- Palembang Asian Games League of Legends electronic sports performance project to help the Chinese team defeat the rival Korean team to win the gold medal. As a veteran who has been on the professional field for many years, xiye players have always maintained the purity and persistence of their initial career path.

We welcome xiye to officially become a member of the DMO family. We also hope that xiye can use his rich game experience to help the team to progress together and go all out to meet higher challenges! < p>

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DMO team personnel change announcement: Former WE mid single xiye joins

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