Chinese students to buy 150 million luxury prices rise blame the Chinese people?

House prices mansion Vancouver China

wangyicaijing· 2016-05-20 13:03:49

< p > Xinhua International client may 19 news, in recent days, Vancouver, Canada Western Harbour City and for the topic related to the house the headlines, a man named Tien Yu Chou, Chinese students spend 31.1 million Canadian dollars ($1.57 billion yuan RMB) bought Vancouver this year, the most expensive house. Online a stir, and even the students known as the "Canada's nouveau riche students". < p > local media reports said that luxury Tien Yu Chou to buy the mansion covers an area of about 170 acres (about 6880 square meters), housing area of about 1300 square meters, with five bedrooms and eight bathroom. There is a library, gym and swimming pool and other facilities.

"content_img_p" prices rise blame the Chinese people?

in fact, in recent years, the real estate market in Vancouver continues to heat up, has been a hot media reports. Only in 2014, Vancouver prices rose to an average of more than 25%, which makes the local residents miserable. Very few people in the local real estate as a means of investment. Local residents have about half of the people do not buy a house, and choose to rent. < p >, it must be pointed out that, due to Canada for foreigners to invest in the country's real estate there is no limit, but also provide the bank loans, and Vancouver is a pleasant climate, beautiful scenery of the city, so not only is China and other countries in the world of the rich and Eastern Canada some retired people, houses here and pension. After all limited area of gold a sector of an area, good house in short supply, this is the real reason for Vancouver Real estate prices continue to rise, this also let local residents complained.

however, many local media and residents to grievances are scattered to Chinese or Chinese people, said that they are the main cause of the sharp rise in house prices, which is obviously unfair, racial discrimination and prejudice. In addition to Vancouver mentioned above to attract foreigners to buy a house, should also see, Chinese buy majority are millions of dollars more than the mansion, which in itself is the high-end market, to the local ordinary people purchase impact and little.

unchanged "complex"

in recent years, the Chinese people in overseas investment has increased. Some wealthy Chinese immigrants, the language barrier, unfamiliar environment past in China rich experiences and methods in the west can not, so in do not know how to re start the plight of had by buy multiple properties to ensure their own assets, which undoubtedly indirectly pushing high local prices. Class= img_box "

"content_img_p" China's rich and generous, has been the fame, the local headlines repeatedly. In particular, some good lots of Vancouver house, because more than a few Chinese rush to buy, the results of the transaction price is often higher than the original price of a lot. In addition, the Chinese people have a special liking for the house, always feel that there is no sense of belonging to rent, so even if there is not much money to settle in Vancouver by technical immigrants, but also to do everything possible to buy a house.

took this Chinese students to buy a $about 30000000 mansion for the matter, do not blame the local media speculation. Such an eye-catching news, how could the media reports? It was also thrown out a series of questions: a young man in his early 20, how can I afford to buy such a house? Well, what about his family background? How do large amounts of foreign exchange come in? As a college student, he was a big mortgage every month how to repay?

real estate investment rights and wrongs

real estate involves the economic interests of millions of households, to become the public topic. Living in Vancouver Chinese if you want to eliminate the misunderstanding of public and media bias, first of all need to be cautious and low-key, do not put ostentation bandwagon and dazzle rich mentality into the foreign; secondly, we should actively integrate into the local community, to participate in the development of the local economy, open trade and industry in many ways, such as office, through investment rather than speculative mentality of assets to achieve value-added, rather than blindly to invest in real estate, objectively caused real phenomenon; third need to be familiar with the local mode of operation and business rules, avoid full payment and spending billions of dollars, reducing the media attention.

also very few Chinese people to some with historical and cultural value of housing purchase torn down and rebuilt, caused local resentment and protest. There are very few Chinese like petty, or tax evasion, or open Benz Dole, or do not speak ethics and rules, or rich but there is no sense of responsibility and charitable heart, which may be those who do not like Chinese people used to zoom in and use, resulting in the image of the entire Chinese population is impaired. Once the local people to the Chinese community prejudice, even some of the things, can easily be fueled by a small number of people with ulterior motives, speculation as a hot topic in the street lane.

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