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4 14, you must also be retired from the Kobe brush screen. After 70, 80, 90, regardless of whether or not to witness the legend of the 96 golden generation and brilliant, this moment because of this star, a game has become the attention of NBA, and this is the appeal of NBA. So, NBA what kind of commercial value for the brand? First of all, let us together to see two examples: Nike in 2015 and the NBA signed became the only shirt sponsor, instantly shares rose 1.92%; and the resurgence of self sponsored NBA team after, until the fourth quarter of 2015, has leapt to become U.S. smartphone market share accounted for than ranked fourth, the prepaid market ranked the second mobile phone brand, NBA magic sports marketing can be described as unlimited business opportunities.


according to conservative estimates, in China, the NBA has 8000 dead faithful powder, 3 million enthusiasts, 8 billion pan sports population. How to move the 800 million NBA? In NBA's hometown, Facebook NBA fun sports marketing and how to?


"let us look at the practice of foreign

. in cooperation with NBA in the Facebook Live through Q& A and broadcast function; exclusive content presentation, build a bridge direct dialogue with the star fans. In the operation of the regular season, Russell Westbrook, Andrew Drummond and Paul George well-known players to participate in the live Facebook live, in the NBA to the compartment in the dialogue with the fans, answer fans through the Facebook platform of real-time sends out of the question. With NBA star as the spokesperson of the brand will no doubt benefit in this live function.

. Original form, let the ads become spectators part

at the end of last year, Facebook launched with recommendation function of new products for videos. And message flow similar to the function, Videos Suggested is mainly for users to recommend video content. For example, when the user clicks the message flow in the NBA games, video, will jump to the videos interface to watch, after reading will be related to the content of the video to be pushed to the user's list of messages, the user by clicking on the watch the other related videos. After playing a number of NBA related video content, there will be a separate automatic playback of the ad video. Different in traditional video ads in broadcast video content appears in the picture, the videos of advertising is to separate forms of audio and video, for advertisers to promote and NBA related marketing content provides unlimited imagination.

. Encourage participation, let users have more right to speak < /p>

in close to the NBA Finals, Wal Mart is stimulation of the NBA's T-shirt sales on Facebook launched a vote, with the team on behalf of the T-shirt, let users choose a vote. But different from the past, behind here heat vs spurs is like vs share, the flattering design allows users to whether support which team (which) could promote the dissemination of the advertising itself. Emotions are boiling point of the fans so that this is the advertising of the vote quickly swept Facebook.

fun in the NBA more than Facebook,

Tencent video also let brand and user in the NBA playing high the!


in just past the 2015-2016 season, Tencent NBA harvest 3.8 million users live spectators, 12 million users on demand spectators, averaging 150 million users live, 800 million users on demand extraordinary performance high-powered (data acquisition by the end of March 1) yesterday. As NBA China Digital Media exclusive official partners, Tencent video help brand open from social networking, games, video, news media access, content to achieve three-dimensional dissemination and diffusion in multi channels, multi point, for the brand to create new marketing opportunities, achieve more marketing objectives.


case a: events throughout the exposure real-time interactive brand cooperation

NBA Chinese match, Tencent NBA harvest 640 million users live spectators, 6000 million in a single day video playback volume, and 2 million times video playing a total amount. ("= > (" strong Chinese "(" ZTE ("help", created by these numbers, not only refresh the NBA China Games ratings and influence AXON skillfully with NBA match IP first campaign. 46 million witnesses, 3 million 470 thousand supporters, the success of the user to win the attention of ZTE AXON new machine starting.

ZTE jointly build Tencent NBA, starting a new machine

  • moves one: Volume

ZTE joint Tencent released the first sports sports combined with IP advertising circle of friends, the mobile phone industry to create new ways of listing of the new machine , but also allows users to become the content of the active body of communication.

  • second: to seize the new machine listed exposure resource advantage

AXON an occasion to the NBA China Games strong IP implanted the first scene, a full coverage of the partners. The use of Tencent sports + Tencent news mobile terminal resources linked to the live broadcast, multi-dimensional depth of implantation, nearly 100 million times the exposure of new products.

  • three movements: an occasion to mobile, enhance the new machine listed

Tencent Digital & amp; technology channel of the mobile terminal live bring a visual scene synchronization, help the listing of the new machine to attract industry and the target groups concerned. Axon new machine preloaded with Tencent sports, Tencent video, NBA heroes applications, let axon anytime, anywhere to watch NBA games, understand the latest developments in NBA games.


strong exposure, heat and cool experience to share the new machine listed marketing effect of fission, the axon of the new machine to create 1 billion times the total exposure, 46 million user participation, attract 347 million hardcore fans point of praise, the NBA just don't match.


case 2: live strong content bundling calling user emotional resonance

< span style = "color RGB (0, 0, 0);" >Air Jordan Brand as Nike's most rich series of dramatic and historical depth, is used to motivate the best symbol of young consumers. The 30th anniversary of the air jordan brand, Jordan himself after a lapse of 11 years in China again, how to let the fans really "see" to the legend, the expansion of the volume of the 30th anniversary of the air jordan brand, and promote the development of NBA China Games video traffic? Tencent video through the full media online and offline integration of resources, so that users and Jordan across time and space dialogue, insight into the user's emotional needs at different stages, to create the most complete NBA cultural experience.

the reduction moment, continuation of legend "text-align:center"

Tencent sports fun big event marketing

  • moves one: watch live strong>

Tencent live team to rely on the user perspective thinking and professional broadcast scheduling, broadcasting and editing capabilities, to satellite broadcast techniques blessing, let a originally spatio-temporal fixed " the air jordan celebrations marking the 30th anniversary of realized "across time and space" sensory experience. At the same time, before the NBA China race to increase the live broadcast of the Jordan classic race, more successful drainage of the Chinese race.

  • 2: after the story

+ professional entertainment, Tencent sports custom theme column achieve emotional reduction. The star city track "tells the story of the legendary story of Jordan and the Chicago and invited Liu Xiang, Li Fan Fan, Blackie Chen, exo, Wu Zun, pan and other sports stars share stories and AJ, to celebrity fans effect and volume activity and influence. With 330 million NBA crowd Tencent sports community linkage online and offline, interactive communication to guide the formation of a group of fans identity, to obtain a sense of brand culture. More than 48 million 510 thousand people take the initiative to learn through the Tencent platform Jordan legend.

  • three: playing experience

NBA official game in NBA 2K online implanted Jordan decisive moment task, through the reduction of Jordan three classic lore moments, inviting players to challenge, experience to restore the idol star "decisive moment." Jordan scene experience scene is nearly 4 times higher than ordinary sessions, 5-10 daily screenings get the game user experience.


more than 220 million people to watch live video, celebration comments over the total number of 2 million, the average per second produced 11 comments, not black and honey, only the worship of God. NBA during the Chinese tournament, the highest single day video playback volume over 60 million, live strong content bundled, another traffic legend.


three: on-demand highlights Xpress selected at the time of the move of the people

and TV, the characteristics of network communication is fragmented. After the program is broadcast, many users may only be interested in a problem, only to see a part of them. On demand form in the production of late to speed up the pace of the clip, and the whole game to score moments split into several pieces, a separate piece of play. Directional brand exposure + featured customized content, create a new position of sports content marketing.

every goal is" title "Qingyang power

  • moves in a multi dimension: the touch of the user watching time

Tencent news + Video + sports + WeChat Tencent Tencent, Tencent platform linkage, a full penetration of debris users watching the scene, expand the brand influence.

  • moves two: brand high light NBA

highlights title "color: RGB style= from the content level of video production, from video programs as the main delivery platform, allowing users to 5 minutes watching a game " the sublimation of the spirit of the brand.

  • three Qiao implantation of derived variety that trigger buying

scene implantation, product placement, spokesperson for implantation, brand spirit implantation + link Jingdong Chhnang men area, to grasp the inner demand of users. High fit interesting implant, tailored to convey the spirit of the brand, to trigger the purchase.


more than 78% of people moving watch Chhnang the champion always show ", on demand field were browsing rate higher than the NBA match live 1.5 times, every 100 watch" the peak of corps "at least a shopped Jingdong Mall Qingyang area. True: in the right time, to the right people, to see the contents of the. Style= color: "RGB

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> in addition to the application in NBA, the Tencent video has been to promote the mobile broadcast to more scenes. Recently, Tencent News will through the client live a whole "home of Hailan & amp; Oriental Dream Factory strategic cooperation conference", the brand of commercial launch in addition to the different positions of the high-quality resources, and the mobile broadcast channel and consumers to establish closer perception. Style= color: "RGB


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