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World of Warcraft scale

youjiuwang· 2016-05-20 14:38:45

a dead guy at reddit forum wantonly published their views, he said he was not invited the media and the critics, by his girlfriend just secretly to him to film the scene, see what was said ...

last night, Warcraft Movie Official invited the very few senior media players and watch the entire movie, but they were told not to publish any reviews and spoilers, until this month on the 30th in Europe after the release.


but there are still dead guy in the reddit forum wantonly to express their views, he said Has not been invited in the media and critics of the column, by his girlfriend's relationship was secretly brought him to the scene of the film, see what they say it.

to Warcraft film scoring 100 points, you can call 6 0-70 points, the individual hit 69, better than imagined. Visual effects (special effects, props, costumes, choreography) can be considered a plus. Hit the objective point 65. It is estimated that a lot of people scoring lower than I. The whole movie 90% is still quite like.

but also exist some problems and shortcomings, making the score decreased.

plot a large jump, who never played Wow people, may face a senseless force. A lot of holes, but the general framework is very stable.

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blackbody, acting wasn't what breakthrough or originality. Emotional play a little silly, do not know is not the original plot did not study the relationship. Some plot is good, many of which are in general.

FML, Gul'dan too awesome! You Daniel Wu Attagirl! Spoiler: Gul'dan directly from Delaney, human, Orc and body absorb energy. That is to say, his main skill is to suck the life (Khadka and Maddie's text is basically 10 minutes to put the door 1 times).

Movie / game of

individual never played Warcraft, So the story is not very clear. At the end of the movie, the story should be 1 to 2 of Warcraft's part right?

racial production is in place, the high elves, orcs are very fine and beautiful. The film's visual perception of super.

also movies and some as embellishment of Warcraft, such as murlocs, sheep, and a lot of games in the role, such as undead Moros (Carla Xan Lee), movie or a human. Also kargath - blade punches in the film end also appear, very short, but see what on the shoulders of the teeth the, definitely him.

movie watching over or very cool!

interpretation under the front of my score 6.5-7.0 in my idea is good, but can not say very good. Some content is still unsatisfactory, in addition to the player's expectations are too high.

movie not troll, horizontal groove!

movie plot is finally the original, from the beginning to the end.

but Stormwind also did not fall, so feel a bit strange, Stormwind fall, human North fled Terenas Lordaeron defected to is a important Warcraft history events.

another audience also write some reviews, the scores given relatively high

Orc poses shock almost difficult to describe, so many years of efforts have not been in vain. Durotan, Gul'dan Orgrim! A top rod!

with the rhythm of the movie very very great, Duncan Jones added many interpretations of the story, even if I didn't know anything about world of Warcraft can also understand the story.

I to the film's score is 80-82, absolute value. The role of human performance is great, the rest of the money is animation. Is watching the film also dissatisfaction is.

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