2015 China's mobile phone industry, the white paper ODM program to usher in a rare opportunity for development

China mobile phone white paper

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2015, Chinese mobile phone design company overall shipments of 5.01 million, including intelligent machines and machine function, relative 2014 shipments decreased 8.2%, but sales rose rose by 15.8%. Due to the adjustment of the operator's subsidy policy, mobile phone manufacturers rely less on the operator channel, open market sales more inclined to develop boutique models, enhance the sales of a single model. Corresponding, shipments of mobile phone design company main model price already by 500 yuan the following models of thousands of intelligent machines to transfer, mobile phone design company's future strategy synchronous to the high-end market breakthrough, the pursuit of profit growth, realize the transformation from quantity to quality.

for handset ODM company, intelligent mobile phone R & D threshold more high, through the promotion of intelligent machine shipment size, the same can reap substantial profits. Chinese manufacturers HUAWEI, Lenovo, millet, Meizu, cool and TCL, etc. are the main target customers, but also ODM company shipments and revenue assurance.

in the whole shipment terms, Wentai is 2015 the biggest mobile phone design companies, overall shipments reached 59.5 million, all for the smartphone. Star models including cooperation with millet rice 2/2A series Lenovo Le lemon K3 series and Charm Blue Note/Metal series and China Mobile A1 series, these well in 2015 China thousands of intelligent machine market mainstream models. Huaqin and dragon's overall shipment respectively, ranked No. 2, No. 3, the star of the corresponding models respectively for Huawei smooth series and red rice Note Series models, by the year 2015 China frequently and dragon's overall shipments were 51.8 million units, 2760 million units. CHINO /OnTim is a dark horse in 2015, the company's mobile phone design, due to the amount of overseas orders HUAWEI, in 2015 the smart machine shipments reached 19 million units.

Taiwan mobile phone design company Warburg (CCI) and Foxconn (FIH) 2015 the whole shipment by the main customers for the Sony, HTC, moto and Acer and other major customers sales decline effect. Cool, Lenovo domestic market sales decline, the main effect of outsourcing design company Dragon flag, Hui ye and Shanghai shipping.

4G replacement demand will is within the next three years China's mobile phone market, the main driving force

2015 years shipping 4.37 billion, annual growth of 2.4%, relative to the same period in 2014 grew by 12.3%. Smart phone shipments 416 million, an increase of 3.6% in 2014, an increase of 26.3%. According to the layout of the 5g technology, formal commercial time at least until 2018, so in the next three years, China's total mobile phone market will remain weak growth trend, 4G smartphone replacement demand will is China's mobile phone market is the main driving force.

according to the data of the Ministry of industry, as of the end of December 2015, Chinese 4G mobile phone users 3.86 billion, non 4G users 9.19 billion. Where the number of China Mobile users reached 826 million, but only 312 million of the number of 4G users, China Mobile will vigorously develop 4G users in 2016, the goal of 2016 4G users reached 500 million, compared to 2015 growth of 60%. Is expected within the next three years, operators will accelerate the to promote its users upgrade to 4G, for mobile phone manufacturers and large replacement demand is the main driving force of the performance of the Chinese mobile phone market growth, a huge room for growth.

Chinese OEM mobile phone manufacturers market share continue to grow "

China Capacity in the smart phone market saturation of the OEM mobile phone game becomes more intense, more than 4000 yuan of high-end market, apple a thriving, since the iPhone 6 & amp; 6 plus flagship models selling, 2015 Apple's market share grew by 10.9%; 3000 yuan of above market, Huawei, oppo, vivo performance outstanding, a direct impact on the Samsung's market share. Overall smartphone shipments, Meizu, HUAWEI, OPPO, vivo growth significantly, millet shipments to maintain stable growth.

Samsung 2015 domestic shipments fell significantly, the rise of the Chinese mobile phone manufacturers of Samsung's biggest impact, China's market share has dropped out of the top five. Lenovo, cool and ZTE in 2015 in China's domestic market performance is poor, shipments fell more obvious.

2015 in China Top 10 brands of mobile phone shipments overall growth of 23%, including Huawei's most outstanding, overall shipments reached 112 million, in the high-end market is performing equally well. Meizu, vivo, OPPO and millet continue to maintain growth. ZTE, Lenovo and TCL poor performance in the domestic market, but the overseas market shipments to maintain stable growth, cool overall shipments fell. Mobile phone market competition intensifies, the future competitive landscape will gradually clear.

< span style = "font family: Microsoft YaHei, sans serif; line-height: 1.5em;" > thousands of intelligent machines still is China market shipments accounted for than the largest part, 2015 shipments accounted for nearly 60%. Chinese mobile phone design company (IDH/ODM) thousands of intelligent machines in the market plays a very important role, due to the efficiency of research and development, cost control, supply chain and manufacturing support, at present the market thousands of star models almost entirely from the domestic mobile phone design companies, such as selling a series of red rice and charm blue series, Lenovo music lemon K3 series and Huawei smooth series.

Chinese manufacturers outsourcing strategy" margin-bottom:

according to the mobile phone manufacturer brand positioning and product strategy, OEM mobile phone has a very big difference in product planning. But in the thousands of smartphone market, independent mobile phone design company (IDH/ODM) plays a very critical role in cost control, product research and development efficiency, ODM has an irreplaceable advantage.

with the domestic mobile phone market is saturated, smartphone shipments concentrated in the top 10 OEM manufacturers. For the handset ODM company, from China's major brands of thousands of intelligent machines of outsourcing orders will directly determine the ODM shipment size and revenues, along with the Chinese market shipments gradually concentrated in a handful of brands, industry of mobile phone IDH/ODM also in synchronization into the stage of industry consolidation.

due to the high-end product positioning, and seek design arithmetic dissimilation course, vivo, oppo all product from the Ministry of research, product assembly and quality control all by its own factories.

Huawei mainly according to the product positioning and adjusting platform outsourcing strategy and relatively speaking, high-end smartphone project and Hass Unicorn platform mobile phone all research, low-end the MTK and Qualcomm platform project most of the use of outsourcing, Hua Qin, Wen Connaught Taihe /OnTim is is Huawei's main partners, Hui ye also have part of the operator for the project. 2015 Huawei's mobile phone sales reached 1.09 billion, the ODM outsourcing company project shipped close to 50 million, 2016 Huawei shipments goal of 1.4 million, relative 2015 target growth of nearly 30%, this also means that Huawei to high-end smartphones breakthrough at the same time, in the low-end market sales will further increase, for the ODM company for their cooperation, which will directly contributing to overall shipments growth.

millet phone points for meters of high-end series and thousands of machine series of red rice, the rice series all outsourcing design, development, via the EMS company completed assembly shipments. According to shipments statistics, in 2015 the proportion of red rice shipments reached 75%. Wen Taihe dragon flag is the main millet design company. Expected to remain stable in 2016, millet smart machine shipments, red rice products are still the main product of its shipments.

with the integration of Lenovo and Motorola intelligent machine business, Lenovo is the intelligent machine product line to distinguish moto and Lenovo series, high-end moto series and Lenovo in high-end models by Lenovo research design, thousands of machine project mainly by the third party mobile phone design company completed research and development, assembly, 2015 outsourcing project shipments accounted for more than 55%, Wentai, Huaqin, dragon flag is Lenovo's main partners. Due to the poor performance of the Chinese market in 2016, in 2015 the overseas market will be the main growth point of lenovo mobile phone business, which is mainly in the low-end intelligent machines, the proportion of its outsourcing orders will be further increased.

Meizu product strategy and millet similar, Meizu high-end series of research since, low-end Charm Blue series mainly through outsourcing design, Wentai, and De is Meizu main outsourcing suppliers. Meizu 2015 shipments growth is mainly concentrated in the charm blue Note/Metal series, the overall outsourcing project shipments accounted for 65%.

ODM company ushered in a rare development opportunity for

manufacturers and design companies overall shipments data, design data including shipping China brand customers and overseas customers to design the company's overall shipments, shipments of more than 50%. Domestic market, due to China's Top 10 OEM vendor quality strategy and shipments concentrated in the next 3 years, the proportion of outsourcing orders will continue to increase. For mobile phone design company, the Chinese mobile phone OEM manufacturers thousand intelligent machine project will still be the phone company's shipments and revenue assurance. With Chinese mobile phone OEM manufacturers gradually to the high-end smart machine continuous breakthrough, the outsourcing model specification and configuration also gradually upgrading, average price also showed a rising trend; on the other hand, Huawei, Lenovo, millet and Meizu and other Chinese brands in 2016 business growth focus gradually shifted overseas markets, overseas markets will is the ODM company's new business growth.

with the continued growth of China mobile phone brand sales and shipments gradually centralized to the top 10 OEMs, synchronization to cooperate with the main flow phone OEM ODM company shipments will maintain stable growth, ODM industry shipments will also gradually to Wen Tai, Hua Qin, the Dragon flag, Connaught /OnTim and day exquisite and top 5 ODM companies.


in the overall delivery, Wen Tai is the largest mobile phone design company in 2015, the overall shipments reached 59 million 500 thousand, all for the smart phone. Star models, including cooperation with millet rice 2/2A series Lenovo Le lemon K3 series, Meizu Charm Blue Note2/Metal series and China Mobile A1 series are each customer shipment volume of the largest models, but also domestic thousands of intelligent machines different price segments of the mainstream models.

through with major customers for the depth bound, the project early intervention selection of product definition, developed in cooperation with the customer specific price range of star models, and is responsible for sales mode, Wen Tai can avoid the simple price competition, and indirectly reduce development costs. At present, Wen Tai and the top 5 customers, millet, Lenovo, Meizu, HUAWEI and TCL cooperation and stability, in the development, quality control, supply chain capabilities have been recognized. At present the domestic mobile phone market growth slowed down, shipments growth space is limited, in 2016, Wentai besides continue with customers to the introduction of derivative project, will continue to adhere to the quality strategy, choice of high quality clients and product line began to high-end development to enhance the profit.

in the domestic market, Wen Tai customers mainly with millet, Meizu, China Mobile, Huawei and new entrants to the 360, currently ship models are the best-selling models, is currently the customer's flagship product. In overseas markets, Wen Tai customers mainly Huawei, Lenovo, TCL, micromax and ASUS and other, especially Huawei and ASUS, a substantial increase in the proportion of Thai smell, Wen Tai become major this two brand ODM supplier. As the global market 4G smart phone market demand is still very large, the number of customers in the global sales growth is also very rapid, is expected to lead to a substantial increase in overseas shipments in 2016 Wen tai.

in networking, VR and car networking products, Wen Tai has been actively layout. The first product is with Lenovo, Tencent cooperation in the development of music Mengwei game machine ministation, December 2015 has been listed, rely on to Lenovo's brand and Tencent game platform support, Wen Tai has begun in networking products to achieve a breakthrough, networking related products also hopes to become Wentai 2016 new business growth point. VR business carried out very smoothly, has got a number of Companies in the order. Currently is working with a number of well-known domestic automobile manufacturers to develop smart car products, investment and mergers and acquisitions are also being carried out with the smart car and car networking.

in addition, in the production of manufacturing aspects, the smell Thai owned factories have mold development, injection molding, spraying ability and in the SMT and assembly automation equipment equipped with the lead in the domestic EMS factory. In the mobile phone metal peripheral structure very much, in the R & D costs accounted for the ratio accounted for 1 / 3 of the phone's cost, which die costs accounted for 1 / 4, so in the future have mold, injection molding, and surface treatment of R & D and manufacturing capabilities of Wen Tai in ODM industry more competitive and one-stop service capacity.

with high-quality customers, product definition, research and development capabilities and free plant vertical integration advantages of, Wen Tai the quality control ability and delivery advantage will drive the smell Thai business to achieve a virtuous circle, future development potential is huge.

2015 Huaqin shipment is relatively stable, the overall shipments 51 million 800 thousand units, including smartphones and tablet shipments. The Chinese market, and Huawei cooperation smooth series hot, smooth 5S is one thousand yuan price interval star models; 2015 ASUS mobile overseas shipments to rise. In China frequently cooperation project shipments quickly pulled, has become China frequently top3 customers. The flat part of the business, the main customers of Lenovo, Acer, Amazon. In the second half and Amazon series tablet fire sales, more than one month shipments of more than 2kk/M.

overseas market customers micromax, lava, due to fierce market competition in India, in China ground shipments decline in 2015. Domestic market, China is now actively strive for Meizu, music, as thousands of intelligent machines project is expected in 2016, as the project will be Meizu and music will be China's shipments growth point. Manufacturing layout is the advantage of China, with a line of customers HUAWEI, Amazon, Lenovo, ASUS and other customers to help improve the quality of management, production and manufacturing level. But in the research and development of quality models, China often does not reflect the advantages of R & D, more emphasis on price competition.

China frequently now for notebook computer products R & D, and the network related products such as the layout of the intelligent robot and other products, and actively seek product differentiation and the networking products.

as the old mobile phone design company, dragon flag in 2G era of functional machine and 3G intelligent machines have initial stage. Stand on the mainland mobile phone design company shipped a leading position. But since then the company's strategic adjustment, tend to fight for high-end projects, to protect the profit level. 2015 overall shipments of 27 million 600 thousand units, compared to 2014 shipments fell significantly.

millet is the dragon's biggest customer, red rice Note2/Note in the second half of the year to launch the 3 hot models, quickly pulled up the Dragon flag ship, rice note series of annual shipments accounted for more than 40%. In addition to millet, Lenovo and cool in the dragon's high-end projects to reduce the direct impact on the dragon's shipments. In addition, Micromax, the United States, HTC and other customers in the Dragon flag in the high-end project shipments also declined.

in the field of intelligent wear, in the first half of the Dragon flag released its own brand of 37 degrees bracelet, due to the rich functionality and fashion design, has shipped more than 200 million, in the smart wearable products dragon flag has achieved a breakthrough. At the same time, the dragon is also synchronized with the start of the robot related products millet cooperation, networking products in the future will become the dragon's new business growth point.

tinno customer choice emphasis to overseas customers, pay attention to differentiation competition, domestic customers is relatively small, to avoid price competition, maintaining the levels of profit relative shipments remained stable. But also subject to shipments, bargaining power is relatively weak.

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