"Extraordinary" Joseph Cheng high altitude playing handsome change "monster face"

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fenghuangyule· 2016-05-20 18:22:29

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Joseph Cheng ready to "take off"

Phoenix Entertainment news stand on the plane above, high altitude flight. This scene is sounds very cool. , Tang Xiaotian, Li Xiaopeng, Joseph Cheng,, will take a high altitude challenge in the "extraordinary partnership" program at 22 points tonight. But absolutely did not think of is, Zheng Yuanchang Shuashuai not anti into oolong, because height reasons cannot perfectly erect on the aircraft, can only take squat awkward posture. It is hilarious, because in high winds swept, Zheng Yuanchang face whole blowing distorted, the picture is so beautiful really did not dare to look.

want to see all the boys in the air in the end have what kind of performance. How did Joseph Cheng become so embarrassed? Let us look forward to tonight's 22:00 in Jiangsu satellite TV broadcast of the "extraordinary partner" seventh and its pilot film. < p > it is reported that eventually won the "special partner" in the last three show winner of three groups of guests will receive 150 million yuan provided by naming Saun Indira Finidi "dare love dream fund", to public welfare undertakings.

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