Beef or the beef, Intel and McDonald's how to change the "flavor" of the catering industry?

How Intel McDonald's food and beverage industry

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had to say that the work of the busy let atlas atlas sister often order takeaway, which includes McDonald's. Is often orders after ten minutes, the food has been sent to, and then hot or spicy chicken wings.

  < McDonald's takeaway has let me interested, but when I entered the returning to the Wangfujing McDonald's flagship store, there are still a lot of surprises. First entered the house, he saw the self ordering, next to the counter, bread, beef, tomato slices ingredients in there quietly awaiting the release of breath attractive later understand to McDonald's can customized according to user needs of Hamburg. Yes, this is the unique wisdom of McDonald's restaurant.


1 June 27, located in Wangfujing Street, Beijing McDonald's future concept of wisdom (experience of the future restaurant business formally, this is McDonald's, the world's second, mainland China's first concept restaurant. In the concept of the Wangfujing store, consumers can not only buffet meal, pay by mobile phone, and the store also equipped with wireless charging equipment, to fully meet the needs of the young generation of mobile Internet anytime.

 . < p > in addition, because this is McDonald's, the world's second intelligence concept restaurant, compared to the first Hong Kong restaurant concept, Wangfujing stores have more digital characteristics, for example, there is the hold 70 people's independent party rooms, consumers can upload and print photos through a micro channel. And in order to take care of the children of consumers, there is no real paradise for children's concept store choose the digital games, on the second floor of the dining area, McDonald's and micro channel cooperation developed five games, through a projection system in the blank wall region interact.

  < in today's mobile Internet era, people to eat when feeling have more requirements for experience, which requires the catering industry in time to keep up with the changes in the digital transformation, McDonald's fast food brand as one of the world's leading, restaurant concept launched can see the times determined to change, especially the choice of the maximum flow of Wangfujing flagship store, this is undoubtedly has the significance of radiant energy benchmarking.

 . < p > but more let a person curious, catering industry while facing the digital transition, but beef and the beef, even hamburger can be customized, but < strong > still taste the taste, digital transformation of what can bring what kind of fundamental change to the catering industry.


McDonald's in the construction of digital wisdom concept restaurant, is working with Intel. After the Intel and McDonald's together to carry out the "from the cloud to the end" of the change, although beef or beef, but consumers experience the feeling of beef has a new change.

  not food

digitization is changing itself, and people enjoy the food with new happy experience, this is Intel and McDonald's cooperation brings different feelings, is also worth thinking in the catering industry.


new consumer "taste": the scene of digital experience

 . < p > "no matter how the times change, for the food and beverage industry, the customer experience is the first of." As McDonald's (China) Co., Ltd. chief information officer Liu Weixia said: "digital deployment of future smart restaurant, is trying to McDonald's in the digital transformation of a key, in the process, from Intel from the cloud to the side and technical support to customers in McDonald's has brought better dining experience."

(China) Co., Ltd. chief information officer Liu Weixia

 . < p > what is meant by a better experience? As is known to all, in fact in the digital transformation of today's food and beverage industry, let the customer conveniently buffet meal, using a mobile phone on the edge of the table and eat and enjoy offline gaming experience space experience many restaurants have been able to do.


but out of the ordinary, McDonald's has a more scene with the characteristics of the cooperation with Intel. For example, McDonald's menu can show different contents and menus at different times, the dynamic menu of McDonald's electronic menu can use the weather and other cloud data show different changes.


  "today is very high temperature, then the electronic menu can choose to present a more ice cream products, etc.." From Liu Weixia said the change is not difficult to see, combined with the changes in the cloud data, will be more intimate consumers.

 . < p > in addition, we went to McDonald's line shop, often meal, take meals in a queue, resulting in behind the waiting queue. Now have more technical support, the McDonald's next step reform is launched double point type counter to the meal, take meal separately, not only faster services to meet the needs of multi channel ordering for digital restaurant upgrade to lay a foundation.


  can be said that the future concept of Intel and McDonald's restaurant, is to solve the latest consumer demand.


new businesses "taste": a full range to improve operational efficiency

  < p > in fact, become a digital restaurant, is not only the needs of consumers, delicious and fun but can save time -- in fact, improve the efficiency of it is especially important for business is hot "businesses.

  < not only McDonald's is so, the good reputation of the restaurant often overcrowded, improve the efficiency of point meal, the digital revolution is imperative.

 . < p > is to McDonald's Wangfujing future intelligence concept restaurant, for example, restaurant equipped with Intel Core i5 processor NUC (next unit of Computing), this chip not only integrates the more features within the volume of 4 inches square, more is to provide various entertainment, games and work function, restaurant buffet meal machine, digital signage, interactive games, screen the stable and efficient operation to provide computing power to support. At the same time, Intel Xeon processor based server carrying the data of the daily operations of the restaurant, from the front to the back end of the support help McDonald's to complete basic work of digital operation.


but not only these, based on Intel's cloud to end technology is also on McDonald's channels and inventory has also been a change. As Ke Daoyuan, general manager of Intel China industry cooperation and solutions Department said, in a sense, the evolution of technology is the birth of retail, food and beverage industry, fresh ideas".

Intel China industry cooperation and solving scheme of general manager of Department of Ke Daoyuan


say all channels. All channels means that consumers whether online or at home or in the store to shared unified consumer experience. < / strong > such as Atlas atlas sister experience of McDonald's delivery, although the phone book, but sent to the home and shop to eat feeling indistinguishable.

 . < p > this is Intel pursued all channels "feeling, with the technology to the digital world and the real world combined, using data, manufacturing data and analysis of data, so that the retailer can offer a higher level, a unique service. It can be said that McDonald's to achieve the full channel, but also to further identify the consumer.

 . < p > in addition, to help businesses in the process of digital, Intel in the retail industry introduced inventory system, online shopping system, so that consumers in a more intelligent way to online shopping, which also supports mobile payment.


according to statistics, it is expected that in 2017, Chinese catering industry market size will reach 48962 yuan, and now, Internet plus catering market size accounted for only less than 4% of the food market, the market has great potential for development. How to improve the operational efficiency of the restaurant through the digital deployment, how to use technology to achieve resource integration and cost reduction?


  can be said that there is a great space for the development of digital catering field, is attracting a number of enterprises to explore and practice. However, how to effectively improve the operational efficiency of the business, it is not easy. Digital point of the meal in the surprise of attracting consumers, and sometimes let the business into just amazing stunt which.


to improve operational efficiency through the digital, improve the rate of turn over, and even make the delivery service and food have the same experience, this is the real digital landing. from this point of view, Intel and McDonald's cooperation is undoubtedly worth thinking and learning.


inside" in summary: Intel Internet plus "


as Ke Daoyuan said, in the entire retail industry, Intel provides four aspects of power. first, Intel provides a full range of from the end to the backstage system cloud, "Intel technology in any operation of the position of the heart"; second, Intel has a focus on retail team , not only in cooperation with large enterprises such as McDonald's, and focus on innovation driven by the traditional industry; third, Intel and the global ecosystem partners to by ODM, OEM, SI, and ISV in many ways, so that Intel can together with partners for the industry users to create solutions to deploy similar places like McDonald's future concept restaurant; fourth, innovation is the key of , whether it is mobile Internet now the future of the Internet, Intel is ready.


and McDonald's cooperation is the process of landing Intel solutions catering, retail industry, but there is a full range of technical details of Moore's law, 5G, networking, cloud to end application solutions, and classical cases in cooperation with McDonald's based on, it is not difficult to see, Intel has completely change past Intel is the era of PC Intel inside, Intel inside and Intel to do next "Internet plus" era.


today, Intel is also facing a new change of the task, but the real help to the traditional business transformation, which is clearly more valued Intel.


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