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David Adams, technical director of the Welsh Football Association, has suddenly found himself a busy man recently because almost all popular British media, including the BBC, Sky Sports, The Times, The Post, The Sun, and The Independent, want to interview him. This is certainly not the rapid progress of Mr. Adams' business, but that he has trained a rookie in the coaching world: Joao Sacramento.

Sacramento, 30 years old, is now Mourinho ’s assistant coach in Spurs and the number one assistant in the savage Tottenham era.

Analysis report to Mu Shuai at the age of 19

Although the name of Sacramento always reminds us of Peja, Weber, Adelman & hellip; & hellip; But Joao-Sacramento does have nothing to do with that American city, but a pure Portuguese. His parents wanted Joao to be an engineer or lawyer, but Sacramento rejected his parents' choice and chose to cross the ocean to study for a football coaching degree in Wales.

David Adams, who was still at Glamorgan University in Wales (now renamed University of South Wales), had to go out and convince Sacramento's parents to support their son to do this. Mainstream work.

Steve Savage, now the university ’s director of physical education, recalls the kid ’s fame: "Jao (Sacramento) made a detailed analysis report, which Including Mourinho ’s football philosophy, game concept, and tactical thinking. Not only that, he also sent this report to Mourinho himself, and confessed to Mu Shuai that everything he did to Mu Shuai was incomparable. Revered. "

" Mourinho was the head coach of Inter Milan at the time. He saw the report and he personally responded to Sacramento. . Mourinho said the report is amazing, and he hopes Sacramento will continue to do something valuable. "

In addition to writing the report, Sacramento also serves the Welsh national team and Cardiff City Club . He wrote an opponent analysis report for the then Welsh national team coach Speed, and found his first official job by chance in 2013:

2013, Braga Airport, Portugal Sacramento, who was working overtime to write an analysis report, met a guy named Campos. The Campos claimed that he was going to be the sports director of Monaco, and he praised Sacramento's work, and then invited him to join the coaching staff of Monaco coach Jardim as a data analyst & mdash; & mdash; data analysis The role of the teacher in modern football is becoming more and more important, and Football Manager has also added this position to the coaching team since 2017.

Both Campos and Monaco's coach Jardim admired Sacramento, who soon promoted Sacramento to his 30s. Assistant coach. Then Campos moved to Lille, and Sacramento also changed the court with his own Bole and continued to serve as assistant coach. In Lille, Sacramento has served many famous coaches such as Ranieri, Birsa, Gartier, and once served as acting coach, and has accumulated enough experience.

Mu Shuai's old friends matchmaking.

Two flowers bloom, each with a watch. We will temporarily turn our attention to the sports director at Braga Airport. Campos. During his time in Monaco, Campos completed many magical operations such as Marshall, Bernardo-Silva, Fabinho, Lemar, etc., for greater development space, he came to Lille.

During Campos's time in Monaco, he completed a number of god-level transactions.

After taking office in Lille, Campos quickly let this The team surpassed Monaco and became the first black store in Europe. The sale of Pepe to Arsenal by 80 million euros is the proud work of Campos. Today, the midfielder Su Mare, known as "New Pogba", has also been fired to € 50 million.

Mushuai and Campos

When Mourinho coached Real Madrid, he met through his then assistant Carranca Campos. After being fired by Manchester United, Mourinho has visited Campos several times in France and praised his old friend in an interview this August: "Campos will become the best football director in the world." < p> Campos recommended Lille assistant coach Sacramento to Mu Shuai. At this time, Mu Shuai knew that the assistant coach of Lille was the young man who regarded himself as "love bean". Mourinho knew that during his time at Manchester United, he had already experienced serious tactical outdated problems and needed to add fresh blood to his team, so the two hit it off.

Mourinho is a translator for the old Robson, so he is not required to be a professional player. & mdash; & mdash; Mu Shuai is the closest His friend Rui-Faria, like Sacramento, was fancy for his outstanding ability.

After receiving the Spurs pointer, Mu Shuai immediately invited Sacramento to serve as his assistant coach, and Sacramento was also pleased to be invited. Lille coach Gartier is very dissatisfied with Mourinho's digging: "It's really elegant, it's very graceful. I'm angry because there is no need to do this." A new generation of tactical lunatics: only love football

David Adams revealed the mysterious factor that Sacramento was favored by Mu Shuai in an interview with the BBC: "So he can be with Mourinho Work is mainly because of the tactical cycle concept that he has always adhered to. Faria is a supporter of this doctrine. He has been helping Mu Shuai to implement this doctrine in the management team.

" The doctrine of the cyclicalization of football tactics was created by Vito Vlad, a professor at the University of Porto, and Campos and Sacramento have all regarded it as a guide.

This is a grand academic proposition. It emphasizes that the training should be close to the actual situation of the game. The closer the training is to the reality, the more the player can apply what he has learned to the game. All training sessions are conducted under fast-paced and heavy loads. The rhythm and load are set to the highest limit of the number and ability of players to participate in training. Mourinho, Boaz, Marco-Silva, Nuno (Wolves coach) are all advocates of this doctrine.

Sacramento's work is based on this standard, and like Guardiola, Mourinho has become a "hate" workaholic.

Adams enjoys being different in Sacramento: "He is not as socially obsessed as those young students, but more willing to observe. He likes to observe and think about other people's work methods and form his own set. .

Savage also recalls Sacramento ’s horror dedication as a data analyst: “He ’s a day-to-night (16-20 hours / day at the craziest) research opponent, research Opponents' style, weaknesses, and special tactics against their own team. Over the past 10-15 years, match results have often changed because of this 1% analysis. " And like Mourinho, so too are Sacramento A language genius, he speaks English, French and Spanish.

Sacramento has already made a name for himself in Tottenham: Champions League group stage Tottenham 4-2 Olympiacos World War I, exactly Sacramento resolutely suggested that Mourinho replace Dale in 29 minutes, only to make the final reversal!

Mushuai and Sacramento are in sync.

"This is definitely a wonderful story. He lets people see that as long as you keep studying, and With enough ambition, you will definitely reach the top in the end. "

Attachment: Mourinho's main assistant

Porto + Chelsea Phase 1: Baltmar Brito (Assistant Coach), Rui-Faria (Physical Coach), Boas (Chief Scout)

Inter Milan Period: Giuseppe- Baresi (Assistant Coach)

Real Madrid: Carranca (Assistant Coach, later Middlesbrough coach), Faria (Assistant Coach), Campos (Scout)

Chelsea II: Steve Holland (assistant coach, currently assistant coach of the England national team)

Manchester United: Faria, Carrick (assistant coach)

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