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Baby Raiders summer presbyopia

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these mats estimate you all the time and sleep. It is a soft, absorbent. The most important thing is not that bamboo is too cold, easy to catch cold and cause gastrointestinal diseases. Cleaning up is also very convenient, can be washed with water.

is small, it is true that the phrase "good things or before".

[ramie mat]: cool, breathable, sweat absorbent is an ideal summer fabrics. It is known as the summer's "natural air conditioning". In addition, its toughness, can directly wash the shade to dry, it is lazy mother of the gospel. < p > Xiaobian Science: Ramie natural containing exhort, pyrimidine and purine and other trace elements, with antibacterial, anti mite, anti-static, will not stick to the skin characteristics.

[rattan seats]: in general is prepared by the ancient rattan, absorbent breathable, strong toughness, can be folded and placed, not easy to break. "No Zen sad summer

"content_img_p" can really cool and not ice, and the baby's body temperature to keep consistent. In addition, linen seats are generally more lovely patterns, the value will be relatively high. < p > Xiaobian Science: the alias of flax is wormwood, wormwood has mosquito flies, ants, air purification, and antibacterial, antiviral, scattered the excellent characteristics of cold and dampness.

the first use of the best linen mat, with warm water to clean the surface dust and impurities should be placed in dry well ventilated place.

and flax can absorb ultraviolet rays, not long time exposure. If you don't wash, dehydration, or flax mat will wrinkle to make you want to scrap it directly. So mothers should do one day a week to dry rub, a blow, to keep the surface clean and comfortable.

can I do it? Recommended mom's answer is... Well... [bamboo]

: bamboo strip or bamboo piece woven, the most cool a, wash and brush.

a listen to "artificial" two words, direct change negative points. Ice silk mat surface due to the addition of ice components, making the Ximian natural cool, night can be maintained at 22 DEG to 25 DEG C, cool but not cold.

BUT!! Recycled fiber is easy to absorb moisture, that is to say, the mat is not a long time, otherwise the mat wet will is too heavy, the cool mat and ice. < p > in addition, both the washing machine and hand washing will on the mat surface ice caused great damage, life will have a great impact. < p > well, we listen to Xiao Bian PA finished above the 6 kinds of mat, you should according to their own needs, choose your favorite mat. Mat small qualifying is: > > ramie straw mat flax mat bamboo rattan seats > > > seats

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