Cecilia Cheung appeared smiling without "to be too shelling incident

Cecilia Cheung Charles Heung Lu smile leather jacket handsome

guangmingwangzonghe· 2016-05-21 06:46:34

< p > the [ ] Cecilia wearing a fur coat, knee bag hip skirt and short boots appearance, looks both spirit and handsome.


" class= "pictext" align= "center" > Cecilia Cheung to attend the event

May 20th afternoon, Cecilia Cheung, Christy Chung, etc. in Beijing for a brand platform. Recently, too in Cannes shelling Cecilia Cheung, Cecilia Cheung father broke once owed Huaqiang couple millions of debt, and often obstruct the Nicholas Tse see children, this one, Cecilia Cheung agent on the microblogging rebuked to too disinformation and drying out Cecilia Cheung and Nicholas Tse joint statement. And today's event, but also to the event after Cecilia Cheung's debut, the activities of Cecilia Cheung from time to time with a happy smile, you can see that she was in a good mood.

Cecilia Cheung was wearing a fur coat, full knee bag hip skirt and boots appearance, looks handsome spirit. Awards came to power at the same time, also easy to send his blessing, to step down after also and the people around him laughing, from time to time exposed happy smile. Does not seem to be affected by the incident, a good mood.

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