[Sweden] Super focus of World War II, Malmo Bao Ping Sheng

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zuqiumofang· 2016-04-18 06:35:36

  Elfsborg & nbsp; vs malm & nbsp; 2016-04-19 01:00 & nbsp;

Elfsborg in recent years to strength gradually decline trend, last season in the League final platoon the 4th in the standings, missed the war in Europe. As a Swedish super old teams, the elf Petersburg this season's start scores can be described as very low, the road is also brutally 2 losing streak, Malmo is Sweden one of the super traditional giants, although both Malmo on the offensive end of the performance is quite stable, but the team on defense exist many problems, new season three rounds of League field to throw ball 2. As the current round of Sweden, the focus of the war, competing color sub disk to ELF Petersburg let deuce low water opening, by the note after adjustment for water, average trend of compensate no obvious tendency, draw the preferred also might be more optimistic about the Malmo, stronger. , SMG does not let the ball play recommended 1, 0.


State contrast:

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cube" font-size: 14px; ">1 ALF scored 7 goals this season in the Piedmont in the 6 ball into the second half, the data for the most

2 Malmo team captain striker Rothenberg scored 11 goals last season for the team but most. The new season started all 3 league 1 ball into the

3 Malmo Denmark coach people A.Kuhn at the beginning of this year coaching the team has coached in Jutland. Using 4-4-2 formation, 71.2%

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