You lost your penalty? (click to view the reasons)


qiudingzuqiu· 2016-05-21 06:59:26

everyone thinks that penalty is the easiest way to score, but the station before the penalty that is another matter, otherwise how could so many star crashed out of the spot before it? Therefore, it is necessary to learn to adjust their attitude!

, prior mental preparation 100%

1, don't think penalty is to buy lottery tickets. Style= max-width: "

2, to believe that they have the ability, not blindly believe in fate. Style= max-width: "

3, don't feel compelled to kick a penalty, or to finish the task. Fully believe that you have the ability to do the job.

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two, go to the spot

1, before a penalty kick in and do all the mental preparation. Style= max-width: "

2, positive self talk". Style= max-width: "

3, don't keep silent, isolated wait.

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1, not after the whistle sounded immediately shot. Style= max-width: "

2, stop to take a breath, think about their own prior to the preparation of the work.

3, stay calm, don't panic, to ensure that they can use technology and experience to resolve the fighting, and not under consciousness and kick the ball out.

< /p>

four, the penalties of

1, not when you hesitate change their ideas.

, think of yourself to the ball shot, rather than to avoid the shot. Style= max-width: "

3, don't look at the goalkeeper.

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