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in the destruction of the warrior in the world, everywhere are full of the devil, killing and from Hell's anger. Each demon was atrocious, roaring rushed from all sides. The 2016 version of the "doom" to allow players to recall the time when playing the "doom" and "doom 2" when the tension. What is different is that in the new version of the doom, the player has more and better weapons to choose from. The faster the pace of the game, the music is more straightforward. A formidable foe, high-speed fighting and heavy metal music mix together, let players adrenaline with body swing soared.

although the protagonist of the game is a reserved person, but the players still can from the protagonist of body language understanding to two things: he is the devil's nightmare, he ruthlessly in combat, by hook or by crook. For our hero, the enemy's legs like is toys, arbitrary disassembly; enemy in organs and blood like is fireworks, bloom in the trigger is pulled. Games continue to use these bloody, violent scenes to tell the players, "doom" is a simple and brutal game.

" doom "single part of the rhythm is relatively straightforward, game player need not stop between Mars and hell, eliminate different place the devil. Although each location has a different environment and art style, but in fact each map design and combat experience of is similar, so constantly in the similar to the map of battle will inevitably make people feel tired.

but when you get into a fight after and before the weary will be swept away. "Doom" for the players to prepare a variety of firearms, all the guns have been carefully designed, with a handsome appearance and unique performance. At the same time each gun has two attack patterns, so that players can use more tricks to end the enemy's life. Players can also according to their own preferences for the gun to upgrade, with their own good style to fight. These will allow players to deeply indulge in their powerful force.

in addition to the guns in the hands of the, the player's another important force is close to honor strike killed. When the enemy causing imbalance, it can be used for the game player violent melee finishers. Honor kill bloody violence in the visual performance, according to the stations of different players will display different finisher, but each are guaranteed will let the enemy pieces.

in addition to being a violent elements and honor strike killed and a very high tactical value. Kill the enemy with the gun will occasionally drop blood bags and bullets, but the use of honor to kill will fall after the blood pack. This system allows the player to have been desperate, with the enemy close contact, sometimes also can provides an opportunity for players to a close shave. And honorable kills similar, players can with a chainsaw to enemy cast one hit kill the brutal attack, killed by a chainsaw enemies will drop ammunition. But because the chainsaw fuel is very precious, must choose the reasonable game player saw time.

in the destruction of the warrior "single task, every fight basic all is in a room, against wave after wave rushed over to the enemy. As the story moves forward, more and more powerful demons will emerge in the battle. Because these enemies will always follow the player, the player can use the scene to avoid the enemy and the enemy together, and then together to destroy. But doing so there are disadvantages, because the scene is relatively closed, the player will often run into a dead end, caught in a dilemma. Even so, attract the enemy is still a practical skills, especially experience made many enemies were blown to pieces of pleasure, doom became a arena Parkour game.

the enemy will continue to emerge and continuous variable strong, this let battle to become very nervous, to dilute the repetitive tasks sense. In order to cope with the new enemy, players must constantly upgrade their weapons. This step by step upgrade system, can be very good to keep players in the state of excitement. Although with shotguns smashed the enemy had enough fun, but you still want to from time to time to release the powerful Pactrometer attack. If tired of the shotgun, you can also try the mini missile heavy assault rifles, they will the enemy drilling body explosion, allowing players to experience a different kind of pleasure.

upgrade points can be wiped out by a lot of enemies or to explore in the map to get the secret, but no matter what kind of way to game player have to pay. Secret is the tradition of the "doom" series, but the reward after the discovery of the secret has never been so generous. Player's weapons and armor can be a variety of upgrades, when you find a number of upgrades, the kind of excitement and even more than the thrill of fighting.

in task space, the game will tell players some of the story outline and UAC tissue background. As UAC intends to use the energy of hell and the accident led to the gate of hell open, and the protagonist is a forced to join the UAC agent, he does not agree with UAC's approach, and trying to stop the invasion of the devil himself. The story of the game is to hope that the protagonist into a chaotic hero image, but this is just to find an excuse for his violent behavior.

after a week the purpose of the game, you can choose, or to a higher degree of difficulty to second week. Of course, the player can also be multiplayer games, there is a different game experience and stand-alone game. But in addition to adding a number of special weapons and can play the devil, the game's multiplayer mode and not too many fresh elements. The multiplayer mode is very few, and other similar shooting game. Although the "doom" multiplayer mode looks very general, but due to the fast rhythm of the game itself, the combat system, "doom" multiplayer game is very fun.

games the most amazing should be able to create a map of Snap Map mode, game player can be made in this map mode, and in single or multiplayer game. This model also comes with a tutorial to help players quickly get started. There have been a lot of good original map appeared in the game, it will become a new version of the "doom" of a bright spot.

but the destruction warrior "is the most essential part is still the single player campaign. The game is simple and rough, but the goal is clear, that is to allow players to enjoy the smooth fighting and the ultimate thrill. Many shooter games have wanted to copy the classic doom, hoping to bring players readily combat experience, but few games can really do this. And the new version of the "doom" to seize the essence of the series, and the perfect traditional heavy metal aesthetics into the modern game. Although it is a classic series of regression, but from all the doom is still a old-fashioned traditional shooting game, although it is not perfect, but modern shooting game should be to learn a rough and unruly from its body. />

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