Demystifying the shooting of rivers and lakes: 5 yuan to buy a celebrity itinerary, good to sell a thousand dollars, even the celebrities themselves are customers

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< b> The celebrities are surrounded by the agents

With the events such as "Hu Geyi acting", "Wu Jing scolds acting", "Xiao Zhan apologized for disrupting the airport order by acting" and other events Go on hot search, shoot this group on behalf of, and enter people's field of vision again.

It has been hotly debated several times, but people know very little about this group: what exactly is acting on behalf of? Who are the people who do the acting? Do contemporary shoots make money? How did the acting shooter get the celebrity itinerary information? And, do celebrities really hate acting? Sohu Entertainment spent an undercover day at the airport trying to figure out these things.

What is "Airport Acting"?

—— Composed of acting shoots, pick-up fans, and anchors

Because of Hu Ge and Wu Jing's "rebuke", Xiao Zhan "Apologize", the airport agency phenomenon appeared on hot search again and again. But what exactly is "Airport Acting"? The so-called shooting refers to the act of charging a celebrity for someone else and then returning to the picture. "Airport agency" is a more complicated phenomenon. This group includes not only the agency, but also the fans who pick up the plane, and the anchors who have been making stars for a long time.

These three groups form a unique landscape of the airport. The "commotion" is often staged at an exit of the airport: a small group of people suddenly ran from one exit to another, attracting passers-by to watch, young people holding mobile phones and carrying "guns and short cannons" crowded around one Wearing a hat and mask, the person who can't see the expression leaves, no one speaks, and only hears the sound of the clicking sound of clicking, this scene looks like some weird performance art.

"Who is that?" Someone asked.

"I heard Cai Xukun." Another passerby answered.

"Who is Cai Xukun?"

"A star"

Scenarios like this, such dialogues, appear at every exit of the Capital Airport almost every day.

According to reliable information, the next star coming out of the T3 A exit of the Capital Airport will be Liu Haoran.

Xiao Bai was at the exit early, waiting for the target to appear. Some time ago he just spent 4,000 yuan to start an entry-level camera, and today is the second time. Although it was the first time to make a substitute, Xiao Bai looked like a veteran, with everything from backpacks, masks, cameras, etc., and even the waiting posture was sophisticated-leaning leisurely on the wall next to the exit. The eyes, like radar, scanned every person coming out of the exit sharply.

Unlike Xiao Bai, Xiao Kai who is doing a live broadcast is always lazy. Most of the time, he always sits on the floor next to the floor window of the airport, plays with his mobile phone idle, and occasionally opens the live broadcast with his fans. Chatting a few words, the topic revolves around Cai Xukun, who has just passed, and Liu Haoran, who will appear next. The reason is not to wait as hard as Xiao Bai, because experience tells Xiao Kai that when the star comes out, the fans and the host will rush up the first time, he only needs to take a photo with the past when the star has already exited the exit Already.

Compared with acting shooters and anchors, fans are obviously more enthusiastic when picking up. A dish that claims to be a fan of Liu Haoran, arrived at the airport more than three hours in advance. Occupy the best line of sight at the exit, looking back and forth between the flight information display and the crowd of people coming out of the exit. Always share the idol dynamics with the friends who accompanied her to pick up the plane: the plane landed immediately, he (Liu Haoran) has disembarked and is lining up to pick up luggage & hellip; & hellip; across the exit fence, she tiptoed to death Staring at the baggage carousel, he recognized Liu Haoran wearing a hat and an army green coat from afar.

On behalf of the fans, fans gathered at the exit to wait for the star < / p>

It is very easy to distinguish the above three groups of people, "Following the mobile phone is the fan, followed by the camera and the face is the substitute, and the team forming the V shape is the anchor." Xiaokai Give yourself a concise summary. But for the uninformed netizens, they are all attributed to the agency.

In a sense, the title is not important, because what they do is essentially the same, they all make money by shooting stars-making money by selling pictures on behalf of the shoot, and anchoring by live stars Let users give rewards, and occasionally pat other stars for fans who love power generation, and earn some travel expenses.

Who are the people who do the acting?

—— Photographer, office worker, fan, student

Who are the people who do the acting? In one sentence: as long as there is a camera, anyone can do it.

It is understood that there are currently several hundred people in Beijing who are acting as agents. They have different identities, including full-time photographers, nine to five office workers, amateur photography enthusiasts, and star-studying students , Or fans. This group is very mobile. Few people, like Xiao Bai and Xiao Kai, spend a long time at the airport exit and take photos of every passing star. Most people have an order before they go to the airport.

The shooting industry is mixed, and the quality of their shooting is also uneven. "Some buyers said that they had taken a good shot, the location was good, and the final picture was bad, they would ask him for a refund, and then he was unwilling to be watched (hanged out) by everyone, so that everyone should not look for He shoots. "Professional shoot Linlin to Sohu Entertainment," but in fact, as long as you can shoot, the pictures can be sold, because the pictures will be modified later, so there is no technical content, but if you shoot well, there will be more repeat customers. . "

If you want to shoot well, good equipment is essential. In the eyes of fans, the hard currency of the shooting equipment is 5D4 + white rabbits, and it is almost 5D3. Not everyone can afford the equipment cost of 30,000 to 40,000, which has led to the emergence of a special camera rental industry. The rent is one or two hundred a day, some require a deposit, and some require a certificate.

Obviously, Xiaobai ’s entry-level camera for 4,000 yuan is a little far from the professional camera, but this is already the best camera he can buy. At the age of 21, his job is a hairdresser. His salary changes with changes in passenger flow. When he earns the most, he earns more than 7,000 a month and at least he only has more than 3,000. Because a friend was an anchor at the airport, Xiaobai came into contact with the industry. At the beginning, he also worked as a host. The host has a low entry threshold. He has a mobile phone and can download a software. No talent is needed. He squats at the exits of the airport every day. When he sees a star, he will chat with his fans. Someone will give a reward.

I have been a host for a long time, and I also know some people who are acting as agents. Xiaobai has become interested in this industry again, and has become a acting agent. Novice photographers do n’t know what to do, but he Hard-working enough, always staying at the exit for the first time, when the celebrity comes out, he immediately rushes up and makes a mad shot. On the way to the parking lot following the celebrity, he also saw the stitches and took out the prepared autographed photos from the backpack for them to sign. A few of these autographed photos will be kept by him, most of them are sold to others, "The best I sold 200 pieces at a time, which is TFBOYS. "

Like Xiaobai, Xiaokai was also influenced by friends before starting to be a anchor. He had previously worked as a soldier and had worked in other professions. Later, when he heard that a friend was an anchor at the airport, he came to Beijing from his hometown and took root at the airport. Compared with Xiaobai's diligence, Xiaokai seems more Buddhist, which is probably the difference between part-time and full-time. Xiaobai came to shoot stars only on weekdays, and Xiaokai went to the airport every day to report at 8 o'clock in the morning. He returned home at night and got "working" for more than ten hours a day. It's not strange to see that, the coffee is too small, he is too lazy to get up to shoot. In order to do the live broadcast, he purposely rented a house near the airport for 1,700 yuan. He couldn't afford the expensive food at the airport. Every day, he spent 1 yuan on the airport bus to eat at the nearby food city.

Cycles and fans around the stars p>

Like Xiaobai and Xiaokai, there are not a few people who have stepped into the industry of live broadcasting and acting on behalf of friends under the influence of friends. Most of them are engaged in ordinary work and receive a meager salary. They had nothing to do with the stars at the top of society, but this special occasion at the airport brought them together unexpectedly. In their daily lives, they don't care about the dynamics of the stars, not even who is who. A fan shared such an interesting story with Sohu Entertainment. One day, he brought a good-looking friend to the airport to pick up an idol. The friend was wearing sunglasses. It was too early. Let the friend put a few POSE to try it out for themselves. As a result, she just took two photos, and all the substitutes around them suddenly came around. She clicked, and then asked: Which star is this? Such an oolong is not uncommon at the airport. Most of the generations identify stars, rely on pictures, and respond to fans around the airport. They also rely on one of the most common ways-to see who is wearing a mask from the exit. Hat and sunglasses.

Do you make money by acting?

—— Someone earns thousands of dollars for a single photo. Someone has hundreds of photos for only tens of dollars.

Do you make money on your behalf? The answer is yes, the difference lies in the question of more and less: some people have sold a single photo for thousands of dollars, and some people have asked for hundreds of photos for only tens of dollars.

There are many factors that affect the price of photos. Stars are not hot, not many people take photos, the quality of photos is good, etc. "For a star who is a little bit confused, a single sheet may be around ten, dozens of pictures are packed, 60-100 yuan, a straight focus video of top stream, about 200 yuan. There are also 400 yuan inside and outside the whole package, for 300 photos , And also send videos. "

Every industry is no shortage of legends, and acting is no exception. In Lin Lin's impression, someone once sold the picture of the "PRODUCE101" finals in South Korea to a single leaf for thousands of dollars. Xiao Zhan, Wang Yibo, and Cai Xukun are very popular today, and their pictures are more expensive than others. CP pictures are more expensive. "In the past, Cai Xukun's CP picture was sold at a four-digit price, provided that few people had been photographed." Lin Lin said.

Livecasting is also an industry with a large gap between the rich and the poor. Newcomers like Xiaobai and Xiaokai, when they were doing live broadcasts, there were already dozens of anchors dedicated to shooting stars at the airport, and fans were all From a million, the reward income is considerable. While eating in the food city, Xiao Kai pointed to a senior at the next table enviously and said, "He has millions of fans, and in his best days made more than 10,000, but later he sold 500,000. Now I'm doing the number again. "In contrast, Xiaobai and Xiaokai, Xiaobai's best time, only earned 1,000 yuan, Xiaokai, a full-time acting generation, has more than 100,000 fans, most of the time more than 7,000 yuan a month, not good At the time, it was more than 4,000 yuan.

Whether it's acting or live broadcasting, this is a job that requires luck. Generally, the stars can take pictures when they pick up normally. If the fire is a little bit, you need to go to the Kannai. If you meet the stars and go VIP, then that day is useless. Cai Cai recalled that Liu Haoran had been picked up twice at Guangzhou Airport. When he met the VIP passageway, his heart was broken.

The so-called "Kannai" refers to the lounge or VIP lounge. If you want to enter the customs, the photographer will usually find oxen who specialize in customs clearance services, buy low-cost flights (cheap refund fees) through them, and then return after the shoot. Customs clearance plus refund fees, the general price ranges from 100 to 300 yuan, international flights are slightly more expensive, about 5 times the domestic flights. Correspondingly, it is much simpler not to enter the customs. You can find the flight information of the star by yourself or someone, and then go to the airport to stay on guard.

In Beijing, there are probably dozens of generation groups. Generation groups generally take orders in these groups, post specific event information, and then fans of these stars participating in the event will look for them when they see it. Contract. First look at the case to understand the specific level, if possible, pay a part of the deposit, pay the full amount after shooting, and then Baidu Cloud Link to get pictures. There will also be fans looking for substitutes in the group, and spend money asking the other party to shoot their idols.

"Professional filmmakers stay at the airport all day long. If they fly away from more than a dozen stars, they can still make money. If they sell well, they cost more than a thousand a day. If they don't, there are hundreds of dollars. Compared to the Capital Airport, Hongqiao Airport has more on-site shootings and more stars. "Lin Lin said. On April 20 this year, more than a dozen stars arrived at Hongqiao Airport in a day. Fans, anchors, and acting shooters gathered. The scene was comparable to the Spring Festival, which caused the elevator passage to be crushed.

Many people think that proxy photography only appears at the airport. In fact, there are only places where stars need to appear. Such as press conferences, concerts, meet-ups, etc., their interests drove them. In order to enter these venues smoothly, they had a variety of ways, hiding in toilets, pretending to be staff, wearing fake permits to touch the fish, and so on. "Some occasions are very strict, it is not easy to shoot, and it will definitely sell for a large price. For example," Youth Has You "does not allow you to bring a camera. If you take it in and take it secretly, those sets of photos can earn tens of thousands. Rather than relying on luck at the airport and certain tightly controlled events, Lin Lin laughed and said that she prefers platter concerts and star games. "Because there are many stars to go, you can pick up many lists. For example, in the" Super Nova Games "some time ago, tickets are Expensive, she can earn one or two thousand at a time. "

How does the agency know the celebrity's schedule?

—— Hundreds of celebrity star ID information for 5 yuan

How do I know the celebrity's itinerary? The answer is simple. As long as the star's identification information is available, all of their schedules can be found. And to get their ID information, the process is also very simple-5 yuan can be packed to buy the ID information of hundreds of stars, including their ID number, passport number, Hong Kong and Macao Pass.

The phrase "stars have no privacy" is a perfect fit for the agency industry.

A star is flying. From the moment he boarded the plane, someone live broadcasted his movements, from what clothes he wears today, what masks he wears, which plane he rides on, and what he sits on. Position, when he took off and landed, his luggage was on the turntable. It is this precise "tracking" that enables those agents and fans who are squatting at the airport to target the crowd from the exit as soon as possible.

Earlier, when did the celebrities have any activities, and where did they fly from? It was also in the hands of others. This information is not difficult to obtain. Searching for the word "flight information" on a social platform will bring up a lot of star flight dynamics. To get further information, you need to establish contact with the publisher and pay for it.

There is no industry standard for the price of buying and selling. A star's flight information is possible from 1 yuan to tens of yuan. There are many factors that determine the price, such as whether you are a frequent customer and the flight information you buy. Are few people buying it and need to help you check it, for example, you may be looking for an agent, someone who has made a difference, and so on. Fans who pick up for the first time will inevitably have to pay some tuition fees. After a long time, they have the familiar oxen, they can get the friendship price, and if they do it a little longer, they may be promoted to "oxen" themselves.

If you do n’t experience it yourself, it ’s difficult to know this group accurately in life. On the one hand, they are open and clearly priced-they advertise on behalf of customers and flight information by swiping the screen on the circle of friends and social platforms to attract customers. On the other hand, they are secretive and cautious-real-life photos have never been used on social platforms, and keywords for sales information have been abbreviated, such as flight = hb, ID = sfz, if you accidentally write the full name, the other party Will seriously ask you to withdraw, if not withdrawn, pull you black in minutes.

The generation group that seems to be very good, but in fact it is as solid as gold soup, the invitation of acquaintances, the group owner verification, once you find that your identity is suspicious, you will be kicked out. Sohu Entertainment has been interviewing several agents on the sidelines. Most of them have chosen to refuse. They are extremely secretive about their work and are aware of the current public opinion situation of agents. But on the other hand, once they determine that you are yourself, they will be very enthusiastic, generous, and selfless to share.

After hearing that someone spent 15 yuan to buy a star ’s flight information, Cai Cai was taken aback and said it was too expensive. He revealed that he had bought hundreds of celebrity credentials from others for 5 yuan. One dollar can be packed to buy flights for many people. Probably the same as a "fan", Cai Cai very generously shared a WORD "data" that she treasures, which contains the credentials of hundreds of stars, including ID cards, passports, Hong Kong and Macau passes, and so on. "Using these document numbers to search on various ticketing platforms, you will know the flight status of the stars," Cai Cai taught me.

No one can tell where the credentials of these stars leaked out. It may be a website selling tickets, it may be a partner, it may be a staff member or a former classmate or colleague. Wherever ID information is required, leakage may occur. Many people think that the pictures have been bought by fans, but otherwise, Lin Lin revealed that there will also be station sisters, websites, and even star studios to buy. Because the station sister needs to maintain the station's operation and operate for idou; the website buys pictures and sends news, and the star studio is used to support popularity or publicity-creating the illusion that some people also shoot, and i am very red.

Looking at this group, the acting may be just one of the microcosms. Hidden behind this profession is the hidden and complete gray industry chain-information trading, flight information leakage, customs clearance services, etc. And so on, they are intertwined, and together they give birth to the deformed social phenomenon of "airport agency".

Do stars really hate acting?

—— No! They are mutually beneficial and symbiotic

Do stars really hate acting? No, the atmosphere of acting is precisely brought by the stars!

Dai Linlin told Sohu Entertainment that she has done a lot of celebrity shooting for a single charge of 800 yuan to 1,000 yuan, including a big flower, a post-90s acting actor, And an old director's royal actor. "The advantage of this kind of work is that it is short and quick, and the artist staff at time and place will tell them in advance that they can leave at one point."

In fact, this phenomenon still exists today, some time ago A young actor in a big drama was exploded with private fan, and actively asked the fan group to pick up. The studio invites photographers to follow the stars at the airport. It is well known in the industry. "The celebrity desperately dressed up in order to walk to the airport, what is it for? Isn't it just to make it look good?" Lin Lin said.

Some celebrities have also explicitly stated their resistance to acting on their behalf, such as Hu Ge, Wu Jing, and Zhu Yilong, but with little success. Hu Ge's filming on the hot search was hot search. In the video, Hu Ge was scolding, but the anchor and the acting film were still being filmed. The difference is that in the works they released this time, the key word is no longer "Meet Hu Ge", Instead, it became "Hu Ge's filming on behalf of the film", clearly they were the target of the captivity, but the published content described themselves as a bystander.

Liu Haoran who was surrounded by cars waiting on the roadside

It's not hard to find that those who resist acting are either talented actors who don't take themselves as artists or popular stars who don't lack attention. Most other artists have long been accustomed to this phenomenon, and even enjoy it. Among them. There is a fun story circulating in the generation circle. A fan has been photographing her own idol for a long time. One day she went to pick up the machine. Suddenly, a business came to the group. Someone asked for a picture of another artist at a high price. , This fan is particularly happy to take orders and run to shoot another artist. Do n’t forget to let your friend tell his little idol before leaving, “Ma Ma wo n’t pick you up today, so I ’m busy making money.” Who knows that little idol keeps remembering this thing and next time I see this Fans ask, "Are you happy to make money?"

Idols are treated like friends with fans who often shoot themselves. This kind of thing is very common. I ’ve seen many of them. Idols naturally remember each other ’s faces. It's only natural to meet a few words. However, this kind of thing has formed an incentive for other fans. Many people hold the purpose of brushing presence, and pick up again and again, as if they have met more idols. After a few words, they really became him. Like friends.

On the day of the airport pick-up, the temperature in Beijing fell by 8 to 12 degrees, and the local gusts reached level 9. Most passers-by at the airport were wearing down jackets, and most of the fans standing at the exit were dressed Wearing a single coat, the girl Xiaojia Qianli flew from Wuhan to Beijing to pick up Cai Xukun. She was unprepared to face the sudden cooling down, she was still wearing a thin denim jacket, she kept coughing while wearing a mask, and still could n’t stop her like Xiang Linsong kept telling others that he had just "encountered" with Cai Xukun.

"I have n’t talked to anyone. I ’m so persuaded that I should talk to him. I used to talk to him every time I picked up the plane. I also followed him on several flights and sent him one. Doll, a CD. "Xiaojia was a little annoyed by her timidity. Mouth complained that his subordinates did not stop moving. Xiaojia quickly added his own watermark to the video, and forwarded it to several Cai Xukun fans in the circle of friends to enjoy it, while tagging it with "I met Cai Xukun" and posted it on his social platform. on.

In the afternoon, there was a group of fans surrounded by Qin Junjie, who crowded him across the hall, took the elevator, reached the underground parking lot, and waited for the gap between the cars. A group of people chatted like friends, no Those who know, really think they are friends.

Qin Junjie is parking in an underground parking lot

I stayed at the airport until 7 or 8 in the evening, and the fans, agents and anchors gathered around the airport exit gradually dispersed. Before leaving, Xiaobai began to "knock the machine" from the arrival level to the check-in level at the departure level. He skillfully opened a WORD document and quickly entered a group of ID numbers with his finger to query the star flight information he was following. . The few people he selected were the actors in the most popular "Chen Qingling" this summer, including Xuan Lu, Yu Bin, Wang Zhuocheng, Liu Haikuan and others. Compared to the two leading actors who have become top-notch, these young actors who have just been well-known will be Xiao Bai's good shooting subjects. They will not stand cold and not speak, nor will they rebuke in public. On the contrary, they will be flattered. , Enjoy the sudden attention brought by the fame, but also treat fans of the generation as friends. With luck, Xiaobai can still get several autographed photos and sell them the next day to improve his life.

Source: Sohu Entertainment

Editor: Liu Hui

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