To Silicon Valley & Losangeles, to explore the ecological chain of the VR industry to create a "starting in June 19th"

Los Angeles

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2016 global VR industry is accelerating the layout of
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create vertical applications . < br style =" max-width:; box-sizing: border box! Important; word-wrap: break-word! Important; "/ > for global companies are is huge opportunities and challenges.
  Jasinda the VR inspection, Silicon Valley & Losangeles ,
! On the innovation path and possible cooperation.
  6 19-26 April Jasinda
invite you,
silicon face Valley & Losangeles more than 20 relevant company executives.

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| 100% of the max-width: trend : understand the oculus, magic leap development trend.

| exploration ecological : virtual broadcast platform NextVR, Spielberg served as a consultant for VRC, social AltspaceVR.

: Rothenberg and River And UploadVR < span style = "max-width: 100%; box-sizing: border box! Important; word-wrap: break-word! Important;" >VR incubator and several new cutting-edge companies exchange.

CITIC Industrial Fund Board General manager Wu Bin yuan the toroid capital founding partner Wang Qi, song wo Capital Partners Wu Jingwei, love each other entertainment CEO Hu Bing bin , determined to participate in and invites domestic and VR/AR industry chain and the Internet enterprise executives and investment institutions executives, entrepreneurs participate in (identity shall be audited, the limit of 20 people).

VR dialogue content production leader


Warner Bros (Losangeles)

Hollywood mogul make virtual reality film experience 100%

Warner Bros. entertainment, Inc. (Warner Bros. entertainment, Inc. is the world's largest film and television entertainment production company, one of. This year, Warner Brothers produced a virtual reality film for the Batman Series. In London, Warner Bros. "thief" released by polar virtual reality simulation gliding form promotion. Warner Brothers also with HTC, NVIDIA and other companies to set up an industrial alliance in the form of cooperation and integration of upstream and downstream resources to expand the way VR innovation VR. In terms of investment, the Warner Brothers through the lead or participate in the investment, including Leap Jaunt, VR Magic, including a number of well-known VR/AR company's investment.


global leader in virtual reality enterprise

Oculus with Sony, HTC tied to become the world's three major VR hardware vendors. Store Oculus is currently the world's largest VR content distribution platform, with a large number of users and developers, including Samsung VR Gear. Oculus also acquired two virtual reality gestures and 3D technology startups VR Nimble and Lab 13th, and launched its Studio Story film studio to create a virtual reality version of the film. The studio's first film, "lost" participated in 2015 at the Sundance Film Festival, followed by successively released virtual reality film "Henry", "Dear Anjelica", and launched new production tools software quill.


NextVR (Losangeles)

VR broadcast the" unicorn "

NextVR is a company dedicated to the virtual reality VR shooting and live broadcast service platform. NextVR implementation of real-time with depth information (stereo video) VR live. From filming to live virtual reality including rock concerts, sporting events, fashion shows, NextVR provides a realistic life like immersive high quality video. The company recently also released the world's first panoramic live truck, its role is to be able to broadcast real-time 360 degree VR program, NextVR has been completed by including Time Warner and other giants, including $35 million 500 thousand financing.


VRC (Losangeles)

Spielberg; as a consultant to the VR content creation leading enterprise


Niantic (San Francisco)

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