Can finally fly! Harbin Airport opened nearly 9 hours after Blizzard closed, and flight 299 was cancelled

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ZAKERxiaoxiang· 2019-12-29 20:04:24

On the 29th at 17:25, as Harbin flew to Yinchuan Flight LT4319 departed from this field. Harbin Airport, which was closed for nearly 9 hours, opened at 17:00. As of 18:00, a total of 299 flights were cancelled at Harbin Airport.

The Heilongjiang Meteorological Observatory issued a yellow and blue early warning signal for blizzard at 9:20 on the 29th: It is expected that in the next 12 hours, snowfall in Harbin and other places will reach more than 6 millimeters, and yellow warning signals for blizzard in multiple regions will be issued.

Affected by the continuous snowfall, Harbin Airport closed from 8:15 to 17:00 on the 29th. Data show that as of 18:00, Harbin Airport had cancelled a total of 299 flights, multiple flights were backed up to Shenyang, Beijing, Changchun and other airports, and multiple flights returned.

The picture shows a suspended flight. (Photo by 綦 峰)

Aiming at large-area flight delays, various departments of Harbin Airport worked closely together to take the initiative to provide services to ensure the protection of abnormal flight services.

The on-site operation command center strengthens communication with air traffic controllers and airlines, and promptly feeds inbound and outbound flight information to relevant security departments; the passenger service department has added inquiries in the waiting hall to provide advice to passengers. service.

The Airport Public Security Bureau actively responds to the orange warning of blizzard weather, fully protects the security order and traffic safety of the airport, and ensures that stranded passengers arrive safely at the airport. The police have arrived at the airport 55 times and have a total of 88 people on duty. , To further strengthen patrol inspections and escort for the normal operation of the airport in special weather. (End)

Source: China News Network

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