GoPro Omni VR, six cameras capture images, homemade VR video!


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4 18 morning news, GoPro announced a new plan, will provide support for the virtual reality video creators and fans.

in the National Association of broadcasters this week in Las Vegas held activities, GoPro launched a new small VR (virtual reality) camera, this camera named Omini. It the appearance of like a hollow cube.

each side are installed a Hero4 black camera altogether six camera can capture the image. The combination of images together, the camera can make a 360 degree video. The equipment price of $4999, you can shoot 8K video.

Omni can work independently and automatically video stitching together to form a whole shoot 360 degrees. It is understood that the use of this tool can be used to control the reality".

however, Facebook may be to be the worst competitor to GoPro Omni VR, because they are in the planned launch 360 degree video capture tool surround 360.

and 17 in the configuration surround 360 camera into spherical arrangement is obviously much much luxury. Plus, GoPro is too dependent on the device, in this competition, may be completely at a disadvantage.

perhaps GoPro's inherent advantages of outdoors motion capture and has owned a certain group of fans, brought him a spell of opportunity.

from today onwards, Omni camera will be in the official website of the GoPro provides a reservation.

in addition to this device, also launched a GoPro VR, the website also provides free IOS and Android Application Platform, display the contents of the world of virtual reality, so that users can enjoy sharing feelings.

at the same time, to tie in with the release of the video platform, GoPro itself will also launch the video sample, via youtube, users can use virtual reality device for watching the video.

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