Another challenge sapphire cover letter Lee launched a diamond like coating to grab the market

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what is diamond coating.

letter class stone coating is by magnetron sputtering, on the surface of the glass is plated with a layer of diamond film, comparable to those obtained sapphire surface hardness and scratch injury performance. The DLC (diamond film) is a kind of carbon composition, similar to (40% - 50% diamond composition) at the nature and diamond, and graphite furnace atomic structure material, molecular structure, quite stable has more than 8h Mohs hardness of high hardness, low friction factor, abrasion resistance and good optical properties.

why hard?

if the surface is hard is what? - our first reaction is "weakness" "! Life, we will encounter some dastardly villain, the same side equipment will encounter tiny foreign body (such as sand), metal (such as a key) and so on, if the device surface hard enough. All of them would have to electronic equipment display screen to cause irreversible damage. The appearance of DLC film can prevent or reduce the damage to the screen of the electronic equipment, so as to improve the service life and the use experience of the product!

class stone coating has more than 8h Mohs hardness, very close to the hardness of the sapphire 10h, but the price is more than ten percent of the sapphire also cheap, the price really amazing. In the Taber abrasion test, in the role of small stainless steel ball 7.5n pressure unscathed, and ordinary glass have scars.

why to slide?

if said "hard" to Yang steel gas, then "slip" is to feminine beauty.

because of diamond like carbon film with graphite atomic structure is composed of material, so the lower friction coefficient, surface touch is quite smooth, than ordinary glass more texture! And easy to remove surface stains, another with Lixin anti fingerprint (AF) surface treatment technology, can make the surface more clean as new, effectively reduce the trouble of fingerprint of full screen! According to the simulation result, the DLC and AF layer can perfect fusion, the DLC after plating plating AF can prolong the use life of the AF layer and make the AF layer frequent service life extended from 3 months to 1 year, greatly enhance the consumer experience and product reputation, AF shedding does not see not see!

why strong?

daily life and the inevitable wear will make protective glass strength gradually weakened, greatly increasing electronic equipment drop broken probability of screen. The DLC protection layer can effectively protect the surface integrity of the device to protect the glass, thereby enhancing the resistance of the device screen, so that the device surface becomes more robust.

and the excellent properties of DLC, not only let it in mobile applications come in handy, but also in the automotive, industrial, medical cover areas as well, at least surface no flowers don't dirty, display pattern will be more clear and detailed. - customer happy, we rest assured!

high-tech talent gathering trumpet!

don't see JD! As long as you are a small elite panel, C Jun to free for you to earn a good salary job

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