00 after the attention of what? The idea of the generation of the Chinese people


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this week, Sohu entertainment broke the news on the Jay Chou song "high school for the college entrance examination the students moved to cry" decompression chorus

" college entrance examination approaching, in order to To ease pressure on the students, a school on the big screen playing Jay version of "silent" live, for heavy schoolwork of senior high school students decompression, actually attracted enthusiastic response, school students gathered to corridor with "Jay" along with the chorus, shocking scenes and moved! Many high school girls did not restrain excited mood, screaming, and even girls singing and voice choked."

"chorus Jay Chou", which is a lot of 80, 90 of the common memory. And now, this scene is also in 00 after the group (now high school students, mostly born in 99~00) repeat. I don't want to is the topic cross age idol # such talk about #Jay, this thing actually reflects the present interesting phenomenon: 00, 80, 90, like things, according to no longer be born intergenerational division.

media and the public always like "x0 after" to the preferences and characteristics of a population division, such as the two venture capital circle popular "after 60, 70 after investors later 90 research group market". In the traditional view, after 60 and 90 there is a great difference, 60 people will not go after conservative, Starchaser, hard-working...... After 90 new, like the two dimension, self and creative personality... ..

but it in fact is a bias of cognitive, China intergenerational (born in) is a huge difference in the crowd the real situation is the real reason why -- < span style = "font size: 14px; color RGB (217, 33, 66);" > before "the modernization of China's social life habits, and modern living habits between conflict". Style= line-height: "1.75em

60 and after the generation of intergenerational differences, after 80 and 00 to kill off. For example, after 60 groups most not chasing, don't play video games, and most of them are 90 star, playing video games. But after 80 and 00, most of them are stars, playing video games. I know some of the end of 80 friends, and some are A station B station depth users, two yuan mainstream crowd. Also know 00 after the children, like Europe and the United States rock and roll, basically do not see animation. My cousin was born 98 years, and I also very love songs of Jay Chou, Jay Chou as a hero.

after 30 years of frenzied development, economic accumulation to China from most areas in "agricultural society" a leap to the "modern society". Both are in a dramatic changes in material or spiritual, former U. S. Secretary of State Henry Kissinger said "the 30 years of China's development is worth to other countries for hundreds of years of development, society in the dramatic changes in, however the policy of reform and opening to the outside world has now for nearly forty years, violent social change in has gone the. Style= line-height: "1.75em

before like 60 after the generation of such a huge difference between the generation of psychological, and no longer appear. This also answered some time ago I was doing business in the market research and business friends of the question - now 00 after the attention of what?

after a few zeros to divide people like to, I'm afraid I'll slowly failure, instead is stratum preferences (click to view to kill Matt culture formation, which is a typical case of class preferences). In a material filling, consumer culture rich in modern society, like the second element of culture, like punk rock, like science and technology the musk as an idol, also fond of classical literature. Style= line-height: "1.75em

00 after the crowd in attention to what? They had no big difference in our adolescent preferences.

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00 after the attention of what? The idea of the generation of the Chinese people

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