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"Monster Hunter Border" (hereinafter referred to as "MHF") is an online game development based on 2006 "Monster Hunter 2dos", from 2007 It was released in July and stopped in December 2019, and its operation time has been as long as 12 years. Including PC, it can be seen on almost all mainstream platforms from the PS3 era. The landing platform is undoubtedly a series The most. As an online game-oriented Japanese national-level work, "MHF" peaked at 100,000 people online in the heyday. In Japan, where online games are not popular, this achievement is definitely a "monster".

The unprecedented success of" MHF "is enough for online games in Japan It has left a strong stroke in history, and as a work of extrinsic nature, it has become more or less a test field for the family. Some mature mechanisms now appearing in "Monster Hunter World" (hereinafter referred to as "MHW") can be seen in "MHF".

Most players do n’t know much about "MHF" because of monthly card charges, difficulty in currency exchange, and language problems. When it is mentioned occasionally, most people only remember similar keywords like "Fairy Hunter". After all, the content of "MHF" is mostly monster monsters to exaggerated spike tricks, or "MHF" hunters kill the ancestors with one stroke The video, for such an impression on passers-by, is excusable.

The author ’s personal collocation skills are all over the border The skills that are not enough for the page are normal

Therefore, many people did not understand this interesting and exaggerated until the end of "MHF" life, which is the most heretical but indispensable existence of the whole series, let the author Very sorry. It's like a distant relative. You know his existence, and you know he's part of your family. But if anyone asks, he finds that he knows nothing about it.

The author is not a very long-term "MHF" player, but in my 9-year "hunting age", I have always been curious about the most heterogeneous works in this series. This curiosity pushed me into this work slowly, and I felt more and more that it may have many shortcomings as an online game, but it is definitely a good monster hunter game.

I feel heartfelt joy for being lucky to play such a monster hunter, and I hope to convey this joy to all hunters. As MHF approaches the end of its life, I want you to know that this most unique monster hunter. I hope that after reading this article, the impression that "MHF" can leave in your hearts is no longer just a mirror-like "fairy hunter".

Biography of Meicheng Hunters

In the long life cycle, the production team of "MHF" has tried many things that are not in the official biography. The gameplay and mechanics are as small as the "sky blue chop taste" and unique attributes that break through the upper limit of the true pass sharpness, as large as the 4 person limit, the giant monster "Daiyanlong" that needs 32 people to crumble at the same time, and have to mention, The original innovative weapon of "MHF" is quite distinctive.

Note the sky blue cut above the purple cut >

"MHF" weapon has a very reasonable and rich design-weapon length is different, all its weapons have a total of 5 different lengths, in addition to the most common medium length, there are extremely short, short, Long, extremely long. As the saying goes, "one inch is one inch strong", before the game has not expanded over the years, in order to balance the great advantages brought by the length, short weapons often have better panel data.

As a 2dos-based work, in addition to a series of traditional weapons such as big swords, pistols, hammers, spears, and light and heavy crossbows, "MHF" also includes 3 generations of chopped axes. ”Obtained a lot of exclusive changes, and gradually cut off with the family. Unfortunately, the insect stick and shield axe that were added later did not pass to MHF.

In addition to these original weapons, MHF also has two original weapons. They are wearing dragon sticks and magnetic chopping hammers. The former can be shallowly understood as a double-strike combat system that can run with a knife, and the latter may be one of the most versatile and powerful weapons since the birth of the Monster Hunter series.

was mistaken for a double sword in the plot Wear a Dragon Stick

Let's talk about wearing a Dragon Stick first. As a weapon based on the "double crutch" in reality, many of its moves do not seem to be used to cut monsters, but rather to hit people. of. Like the "stick for the sky" of this family, the wearing of the dragon stick also has a certain degree of air holding ability at the beginning. This advantage is gradually enlarged in subsequent versions, allowing hunters to stay in the air for a long time to punch and kick monsters. This weapon requires the user to use both hands and feet. In addition to being able to defend and switch patterns, the biggest advantage of wearing a dragon stick is running with a knife. In the background of the game, wearing a dragon stick also involves a plot: it is actually a weapon that existed in ancient times, but it can only be installed after being restored and mass-produced by the modern guild.

Let's talk about the Magnetic Hammer as the last updated weapon in the whole series, hitting the top of all weapons from birth. It is a transforming weapon, with transformation as its core mechanism, like Axe Shield and Axe. The magnetic sledge hammer cannot be distinguished simply by the strike system or the slash system, because it is the first of both in the series. Although weapons such as the Great Sword and the Katana Sword can also make both strike and slash attacks. However, the magnetic chopping hammer, as the name implies, has two distinct attack and judgment forms in the hammer form and the chop form. (Because the Taiwan service did not update the weapon before the service was stopped, the author also regrets that he did not experience the use of the magnetic chopping hammer, which is based on the use experience of friends.)

Magnetic chop hammer in chop mode

Similar to the worm stick, hunters can use A maggot that can fire a "magnetic bomb" shoots a monster, and a magnetic field is generated on the target. Through the physical laws of repulsion of the same sex and attraction of the opposite sex, the hunter can quickly approach or move away from the monster with the help of magnetic force. This powerful mechanical force generated by the magnetic force well reflects the characteristics of this weapon and subverts the hunter. For the original impression of this heavy weapon. But why it is called an all-around weapon, it can do more than that.

The magnetic cutting hammer can enter the force storage attack, retreat to prevent anti-defense, and has a unique mechanism "magnetic slot". By accumulating magnetic force, you can strengthen yourself or launch a specific attack. In addition to being able to stun monsters by continuously hitting the monster's head in hammer mode, the magnetic cutting hammer also has the "magnetic binding" control skill, which binds monsters by magnetic force, which can provide valuable for teammates during multiplayer hunting. Output time.

It is not difficult to see that the magnetic sledge hammer has gathered all the characteristics of almost all weapons, including but not limited to slash, strike, combo, charge, defense, counter-attack, maneuver, air suspension, control, form change, Self-enhancement ... it is not a lie to say that it is a versatile weapon that stands at the apex of all weapons.

Magnetic Hammer in playing mode

Magnetic Hammer is not only the highest technology crystal of hunting artificial room in the background setting, but also the most powerful weapon created by the "MHF" production team. It is true that some people think that the existence of such weapons completely subverts the traditional game experience of monster hunters, and also breaks the perception that "weapons are not good or weak but only good at hunters." But you need to know, the emergence of magnetic chopping hammer is largely due to the version.

Aside from the slightly exaggerated special effects, the reason why "MHF" monsters are powerful is essentially "faster hands-on, wider AOE, more combos and middle strokes These four factors are "nirvana". At the end of the life of "MHF", the magnetic sledge hammers that need to be dealt with are all monsters unimaginable to players. Setting aside the time background of the weapon, it is not surprising to just look at the weapon itself to reach the "fairy" conclusion, but it is biased.

The operation is complicated to the exaggerated magnetic hammer, this is still Under the premise that the official has deliberately reduced the operation burden

As we all know, "MHX" for the first time added the concept of "style", the system changed the monster weapon hunter's immutable weapon action derived from years of accumulation, large The magnitude improves playability. Similar systems exist in "MHF". They are called "types", which are "earth", "sky", "arland", and "pole".

The 2dos-based weapon attack derivation, that is, the traditional weapon action that we are familiar with is the "ground type". Because the body of "MHF" is 2dos many years ago, many weapons have subsequently been enhanced. For example, the air knife large rotation and color changing air knife groove added by Taidao in the 3rd generation, etc., were not added until the "MHF" level service. Facing monsters that have become more and more powerful as the version is updated in the traditional "ground type", the hunters have begun to feel powerless, and thus the "sky type" and "arashi type" have been born.

So far, however, they have only been modified and adjusted to a certain degree based on the action of the ground type. The "extreme type" that appears next has greatly changed the hunting experience.

The most significant improvement of the "extreme type" is mobility-the knife-holding run that was previously only possible with a dragon stick has now become a universal standard for all weapons. On top of this, all 13 weapons (there is no magnetic chopping hammer at the time of the renewal) have also acquired new moves and mechanisms of varying degrees.

Take the most familiar Tai Dao as an example: The courage Tai Dao in "MHXX" can rebound, and "MHWI" has added fashionable values ​​to see and fit, these actions are very time and reaction. The "MHF" polar knives have similar actions, and some of them are even higher. You must have seen the protagonist pull the knife and the enemy passing by in each animation, and then the slow blood vibrations, the enemy fell behind, and a dozen "blooming delays" burst into the body. This is the extreme type. Tadao's "Liberation Combo".

Extreme type too knife

Extremely shaped sword

Do n’t rush to call" Fairy Hunter "because The addition of the extreme type is actually the same as the magnetic chopping hammer. Also appearing in 2016 with the Extreme Type are the monsters known as 辿 Xenomorphs. Almost every monster will have a deadly trick and an exaggerated AOE once they are recruited. In the face of these moves, it is simply too late to retract the sword, and even if you can run away, it will seriously affect the efficiency and rhythm of hunting, leading to a bad game experience, so running with a knife is particularly important.

Abandoning the extreme version of the background and comparing it with this family, it is true that the conclusion is "fairy hunter", but if the player substitutes it, you will find the changes brought by the extreme type And promotion is just to meet the needs of the current version.

Next: Border Ecology

Border Ecology

With an excellent world view By design, the Monster Hunter series often has a group of loyal fans. They may not be so good at action games, or they may prefer to claim to be the scholars than hunters. These people share a common hobby: studying the ecological habits of fictional creatures in a virtual world. And their existence confirms Capcom's decent background in game background design, and his good intentions to perfectly combine it with gameplay.

Since the birth of the Monster Hunter, there is a set of biological taxonomy from the real world to classify monsters, and there is even a tree diagram to distinguish the genus of the phyla of the family Biemen. For example, the forelimbs evolved into wings, and the hind legs supported the whole body of the dragon species; the forelimbs were short like the dinosaurs, and the hind limbs were tyrannosaurus species; the ones that dominated the sea were the sea dragon species; Kind of concept.

A lot of "ecological players" who are interested in the unique monster design of "MHF" have tried to study the settings of "MHF" monsters, but most of them have not been able to survive the first obstacle- That set is different from our own, unique and complicated classification design: "gang species", "domineering species", "strong species", "primary species", "move species", "unusual species".

This happens to some extent because the basis for the division of these categories in "MHF" is more the strength of the monster than the difference in the "biology" of the monster, similar to this family. The distinction between upper, lower, second, calendar battle, calendar battle king. And this set of intensity classifications is not in conflict with the inherited classifications of this family, and is compatible.

For example, "Gold Seed" is an enhanced version of some monsters' borders, which has been strengthened in all aspects while mastering new tricks that the original seed can not; "Big Seed" can be understood as "Gold Seed" With further upgrades, great changes can be seen in appearance. Especially the original monsters at the border, the dragon-swallowing hegemony, let people watch the series from the monster hunter to the biochemical crisis.

The dragon swallower

"Fighting species" is an unknown species classification. This genus of monsters is also the main force of "MHF" that has been used to fall into the "monster hunter" year round. Even as a fan, I have to admit that some of them are actually books. The classification of "Strong Seeds" is subtle in the intensity and species classifications. It does not conflict with the monster's original "XX species", but at the same time, the definition is similar to a rare species. However, some descriptions suggest that they are not half the same as the original species. Dime relationship.

Similar to the situation of "Spirit Seed", there is "Spirit Seed", or "Spirit Seed" is actually more like another version of "Spirit Seed". Apart from the slightly magical appearance and performance, they are to some extent contrary to existing settings. I can only understand that they are a reinterpretation of the classic monsters by the border production team.

"Qianyou species" is actually very easy to understand. All the monsters who joined the border from their family after the advent of the border are collectively called "Qianyou species", but this classification does not conflict with the species classification. For example, everyone is familiar with Xunlong, Thunder Wolf, Broken Dragon, Black Eclipse Dragon, Qianlong Dragon, and so on.

The last "Xuan Xuan" can be understood as the two monsters in "MHXX", but they are more powerful born from the border. The first batch of Xenomorphs was updated together with the extreme types, monsters created for the most core and top players, and each of them must master at least two types of nirvana. It can be said that, whether it is a pole type or a magnetic hammer, the ultimate purpose of its creation is to deal with powerful alien species.

Unfortunately, because of lack of data, chaotic classification and other reasons, monster hunter ecological enthusiasts often cannot find the information they want, which is why "MHF monsters have no ecology". This argument is not quite correct. Take, for example, the most representative original monster spinosaurus in the early period of "MHF". As the owner of the first original map, it has a unique ecology and settings like other monsters inherited from this family.

辿 The same kind of spinosaurus also enjoyed the first The batch can be put on the cover.

The spinosaurus is dressed in poisonous thorns, and is dominating the entire area of ​​Shuhai. As the uncrowned king of Shuhai, it does not care even if it meets hunters, and it does not treat humans invading its territory as trouble. Still sleeping by himself. Thanks to its thorns, the incompetent hunter does not even have the ability to wake it up. But if anyone wakes it up from their dreams, they must be prepared to accept the raging fury of the Lord of the Trees and be smashed into fragments by its highly toxic fireball.

There are rumors in the folk that the ancestors of spinosaurus once drove out a certain ancient dragon. After a long time, no ancient dragon was seen in Shuhai area. This rumor was so widespread among enthusiasts that it eventually became "Spinosaurus can kill Steel Dragons".

By the way, the "MHF" production team recently released a 10MB-sized cover image stitched from a large number of player game screenshots. It is not others on the screen, it is spinosaurus . At the same time, Spinosaurus is probably the only subspecies and rare species. The strong species based on it are all absent, and it is not difficult to see its popularity.

But from the middle and late stages of the game ’s life cycle," "MHF" gradually began to appear magical and book-eating monster design, and the numerical expansion caused by years of development, finally let "MHF" engraved the final impression of "magic monster".

For example, the tenth anniversary monster of the "MHF" update at the end of his life-Scorching Dragon, and the extreme character "Gokusaki kimono る エ ル ゼ リ オ ン" added later, as the content of the final chapter, their strength is Sufficient guarantee is the monster of the official failure rate TOP1. However, the author personally believes that Zhuolong is not subtle in design, and ecology is about equal to nothing. It can be said that although it is a monster specially launched on the commemorative day of the tenth anniversary, its design is difficult to hide the fact that "MHF" is declining. The well-polished and interesting monsters of the past no longer exist, and the only remaining are "monsters" that meet the strength needs of those core players.

The ancient dragon-burning zero that exists as a tenth anniversary monster The dragon

These are the epitome of the rise and fall of his life as a representative of the beginning of MHF and a representative of the end. Among them are monsters that are worthless to mention, including the most popular shelled crabs, the big rock dragon with the most hunting demand, the super C-throwing thunder dragon and so on.

As for the strength and numerical expansion of monsters, compared with their own, the difficulty of "MHF" is mainly reflected in that monsters have a faster start and a wider range. Above these two points, the more terrible is Many monsters will even move. Maybe you've heard of floating companies in fighting games, but have you ever tried being floated by monsters in Monster Hunter? In the early years, there was a very widely circulated GIF. The content was that four "MHF" hunters were eaten by 4 cats with a combo. The task failed instantly, which is probably many. People first recognized the existence of "MHF".

On the other hand, regardless of the uploader's original intention, the circulation of these contents has intentionally or unintentionally planted seeds of "" MHF "is terrible", and in the future " Some monster designs in MHF did take root and sprout under the circumstance of magic, and grew into a tree named "Fairy Hunter". By the end of the latest update of "MHF", each of these monsters had at least one of the dead skills. Once the hunter did not escape, it was really a fairy and could not be saved.

Finally, the author acknowledges that there are indeed a number of "monster-like" monsters in "MHF", but they only account for a small part. Of the more than one hundred original monsters in "MHF", 90% are Is carefully designed. Like all fans, I love and value the molding of the Monster Hunter series worldview, as well as its vivid and interesting monster ecology. The molding of "monster ecology" is not entirely determined by those monsters at the apex of the ecology.

The main force that has been criticized as a monster has extremely Strong mechanical sense of monster-Huijielong. From the appearance point of view, you would think that it is inseparable from the male fire dragon, but its relationship with the "king of the sky" is only just on the appearance.

Unfortunately, people often only stare at the existence of the most supreme and strong in "MHF", and finally draw some over-one-sided conclusions and opinions, which makes me very sorry. If you are willing to learn more about the monster design of "MHF", I believe that you will find that they have a unique and unique ecology like the monsters in this family. What's more, with "MHF" as an online game, it has the characteristics of accepting a lot of rivers and rivers, and it has reached a height that this family cannot reach.

Next: What did MHF leave us in the end?

In the end, what did MHF leave us?

MHF finally left, but it went from its birth to its rise to its peak to its decline, just like the nature constructed by this series: Life is constantly circulating, "MHF" "Although it faded away, its contribution to the series still exists, and it nurtures the homework.

In fact, as early as in the era of "P2G", my works have begun to receive feedback from "MHF".

Yes, the "Sea of ​​Trees" map in P2G, as well as the two sleeping monsters and lava dragon monsters, first appeared in MHF. Among them, Lava Dragon became the first batch of lucky people who can enter the "HD" era of "MHW". You must know that this treatment is not available to everyone. Even some of the most popular cover monsters of previous generations were only allowed to enter the expansion pack. visa. It is also because of the existence of the lava dragon, I always believe that those well-designed monsters in "MHF" may still join the family's true story in the future.

The" bake "that has not undergone this generation of high-definition surgery "Fish"

Apart from monsters, what else does MHF leave us?

Every player knows that after playing "MHW", the interactive content of the map in the game is the best in the series. The reasonable use of various map mechanisms has become an important part of hunting. But in fact, as early as in the map of the canyon in "MHF", players can already reach the heights without climbing objects through the air flow from the ground fissures, and can also collect the fruits growing in the map to beat the monster straight. , And the stinging stalactites can also be shot down, causing considerable damage to the monster being hit.

Do you have a strong sense of sight?

Know that Canyon is the second original map of "MHF", which has been online since the end of 2008, and these mechanisms have appeared in a series of works outside of "MHF", it is almost 10 years later Already.

In addition, the highlands of" MHF "are also The weather system has been added, and unpredictable thunderstorms will greatly affect hunting. The flower field is also joined by various strange plants, including even a cannibal flower that will swallow a hunter stepping on it; White Lake appears randomly For the hunter, the quicksand and sandstorm are a double-edged sword that hurts both the enemy and himself. These are proof that MHF has already surpassed its own in terms of the map mechanism.

In addition, the "gorgeous dragon" that has been badly criticized in "MHW" is actually a degraded version of the big rock dragon hunting, and the recently updated phantom dragon weapon needs a unique mechanism of awakening, and now "MHW" is becoming a more mature social experience and online gaming, and even some of the moves in the "MHWI" updated monsters have more or less the shadow of "MHF". Now, the events held in "MHW" from time to time also appeared in "MHF", but the latter will also divide the full-service players into two camps, faster than anyone who brushes, I think this can be fully joined "MHW".

Dayanlong has" Island Master "and" Great Snake " "Another name, from its huge size as the island, it should be 400 meters upwards, and 32 people are required to hunt at the same time. The big rock dragon is a monster hunter with no ancient dragon in history, and it is difficult for anyone to come.

In addition to the mature online game operation system, there are some places in MHF that are worth learning, such as the legendary Lai hunter.

There are only 14 legendary Lai Hunters in the game. They are all powerful hunters with their own personality and background story. The intensity of the assistance they can provide is worthy of the name. Taking the author's personal experience as an example, the same monster took a full 20 minutes to hunt, but it took only 5 minutes to complete the task with the assistance of the legendary Lai Hunter. It can be said that every Lai Hunter is a carefully polished, "present" NPC. As the most powerful thug in the game, each of the legendary Lai hunters corresponds to a weapon, and they don't even have the love and hatred of humanity.

The family portrait of the legendary Lai hunter

The newly released "MHW" also has a lot of playful NPC characters. I believe that if these characters are changed to "Lai Hunters" who can hunt with the players, it will not only solve the needs of some stand-alone players who desire teammates (sometimes this even It is no longer a psychological need, but it does require teammates to help fight the monster), and also meets the shortcomings of the series in character modeling.

Speaking of shortcomings, another issue that the Monster Hunter series had to mention is the plot. The lack of plot is essentially the same as the lack of representative personage, because the series is not inclined, and it is impossible to make much improvement in narrative. The main line of "MHW" is relatively good by comparison, but it still hasn't got rid of the traditional routines of the series-that is, arrived in a new area, smashed the cover monster, and found that the black hand behind the scene has another dragon. .

In contrast, "MHF" has a very clear, 15-chapter main line. The whole story revolves around the mysterious singer and her singing voice, telling her fateful and her The history of several hunters, and some mysterious connection between her and Gulong. Judging from the story alone, whether it is foreshadowing, depth, or drama, the author believes that "MHF" is far more than "MHW", not to mention the very lovely young lady. Unfortunately, due to the old engine, its performance and performance are naturally not comparable to "MHW".

Song Ji is entangled with that person and her fate Mystery Hunters Together

PS I think that the "MHF" Kanban Niang design, both in quantity and quality, is the first in the series. There is no one.


You can only display "MHF" with thousands of words. At the tip of the iceberg, if you want to record this most unique monster hunter in the form of text, no 30,000 or 40,000 words is absolutely not enough. If there is still a chance, I would like to amway all hunters. This is probably the most fun monster hunter. Unfortunately, it finally came to the end of life. I hope that this article can change everyone's image of "MHF", even if it is just one person, so that it is no longer an empty "fairy hunter" in your eyes, and when referring to "MHF" in the future, it will no longer be just a joke. "Border Lost".

I do n’t expect the existence of "MHF2". On the one hand, the current game can no longer be easily distinguished by "stand-alone" and "online games". The popularity of service games has greatly changed the industry However, the service of "MHF" has a little to do with the "online game" of "MHW"; on the other hand, the author believes that no matter how magnificent the chapter is, it needs a period to be perfect.

As an end-of-life long-life game, MHF has obtained all the achievements and treatment it deserves. My only extravagant hope is that one day in the future, I will see those monsters that I encountered in Megaj Portin, appear in some future orthodox sequel, and confront me again.

Thanks to MHF, and to every MHF hunter for his help in writing this article.

I hope that MHW will do something more like this in the future Linkage

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