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2016 April 14 to 15, "2016 China Digital Marketing Innovation Summit" (Digital Marketing Innovation Summit China 2016) held in Shanghai. Jane CMO Ali mother such as Joanna Wang) were invited to participate in the summit, and on April 15, morning: the wonderful opening speech "in the era of DT electricity supplier brand marketing (DT moderator ecommerce & amp; brand marketing) and comprehensive interpretation of the value of Ali data of brand and business marketing.

Ali mother CMO as precious as

as precious as said, Alibaba has huge active users, leading China's electronic commerce retail market, and jumped to the world's largest retail platform. It is reported that until 2016 the March 14 to 21 58, Alibaba group fiscal year 2016 Gmv exceeded 3 trillion yuan, beyond Wal Mart, jumped into the world's largest retail platform, Taobao and tmall's market share has accounted for about 80% of China's e-commerce market. 2015, the number of active users of the Alibaba is 407 million, while China's online shopping crowd but 413 million, 98.5% of online shopping users are users of ali. Among them, the mobile monthly active users reached 393 million, accounting for 64% of the whole of China's mobile phone users, which means that more than 60% of Chinese mobile phone users are Taobao or Tmall mobile terminal active users.

  < relying on Ali to build powerful media matrix, Ali data covering Amoy Amoy and can touch up 6.3 million users, covering Internet users all the network behavior, from the attention, interest, search, buy share. Ali data has four major characteristics and advantages: billion order data, data volume large and accurate; the variety of the data, and mass media cooperation; cross screen / across devices to open up, significantly enhance the release efficiency of; the true value of consumption data, segment of the consumer intention data, accurate judgment consumer interest. This 630 million user precipitation data, constitute the cornerstone of real marketing. Ali can provide abundant data dimension to help brand consumer behavior perspective: from Taobao, Tmall, Alipay, Ali travel shopping data, geographic data track High German map, Sina social data and unfamiliar street, entertainment data, Youku potatoes, massive interest in mobile terminal equipment trajectory, marketing data of the mom even rookie logistics data and so on. These data allow marketers to target user behavior at. Jane said: Ali mother relying on real data, with the core products, including drilling, through the car, brand area, to share, to provide comprehensive marketing services for brands and electricity suppliers."

Q& A:

guests: Ali mother committed to open its own media ecosystem, but put in the actual problems encountered in the process is: when the KPI is found with ROI definition, from standing outside the drainage, about 95% is not transformed. What do you think of this problem?

Jane such as < / strong > as I said on many occasions of: you can not only see the final purchase, especially limited in our platform to buy conversion, so for us is not fair. Because Ali mother only has data on our own platform, can not see the data line and other channels. But a lot of international brand owners test found that in the transfer of Ali on other channels of great help, which is why they want to work with ALI, the reasons for the mother. So no matter whether the impact of internal or external investment, can not only be limited to the transformation and sale of our own platform, this is one of the. Second, the object of measurement deviation, brand owners in other parts of the brand advertising, you can know that there are a few percent of the real sales to translate it? So it is very necessary to create a measurement system with the international brand owners. Style= font-size: "15px > "

guests: the difference between the Tencent and Ali is in fact the difference between the two ecosystems, Tencent focused on social networking, and Ali ecological system more partial electricity suppliers. In contrast, the brand Ali more cautious, because now the consumer is more socially good, as Ali how to treat? Style= font-size: "15px >

I do not talk about other platforms, only talk about Ali can provide for the brand. First, Ali's data is not representative of the account but the real man". Social accounts are difficult to get through the reduction into a real person, because a person may not only have a social account, it is difficult to integrate social behavior scattered together. This precisely reflects the advantages of ali. Second, Ali data is representative of the real purchase behavior, not just interest. We know that often the reality of behavior and the performance of the Internet is very different. Take my own, my internet behavior is likely to be interpreted as a 18 year old little girl (laughs). So this is why Ali redefined the "real", to help the brand owners to effectively reach the target population, and to help them better measure the brand value.


guest: is unavoidable. The brand has been facing promotional discounts may be awkward and risk of damage to the image of the brand, you is how to treat this question question, Ali data can help balance? Style= font-size: "15px >

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