Iranian officials respond to "US assassination": there will be revenge, a cruel revenge

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huanqiuwang· 2020-01-04 20:42:55

"We can't turn a blind eye to what happened last night. To be sure, there will be revenge, a cruel revenge." On CNN's 3rd evening local time program, Iran stationed UN Ambassador Majid Takht-Lavanhi used such strong and direct language in response to the death of Suleimani in a US air strike. He also said that the killing of Iranian general Suleimani was a "war behavior."

Iran's Ambassador to the United Nations Magid Takht-Rawan Greek hopes to be interviewed by CNN

Lavansi said: "Last night, they (the United States) carried out a terrorist assassination against one of our senior generals, which opened a military war. Then Iran can do What? We can't just remain silent. We have to take action and we will take action. "

CNN said Lawansi made the above remarks while President Trump spoke in Miami. When Trump addressed his supporters in Miami on the evening of the 3rd, local time, he again talked about the order of killing Suleimani in the early morning of the 3rd. Trump said, "Sulemany is planning a very significant attack, and we have seized him." Previous CNN reports described Trump's remarks as describing the "legitimateness of US military operations" " the reason.

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当Asked whether Iran must take military action, Lawansi said, "The response to military action is military action. Who initiated (military action)? When and where? Where will the future witness."

In the early morning of the 3rd local time, U.S. forces launched a drone attack on Baghdad International Airport in Iraq, killing General Sulaymani, the commander of the Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guards responsible for overseas operations, and the Shi’ite militia organization, People ’s Mobilization "The actual power is Mohandis.

In a series of Iranian leaders ’responses on the 3rd, the words of mourning for Suleimani ’s“ martyrdom ”, violent attacks on American“ atrocities ”, and vows of“ severe revenge ”have been used throughout.

Sulaimani, 62, is Iran ’s most popular military figure. He is considered to be "one of the most powerful people in the Middle East" and "a key figure in Iran ’s projection of regional power"; But in the eyes of the United States and its allies, he is a "enemy." US media said that both Bush Jr. and Obama refused to order him for fear of provoking the US-Iraq war, but Trump took action, and it is difficult to imagine that Iran would not fight back in a fierce manner.

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