Qiong Yao Liangming praised South Korean Yu over ancient Chinese heroes and was besieged by Green Camp

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huanqiuwang· 2020-01-05 09:34:49

Recently, Taiwan ’s well-known romance novelist Qiong Yao published a “passionate” long post on his Facebook account, not only referring to the “election candidate” of the KMT in Taiwan as South Korea ’s Yu Heroes, even called "Ancient Heroes" such as Jin Wengong, Han Gaozu Liu Bang, and Emperor Guangxiu Liu Xiu in Chinese history, are just "little witches and big witches" in front of South Korean Yu.

This text also immediately attracted fans of South Korea Yu, as well as South Korea ’s "political opponents" Taiwan Provincial Democratic Progressionists and DPP mouthpiece media ridicule.

From the perspective of Qiong Yao ’s long article, the reason why this well-known romance novelist in Taiwan believes that Korean Yu is better than those "heroic" characters in ancient China is because in the modern network society, South Korea ’s Yu is facing more and more complicated and discrediting offensives.

Qiong Yao also praised Korea Yu in her long article His aspirations, minds, and tolerances, also called the Korean Yu "beautiful, shining with sincerity, perseverance and enthusiasm, full of positive energy", with "bodhisattva heart", "percussion means" and "sharp political views".

In the long commentary section of Qiong Yao, many supporters of South Korean Yu are currently praising and reposting this text praising their idols, leaving messages saying "Auntie is awesome", "It ’s true "Moving", and some people also use the words of Qiong Yao to "compose poetry" to compare Korean Yu to "hero".

On the other hand, DPP ’s political opponents and the DPP ’s mouthpiece media in South Korea, then Laughing at the text of Qiong Yao in succession. Among them, the "Freedom Times" quoted an anti-mainland writer Yan Zeya's post jokingly saying that this "odd text" would be included in the "museum". In the comment section of the "Liberty Times", more DPP supporters who hate Korea ’s Yu also attacked Qiong Yao, saying such articles "insult the museum is an insult to the museum", and some people said that Qiong Yao "can only write fantasy novels." It is "the love liar without democracy and freedom".

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