Zhengzhou jurisprudence checked KTV boss said a consumption of nearly million

Boss consumption Zhengzhou people involved

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is known as the Central Plains of the first five star entertainment KTV Zhengzhou Coliseum, due to serious violations of the law jurisprudence checked in late May 19th. That night, the police used the bus pulled 6 car "Princess" and the people involved in the case. The case is under further investigation. < p > "deep reading" (micro channel ID:shenduzhongguo) the reporter visited found, the Coliseum KTV only from Zhengzhou City Erqi District Party committee, the district government about 200 meters, checked that night, involved and "the princess" installed six bus was taken away. < p > Henan "heaven on earth," said the Zhengzhou "Royal" nightclub in November 2013 were investigated, including Henan former public security bureau director Qin Yuhai, Zhumadian former party secretary Liu Guoqing, a number of senior officials have been sacked. On 20

the police action most of the police force from the counties under the jurisdiction of Zhengzhou, which is following the royal one incident, Henan again with the police. < p > "deep reading" (micro channel ID:shenduzhongguo) reporter noted, Coliseum KTV official website claimed, its is "a grade of high-end, the Central Plains region first five-star recreation club", "opened 2 years to high-quality services and unique business model as wide membership to provide quality services". Zhengzhou Coliseum "exclusive equipped with top import advanced audio VOD system, large screen plasma TV 360 degree surround sound effect of audio-visual facilities".

5 March 20 morning, reporters rushed to the located near Zhengzhou, Erqi District and road and the political path Coliseum, see many passers-by onlookers to take photographs. Live

next to the Coliseum opened tobacco shop owner Mr. Wang said: "Coliseum at ordinary times in the evening business is good, especially after eleven o'clock, most of the customers are from inside the Coliseum to me here to buy cigarettes, of which there are many young and beautiful women. They usually buy Chinese cigarettes or Su smoke, when business is good, one night can sell more than 1000 yuan. "< consumers about the Coliseum not only yellow, very expensive

" deep reading "(micro channel ID:shenduzhongguo) reporter found several had been Coliseum consumption of people, they say, to the Coliseum KTV to play not only to relax and here" Princess "is also very beautiful. Consumption is relatively high, if you call the "Princess" to accompany the play together, tip the lowest three hundred or four hundred yuan, if the appearance is relatively good, the tip was five hundred or six hundred yuan. A consumption down about 2000 yuan per capita, a few people play a consumption of nearly ten thousand yuan. < p > Mr. Gao in Zhengzhou in building materials wholesale business, he told reporters that most of the time he is ask the customer to the KTV consumption, once and friends go to the Coliseum played three or four times, each time consumption down are nearly ten thousand yuan.

according to him, there are a lot of places, the decoration is also very high grade. Room acoustics and VOD system are imported goods. Even the rooms inside the bathroom decoration is very exquisite, the space is relatively large, all kinds of washing cleaning items are all well-known brands. KTV room walls and the bathroom walls are pasted sexy pictures. < p > is engaged in the business of medical apparatus and instruments, Mr. Liu for communication, but also frequented all kinds of club and KTV, the Coliseum is no stranger to him. He said: "she just opened, to play with my friends. At that time for the recharge card discount activity is relatively large, for a 50 thousand yuan prepaid card to send 20 thousand yuan, equivalent to 70 thousand yuan. But only enough to play four or five times, no money, a high consumption point. "

another anonymous culture communication company boss said he went to this kind of consumer spending every year up to hundreds of thousands of dollars. Before and royal one number of business managers and the princess have to know. Later, a royal attachment, there was a time in Zhengzhou nightclubs or KTV are closed. About half a year later, some KTV and night clubs began to open.

. Now the doors locked < Coliseum the door I haven't been sealed, door, a dressed in police uniforms, young officers tips the reporters not to close. Reporters saw through the glass inside a messy, ground throwing some paper and some cigarette boxes. Near

several morning people talking about checked things last night. A man said: "this morning, the police will take a drug sniffing dog over. Last night assault investigation when some drugs is plug in the corner of the room Buhao Zhao, have used sniffer dogs with the search. Such a thorough investigation after the door seal.

subsequently, the reporter went to is located in Zheng Dong new district had checked the "number one" Royal entertainment club visits. < p > from the outside, the "Royal" building has been somewhat obsolete, the door from the inside locked, inside covered with dust, but exquisite decoration faintly visible past luxurious style.

Royal No.1 was investigated before

2013 in November, known as the Central Plains region first big clubs, Henan "love will tear us apart," said Zheng, "Royal" Night Club is the local investigation.

with the royal one was investigated, the former Henan public security department director Qin Yuhai, former party secretary of Zhumadian Liu Guoqing and former president of Henan Police Academy Mao Zhibin sacked.

media reports said that at least eight other police officers in Henan province public security system has been implicated, the 8 are not in the royal one, there are shares, is to its "borrowing" several million yuan. In the process of investigation, Henan Xinxiang thousand police participation.

"real one" signs since checked after have dismantled, but the handwriting is legible. In the nearby parking field cars an uncle told reporters, here since the accident after the door has been locked and never see the open.

text and photo / reporter Li Mingde

manuscript co-ordination / Yang Jingrui

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