Trump threatens to hit 52 Iran targets, numbers have meaning!

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In the evening of the 4th, local time in Iraq, multiple areas of Iraq were hit by rockets and mortars, including the Celebration Square in the green zone of Baghdad, Jadriah on the south bank of the Tigris River, and Ballad Air Force in Salahedin Province base. Soon after, US President Trump updated Twitter with fierce accusations against Iran.

Trump Twitter screenshot < p> The full text of Trump ’s Twitter is as follows:

Iran dare to talk about revenge on specific U.S. assets because we have just removed their terrorist leadership Person, the person who has just killed an American and injured many people, not to mention how many people he killed in his life in Iran (including hundreds of Iranian demonstrators) & hellip; & hellip; this person has attacked us Embassy and are planning to attack other targets. Iran has been an unsolved problem for many years. Take this (Twitter) as a warning. If Iranians dare to attack Americans or American assets, we have locked 52 Iranian targets (yes, the number is for 52 Americans taken hostage by the year). Iran hijacking), some of which are extremely important to Iran and its culture, they will be hit quickly and severely! The United States does not want to see any more threats!

The number "52" mentioned in Trump's tweet also highlights U.S. Ian grievances. After the Islamic Revolution in Iran in 1979, the U.S. Embassy was occupied and 52 U.S. diplomats and civilians were held hostage.

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Agence France-Presse, Russian RT and other foreign media sources. On the evening of January 4, local time in Baghdad, Iraqi security agencies issued a statement saying that multiple areas of Iraq were hit by rockets and Mortar attacks include near the U.S. ambassador to Baghdad in the Green Zone and Ballard Air Force Base in northern Baghdad with U.S. forces. Among them, rockets that attacked Ballard Air Force Base injured 3 Iraqi soldiers and damaged the airport runway. Iraq security forces are currently investigating.

RT report screenshot

Russian RT said that there were several unguided Katyusha rockets in the "Green Zone" when sunset. So far, no casualties have been reported. It was also reported that a rocket landed not far from the U.S. Embassy. Subsequently, the Iraq military confirmed that the "Green Zone" had been hit by rockets. Yes Witnesses said that after the attack, multiple U.S. helicopters could be seen hovering over Baghdad.

The video is as follows & darr;

RT said that about 60 kilometers north of Baghdad, some US forces stationed at Ballad Air Force Base were also attacked by rockets, injuring 3 Iraqi soldiers, and affecting the airport runway. damage. According to Agence France-Presse, after the attack, the pro-Iranian militia group "Kataeb Hezbollah" warned Iraqi troops to keep a distance from U.S. bases on the 4th. "We require Iraqi security forces from 5 pm on the 5th Do not start within 1000 meters of a U.S. military base. ”Russian RT said that this was a hint that there would be more attacks next.

Social media uploaded the Baghdad urban area after the attack.

The day before, U.S. forces launched a drone attack on Iraq ’s Baghdad International Airport, killing General Suleimani, commander of the “Islamic Brigade” under the Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guards, and Iraq ’s Shiite militia organization “ Mohandis, the de facto leader of the People's Mobilization Organization. In a series of responses from Iran's leaders, mourning for Suleimani's "martyrdom", slamming the United States for "atrocities", and vowing to "severe revenge" and other words throughout.

Previous report 2: Trump: He should have been killed many years ago!

US local time on the 3rd, US President Trump also tweeted that the US military killed the Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guards "Holy City Brigade" in an air strike in the early morning of (local Iraq time) Major General Solemani incident.

Trump Twitter screenshot

Trump tweets are as follows:

For quite some time. General Solimani killed or seriously injured thousands of Americans, and was planning to kill more people & hellip; & hellip; but he was arrested! He is directly or indirectly responsible for the deaths of millions of people, including the recent mass killing of protesters in Iran. Iran will never admit that Solemani was hated and scared in that country. They (Iranians) will not be as sad as their leader wants the world to believe. Solemani should have been killed many years ago!

It's not hard to see that Trump has upheld the usual emotional words in Twitter and showed no mercy to the death of the Iranian general.

Israel Revolutionary Guard Special Forces & quot; Holy City Brigade" Senior Officer Casim & middot; Major General Solemani, Tu Yuan : AFP

A few minutes later, Trump updated his Twitter again with the following content:

The United States has paid Iraq billions of dollars every year for many years, and This (killing Solemani) is the best we can do for them. The Iraqi people don't want to be ruled or controlled by Iran, but in the end, that will be their choice. For the past 15 years, Iran has gained With more and more control, the Iraqi people do n’t like this, this will not have good results!

Trump like this, like He's the only one Is the true spokesperson for the Iraqi people & hellip; & hellip;

Before these tweets, Trump just tweeted that Iran has never won a war but has not lost One negotiation.

Screenshot of Trump's Twitter

Just before Trump's tweet, US Secretary of State Peng Peo also tweeted on the morning of the 3rd that the United States is committed to easing tensions. He tweeted that he had talked with British Foreign Secretary Dominique & bull; Rabu. He said: "With Dominique & bull; Rabu Discussed the recent decision & mdash; & mdash; ( us) to take defensive action to destroy Casim & bull; Solemani. Thank our allies for recognizing the ongoing threat of aggression by Iran & lsquo; Holy City Brigade & rsquo ;. The United States remains committed to easing tensions. "

Pompeo Twitter screenshot

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Trump threatens to hit 52 Iran targets, numbers have meaning!

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