Qiu Yi is furious at Cai Yingwen: I support unification, come and catch me

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huanqiuwang· 2020-01-05 12:50:09

[Global Network Report] "I support unification, come and catch me. Qiu Yi, a candidate for the" New Party does not divide "legislators, posted a Facebook post yesterday (4th) that angered the Democratic Progressive Party leader Tsai Ing-wen. The cause of the incident was the DPP "legislator" and then the spokesperson of the Tsai Ing-wen's election office, Lin Jingyi, in a recent interview with the German media, declared the so-called "support for reunification is 'treason'".

Qiu Yi said on Facebook," Cai Yingwen is crazy Her spokesperson Lin Jingyi was also crazy! "When asked about the" Taiwan independence "that might trigger" Wu Tong ", Lin Jingyi accidentally fired the Mizuo Missile and shot through fishing boats to emphasize Taiwan's defense was very powerful. He reprimanded for how naive and illogical it was, but it came from the spokesman of Tsai Ing-wen and the incumbent "Legislative Councillors". I can imagine the low level of the DPP. It is no longer an "idiot". .

Qiu Yi is furious and Cai Yingwen said: "'Support for reunification is' treason'. After hearing the disgusting, I support reunification, come to catch me, check the water meter, and kill me more. Ah! Do n’t look at Chen Shui-bian, Tsai Ing-wen, cheer up! "He also bluntly said that he saw these shit" Taiwan independence "as scammers, and no one dare to openly" Taiwan independence. " What's even more shameless is that those who are shouting "Taiwan independence" and earning Renminbi are described as shameless.

According to previous reports by Taiwan media, Lin Jingyi openly declared the so-called "support for reunification is 'treason'" during a recent interview with German media, which caused criticism on the island. She later resigned as the spokesperson of Cai Yingwen's election office. . Former Taiwan leader Ma Ying-jeou believes that this reflects the mentality of the DPP, which has a big problem. He also criticized that although Tsai Ing-wen's spokesman later resigned, the DPP did not apologize.

Regarding the so-called "Taiwan independence", the Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council has made it clear that the mainland and Taiwan belong to the same China, and Taiwan is an inalienable part of Chinese territory. It has never been and will never be a country. We resolutely oppose "Taiwan independence" separatist activities. All acts and tactics of separatist nations are destined to fail, and they will be condemned by the people and punished by history.

The State Council Taiwan Office has also stated that we are telling the DPP authorities that there is no way out of confrontation. It is even more impossible to seek "Taiwan independence". "Taiwan independence" is a serious threat to the majority of Taiwan compatriots. The trend of the times when the situation across the Taiwan Straits is moving towards peace and stability and cross-strait relations are moving forward cannot be stopped by any force. Anyone who harms the interests of the people, goes against public opinion, and moves against the current will be abandoned by the general trend of history.

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