Zhou Hongyi teaches employees to speak: Don't always think about pleaseting the boss, talk to people, talk to listeners

ZhouHongzhang ZhangChaoyang

ITzhijia· 2020-01-05 17:16:06

IT House January 5 News January 3 360 Gold Medal Speech Event was officially held. 360 Group Chairman Zhou Hongxuan came to the stage and gave a speech. He said that the speech is the same as making a product. It is user-centered and not to please the boss.

Honghong Zhou said that employees must always pay attention to the user ’s feelings, The same is true for speeches. Don't always think about what your boss likes. It's the most important thing to analyze what the audience likes to listen to. Pack the sugar-coated cannonballs they like to hear. At the same time, Zhou Hongyi believes that the biggest feature of the speech is speaking people, and everyone is an ordinary person. Zhou Hongyi thinks that it is important to make a speech in his heart, to tell the truth, to tell the truth. The simplest language may be the one that moves the audience the most.

In the previous session, Zhou Hongyi also mocked himself as a otaku who was not good at speaking, but because the company had no money, the propaganda could only be made by himself. At the same time, he also said that he had two lecture teachers, one was Ma Yun and the other was Zhang Chaoyang of Sohu. Zhang Chaoyang had forgotten his speech for 5 minutes, and still had the courage to continue.

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