Fat House Gospel! Facebook players play fitness ring adventure in just 1 month


17173youxi· 2020-01-05 17:38:07

I believe many people are familiar with Nintendo ’s Fitness Ring Adventure. Recently, a Facebook player named Migui Minaj shared on Ins the results of his one month ’s fitness ring adventure. Let ’s take a look.

Migui Minaj stated on Ins that he For a month, I insisted on a 25-minute fitness ring every night, coupled with a reasonable diet structure, after a month of hard work, my body immediately changed immediately.

The comparison photos shared by Migui Minaj can indeed see that the changes before and after are really huge. Of course, for Migui Minaj's success in losing weight through Fitness Ring Adventure, many netizens also expressed their views.

The netizens who understand the relevant knowledge directly Said that the fitness ring is not important, and the real focus is on a reasonable diet. As long as you can eat and drink reasonably, you can lose weight without playing the fitness ring.

There are also players who have played the fitness ring, Migui Minaj The 25 minutes mentioned should be the exercise time in the game, in fact, the actual play time should be doubled.

Of course, with the exception of serious netizens, there is certainly no shortage of blunders. Some netizens said that this picture is out of order, in fact, because of playing games from thin to fat. Others said they finally had a reason to ask for money to buy a Switch. Of course, there are no netizens who shout that Nintendo is the sky.

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