PS4 "Studio Dusk Trilogy DX" Review: Thoughtful Twilight Series

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dianwanbashi· 2020-01-05 17:38:09

Obviously, new and old players are not at the same time when they contact the dusk series. The launch time of the three works of Aixia, Aishka, Roggie, and Xia Li has a certain span, and PS3, PSV Uehara and PLUS The experience of the version is also very different. It has not been said that a large number of DLCs that have been launched in the past 8 years are not fully included by everyone.

So, Studio Dusk Trilogy DX is a complete account for regretful veterans. It contains all the three PLUS versions including DLC. The twilight series with key packing and pockets is complete, and for the PS4 platform, adjustments have been made to the screen, which can perform better on high-resolution TVs than before. In addition, the two newly added acceleration functions are also prepared for old players. This thing is very useful after testing, and it can be considered as intention.

Relive the" harsh "dusk Times

The world view of the dusk series is set in the last days when human civilization is on the verge of collapse. The entire world looks very depressed, which is one of the reasons why I like it to be larger than the Arland series. . The story line and many small tasks are related to "survival", the overall tone is very warm.

This DX version is naturally revisited for old players, but "Studio Dusk Trilogy DX" is the same as the previously released "Studio Arland Trilogy DX", and it is also hope New players who have never been in contact can feel the classic charm of the studio from the three major series of the studio in the past ten years: personnel setting, blending system and project management.

Because of the incredible series and Leisha ’s first work The Secret series has lifted the time limit, which makes the overall effort easier, but it makes the two core games of harmonization system and project management seem loose.

"Studio Dusk Trilogy DX" is another return to the strict subject, allowing players to efficiently arrange the time allocation of blending, advanced material collection, advanced equipment casting, and subject deadline, remember The places where rare materials appear, etc., are really laborious to play, but the sense of accomplishment is still unforgettable.

Here is the newly added acceleration function: the character can usually run at twice the speed, and the L3 key is just a click away. It may be that I was used to the previous speed. After accelerating, I feel that the girls' posture is a bit ghost, but it is much more convenient when collecting.

Another set of trophies

Then the battle accelerates, and the dusk series of battles The system is quite satisfactory. Now it looks a bit old-fashioned, but the three battles at dusk are very frequent. Therefore, pressing the L3 key in the DX version can increase the speed by 1.5 times or 2 times, and the action of the character is also accelerated when the command is selected.

About the content included, clothing in PLUS, BOSS There are difficulties in battle and hard. Here you can show it a little. The picture below is a screenshot of the dressing room for the three works.

< / p> In addition to the normal fast-forward of the performance dialogue in the game, you can't skip it directly. The number of frames is not specifically measured. It feels no different from the PS3 version. People who have only played the PSV version will feel a significant difference.

As for the improvement of the picture, I feel that the color performance is better. Generally speaking, it is still the same as the original. Do n’t expect too much.


PS4 "Studio Dusk Trilogy DX" is another "gift package" for fans of the series. It contains all the contents of the Dusk Series PLUS version, and has made minor adjustments to the screen and game acceleration. The function is also very practical, and at the same time, it can make the newcomers feel the charm of hidari's painting style.

Now looking at it, the dusk series is not as easy to play as the incredible series and the secret series, and the image quality under the old engine is not as good as the new one, but it gives the old players a chance to complete the ticket replacement. Harsh topics and classic blending systems are also worth revisiting.

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