True Invincible Destruction King! Steam Simulator free demo version


17173youxi· 2020-01-05 17:38:11

Recently, the first-person open-world game "Wanking Simulator" developed by MrCiastku has launched a free trial version on the Steam platform. Interested players can try it out.

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In the game, players will play Winston Comrade . Your house was confiscated by a corrupt government just because your neighbor complained that you were too loud to fire at home. Now Winston's goal is to make everyone in the town pay for it.

The artillery simulator is for destruction and aircraft Perfect combination, the player is in a small town called gay bay, there is a church in the town, of course, houses, high schools, garages, etc. The main goal of the player is to try to destroy things as much as possible before they are caught by the police. Then fire a cannon at the chaos you made yourself to get game points.

The player is free to go wherever you want and destroy anything you want to destroy. Our protagonists are given unlockable super powers, such as reducing gravity, changing rifles in underwear, teleportation, etc.

《Hand punch simulator > 》 Intro:

Game type: Simulation game

Main tags: Action, Adventure, funny

Similar games: "Thief Simulator"

Launch date: 2020

Recommendation: No

One sentence evaluation: Strange simulation game

Game screenshot: < / strong>

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